5 Coolest Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Hair

5 Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Hair

Whether you are sporting one of the cool bob cuts featured in our post ‘55+ Best Bob Hairstyles for Women and Kids’ or rocking your long tresses, it continues to be important that you know how to give you hair the right care it deserves. That said, here are five tips you can take inspiration from to boost your hair health.

5 Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Hair

Brush your hair twice a day

According to hairstylist Laura Superbi, to achieve shiny, healthy and untangled hair, you should brush your hair twice a day — once in the morning and once before bed. The reason for this is that brushing your hair can help distribute your scalp’s natural oils through your hair. To avoid breakage, make it a habit to brush your hair starting from the bottom, then slowly work your way up.

Rethink the way you wash your hair

Contrary to popular belief, daily hair washing is not applicable to all people. For those of you who have bleached, colored or chemically treated manes, overwashing can lead to even more damage. This is because overexposure to hair cleaning products can strip off the natural oils and protein that keep the hair and scalp healthy. It is also important to invest in the right kind of shampoo. For instance, hydrating shampoos are perfect for those who have thick, coarse and curly hair while gentle ones are great for people who have fine hair. If your hair has a lot of texture and color, your shampoo would also be different.

Consider taking a collagen supplement

As one of the most abundant proteins in the body, collagen is highly important in promoting hair health. This essential component can promote hair growth, fight damage to hair follicles, prevent hair thinning and slow graying. Aside from boosting hair health in more ways than one, PrettyMe’s review of Frozen Collagen Supplements also noted that this nutrient can brighten the skin, make the skin feel tighter and firmer, lower the tendency of acne breakouts and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Condition and moisturize

Using a conditioner spells a lot of benefits for your hair. Not only will such a product help your hair lock in some moisture, but it also significantly reduces frizziness and tangling. Conditioners are able to provide all these positive effects because they often contain ingredients that make their hair more manageable and fall straight. To make the most out of your conditioner, you have to make sure that you are applying it correctly. Meaning to say, you apply it onto your hair (not on your scalp) and you take the time to thoroughly rinse it off.

Change up your diet

Just like your skin, your hair’s health is also highly reliant on the food that you eat. If you want to have healthier and fuller-looking hair, Healthline suggests trying to eat more protein, zinc and omega-3. Since the hair is primarily made up of protein, eating more lean meat, poultry, fish and eggs can strengthen your hair. Foods rich in zinc such as Brazil nuts, pecans, walnuts, cashews and almonds can combat shedding and breakage. Finally, omega-3 can stimulate your hair follicles and sebaceous glands, thereby improving your scalp health.

Brushing your hair twice a day, rethinking your hair washing routine, taking a collagen supplement, investing in conditioners and changing up your diet are only some of the ways you can take better care of your hair.

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