Hair Smoothing Techniques Available in Hair Salons

Useful Techniques

Learn everything about hairstyling smoothing techniques. Find out which one suits your type of hair most. Keratin, Brazilian Blowout or Japanese straightening? Read the article and you’ll be able to choose the right technique for your hair and enjoy the effect.

Hair Smoothing Techniques

Women are always looking for the perfect way to smooth out those annoying hair frizzes. They want to achieve that ultimate frizz-free look that we see the movie stars sporting. It seems as if there are hundreds of ways to try and achieve that smooth look on your own. Women use flat irons, silicone serums, straightening balms, and hundreds of promising hair conditions. However, do they all really work?  They do work, but only temporarily.  Then it’s back to going through long treatments to get your hair smooth all over again.  More and more people are turning to permanent or semi-permanent hair treatments to keep their hair silky smooth longer.

The most popular hair treatments you can get in a hair salon are Brazilian blowouts, Japanese straightening, and keratin treatments. Because they are very expensive (ranging from $150-$750) it is important that women know what the best treatment for their hair is. Depending on your hair type some treatments can leave your hair greasy or flat. It’s important to pick the treatment most suitable for your hair type. There are even treatments that have toxic chemicals like formaldehyde in them, so if this bothers you, you might want to choose another form of treatment.

One of the hair smoothing techniques examples.

Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian blowout treatment is all the rage in salons all across the country. It’s important that you know that the original treatment straight from Brazil has high levels of formaldehyde and will irritate many people’s skin. However, formaldehyde is an important ingredient in hair treatment. It’s the ingredient that allows the hair to straighten in the first place. Although some treatments still contain toxic chemicals, a lot of them have retooled these treatments to function without them. They also use chemicals that are similar to formaldehyde that is less toxic (notice they are still toxic, however).  The Brazilian blow out is best for people who have frizzy, processed, or damaged hair.

The Brazilian blowout works by using the polymer system. The polymer system binds amino acids to the surface of the hair along with conditioners to fill in and round out the hair cuticles.  The reason women like this treatment so much is because it does not completely flatten the hair; it leaves room for a woman to have some volume to her hair. Keratin is also an ingredient in this treatment, which leads to brilliant conditioning. You can wash and style your hair the same day the treatment is put in at a hair salon. The downside is that the treatment only lasts 10-12 weeks. If you have straight hair already, don’t get this treatment as it will just leave your hair flatter.

The example of Brazilian blowout.

Keratin Straightening

Keratin Straightening is extremely similar to the Brazilian blowout. The main ingredient in this treatment is Keratin. The keratin in this treatment fills in the gaps of the hair cuticle and ads shine along with smoothness to your hair. The Keratin straightener does have some traces of formaldehyde in it. The formaldehyde once again lends to the silky, smooth look of the hair. This treatment has more eye-popping results than the Brazilian blowout and it lasts a lot longer. It lasts three to four months, but it takes more work on you and your hairstylist.

The first few days that the treatment is in the hair an oxidation process takes place. This helps the Keratin to totally settle into the hair. It is important that you don’t wash your hair or pull it into a ponytail in those first few days as doing so will cause a permanent dent in the hair where the hair tie was placed.

The instance of Keratin Straightening.

Japanese Straightening

Japanese straightening is described as a reverse perm with permanent results. These treatments work through thermal reconditioning. It is the most expensive and the harshest treatment out of the three. It is the longest-lasting straightening treatment you can get at a Plano Salon. This is suggested to be used only by women who want straight hair all of the time. Once new hair grows in, it has to be treated right away to keep up with hair consistency.  Because the hair is constantly subjected to wear, the hair can get dry without proper conditioning. The treatment takes a long time to put in (3-6 hours) and the hair can’t be pulled back for the first few days. The treatment also should not be used by women who color their hair.

A girl with Japanese Straightening


These are just a few of the treatments that can be used at a hair salon and are truly the best when it comes to hair smoothing materials.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment at Oliver's Hair Salon, Overland Park, KS.mp4
Keratin Smoothing Treatment


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