Short Pixie Hairstyle Ideas for Young Ladies and Mature Women

48 Best Short Pixie Haircuts You Should Wear in 2021

Every woman wants to look stylish and fashionable. If you aren’t afraid of experiments, you are highly recommended to ask your hairstylist to create a short pixie haircut. It’s one of the most popular haircuts for girls with any hair texture.


Short Pixie Hairstyles for Super Cool Girls

Cool Short Pixie Haircut Tutorial

✂️ SHORT PIXIE HAIRCUT . fast & easy tutorial

What Is a Short Pixie Haircut?

Are you a lady who likes experimenting? Then, you should definitely find out what is a short pixie haircut. It looks very similar to the haircut known as a crop and will suit women who want to make changes in their current image.

The photo of the short pixie haircut.

Cute Short Pixie Haircut

There is a large variety of short pixie haircuts. They are practical and versatile. You can take advantage of wearing it every day and look super stylish and fashionable at work, and everywhere you go. It’s the most common style for ladies who aren’t afraid to cut their long hair.

Nice and elegant short pixie haircuts.

Very Short Pixie Haircut

Are you ready to cut your locks? Then, go for very short pixie haircuts in 2021. You will spend less time when washing your head. It’s a good idea to combine a short haircut with long bangs or some interesting design.

Pixie styles for very short hair.

Pixie + Short Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair? Then, don’t miss a great opportunity to try a new pixie short curly hair. It will look cool on your wavy hair if you have a professional hairstylist who will be able to style your hair the best way.

Pixie haircut for curly hair type.

Short Pixie Cut for Black Women

Short pixie cuts for black women look incredibly stylish and versatile. It’s a good alternative to crop and other short styles. It will suit the hair texture perfectly and make any black lady elegant. The hairstyle will look great on the African American hair type.

Short pixie haircuts for African American women.

Short Funky Pixie Hairstyle

Almost every celebrity with short hair wears some variation of short pixie hairstyles. It isn’t surprising. They are elegant and straightforward. Although they are done on short hair length, they look attractive and leave nobody indifferent.

A large variety of short funky pixie hairstyles.

Short Pixie Hairstyle for Black Hair

Short pixie hairstyles for black hair look even more impressive than for blonde hair. In case you are a brunette, you should choose one of the pixie hairstyles and be sure that you won’t regret it. It will help to emphasize your originality.

Short pixie haircuts for brunettes.

Short Pixie Haircut for Women

When you see a perfect haircut, you must know that it’s one of the variations of short pixie haircuts for women. They look stylish and elegant on any lady. Most celebrities choose the layered variation that helps to create a unique image.

Short pixie haircuts for ladies of any age.

Super Short Pixie Cut

You are recommended to choose a super short pixie cut. It looks impressive and has a nice original style that will be popular not only in 2021 but for many years more. Save your valuable time for something more important than washing and styling.

A super short pixie haircut for girls.

Edgy Short Pixie Cut

The most lovely variations of pixie are edgy short pixie cuts that have less hair on the back and longer hair on the top of the head. They will help to highlight your personality and look extremely stylish in any season.

Edgy pixie haircuts for girls with short hair.

Short Pixie Bob with Bangs

Bob has appeared a long time ago but hasn’t lost its popularity. Now, you can add a fresh touch to the classic bob by creating a short pixie bob with bangs. It looks a bit rebellious and fun and suits young ambitious girls.

A short pixie bob hairstyle with long bangs.

Short Pixie Cut with Bangs

Choose the hair length you like and make the best short pixie cut with bangs style. Bangs look very creative on short hair. If you like the image of the girl who follows trends and always looks fantastic doesn’t have any doubts regarding this choice.

A short pixie hairstyle with bangs.

Pixie Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair

Among other options to consider are pixie short hairstyles for fine hair. Choosing one of these options you will be able to notice how every passer-by stares at your cool image. If you have fine hair, make this haircut. Believe it, you won’t regret that you have chosen this fresh and new style.

A short pixie haircut for girls with fine hair.

Short Shaggy Pixie Cut

A short shaggy pixie is a right choice for those who want to create a new look with a fresh touch. It looks natural and doesn’t require much time to create it. You should consider this style for going to a party or a concert.

A shaggy pixie haircut for short hair.

Short Stacked Pixie Haircut

If you don’t like standard haircuts that don’t stand out from the crowd, then, this one is what you are looking for. Short stacked pixie haircuts are styles for super cool girls and women who want to make a strong impression on everyone and aren’t afraid to show their personality.

A short-stacked pixie haircut for rebellious girls.

Pixie Short Hair Style for Girls

Pixie short hair for girls is the best way to impress yourself. Just be yourself and don’t be afraid of choosing the style you like most. Pixie haircuts fit girls and adult women as they are versatile and more practical than any other one.

A short pixie haircut for young girls.

Pixie + Thick Hair

Do you have thick hair? It won’t prevent you from choosing one of pixie thick hair short hairstyles. Believe it, your haircut will look even greater than on thin hair. Try it and you won’t regret it. In 2021, layered haircuts for thick hair are very trendy.

Pixie short hairstyles for thick hair.

Short Undercut Pixie Cut

Want to have a short undercut pixie-like the girl on the pic? You have very good taste! You can choose a nicely original design and make it on your temples where the hair is much shorter than on the whole head. This option will fit brave girls who like changing their style from time to time.

A short pixie haircut for adventurous girls.

Messy Short Pixie Cut

Do you like it when your hairstyle looks messy? Then, choosing one of the messy short pixie cuts will be the right solution for you. Don’t look further if you want to look trendy and create an image of a stylish lady who is searching for freshness in her image.

Messy pixie haircut for short hair.

Short Blonde Pixie Cut

Blondies will look especially nice wearing a short blonde pixie cut. It will highlight the whole look and help to create an elegant and stylish image for every day. Check short hairstyles variations for women that will look best on fair hair and hurry up to make one of them.

A short pixie haircut for blondies.

Short Choppy Pixie Haircut

A short choppy pixie will look super stylish on both a young girl and an adult woman. This haircut is versatile and looks trendy in any color. Choosing it, you make the right decision as it will look great not only this season but in the following year as well.

A choppy pixie haircut for short hair.

Short Layered Pixie Haircut

Do you like it when you wear a combination of styles? No doubt you need to try one of the short layered pixie hairstyles for girls. One of them will suit you 100%. There are many options to choose from. You are welcome to consider all the options and choose the type of layers you like for your image.

A short pixie haircut with layers.

Short Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

Girls suffer from having thin hair because it is not always possible to create a nice hairstyle when your hair isn’t thick enough. Consider short pixie cuts for thin hair. It will suit your hair type and texture better than any other style.

Short pixie hairstyle for thin hair texture.

Short Pixie Haircut for Older Women

Have you known that most famous stylists recommend older women to choose short pixie haircuts? It isn’t surprising! This cut will help you to feel much younger and create a more stylish image compared to the one you can create with long hairstyles.

A variety of short pixie hairstyles for mature women.

Long Front Short Back Pixie Cut

Have you always wanted to choose the style that will look feminine and be practical at the same time? Don’t look further rather than long front short back pixie haircut. It looks incredibly elegant and will suit an image with a dress and a look with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt.

A short back pixie hairstyle with the long front.

Short Asymmetrical Pixie Hairstyle

Asymmetry is in trend now. Make a short asymmetrical pixie and be sure that every passer-by will think “Wow, she looks cool!” Asymmetrical hairstyles can vary depending on how you see your image. Be creative when making your pixie with asymmetry.

A short pixie hairstyle with asymmetry.

Short Pixie Haircut for Women Over 50

Most mature women find it difficult to select the haircut that will help you to look trendy. Do you like it when your hair differs in length on the top and temples? Choose one of the short pixie haircuts for women over 50 and you’ll look like the woman who is not older than 40.

A short pixie haircut for mature women who are older than 50.

Pixie for Chubby Face Short Hair Style

Have you heard from your stylist that you have a chubby face and need to choose one of the appropriate haircuts that will suit you personally? Then, you have a professional stylist who understands that pixie chubby face short hairstyles suit females with chubby face best.

A pixie haircut for girls with chubby face.

Pixie Cut Tapered Short Black Hair

Do you like boyish haircuts? Modern girls like unisex hairstyles. It is possible to refer pixie cut tapered short black hairstyles to this category. Girls wearing such cuts have an independent look and never spend much time on hairstyling.

A tapered pixie haircut for short black hair.

Pixie Short Wavy Hair

Wave hair makes the whole look more girlish. Choose one of pixie short wavy hairstyles and be sure that you will have a romantic look that fits images with cocktail dresses and everyday casual styles. It is easier to look perfect daily if you have a pixie with waves.

A pixie haircut for short wavy hair.

Super Short Spiky Pixie Cut

“Wow, she looks super cool!” – You can expect such a reaction if you make one of the super short spiky pixie cuts. It is impossible to find any other style that will look as rebellious as this one. Hurry to declare yourself to the world. Experiment with your hair while you are young!

A spiky pixie haircut for super short hair.

Short Pixie Cut for Round Face

Girls with a round face find it difficult to find the right hairstyle that will fit their face type perfectly. We have found such a style for you! Just have a look at the pic and you’ll see how great short pixie cuts for round faces look.

Short pixie haircuts for girls with the round face.

Pixie Short Red Hair

Do you like it when everyone passes by and pays attention to your style? Just make pixie short red hair cut and you are guaranteed to make the desired impression on your friends. You’ll be shining like a star at any party.

A pixie short haircut for red hair.

Short Grey Pixie Haircut

A short grey pixie is evidence that grey doesn’t always mean boring. As you can see, this style looks original and helps to highlight your female character better than many other styles. Consider making this one if you like fresh styles for everyday wear.

A short grey pixie haircut for everyday wear.

Short Silver Pixie Cut

A short silver pixie cut is one of the haircuts that looks just wow. Try to make a longer top and a shorter back. The color helps to makes an accent on your personality and originality. It looks super cool, doesn’t it?

A short pixie haircut with silver color.

Extremely Short Pixie Cut

Aren’t you afraid to cut your hair short? Then, experiment with the hair length and make an extremely short pixie cut that will suit the hot season perfectly. It is easier to style it and take care of your hair.

A pixie haircut for extremely short hair.

Pixie Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

All pixie styles look amazing but pixie short brown hair with blonde highlights look greater than any other one. This hairstyle will suit you if you are the woman who wants to stand out and uses hairstyle as the impression of her inner world.

A short pixie cut with blonde highlights for girls with brown hair.

Short Pixie Cut for African American Females

African American girls have a special hair texture. Looking good is easy when you have a short pixie cut African American. Don’t look further as it’s the best way to spend minimum efforts on creating a nice image on your hair type.

A short pixie haircut for African American women.

Pixie Cut with Short Sides and Long Top

A pixie cut short sides long top is one of the numerous style ideas to choose from. Aren’t you ready to cut your hair too short and want to leave hair on the top? It’s exactly what you need. It looks just perfect for feminine ladies.

A pixie hairstyle with short sides and a long top.

Short Textured Pixie Cut

A short textured pixie cut looks elegant and suit special occasions. If you want to maintain the middle hair length, not long and not too short, give preference to this trendy look with elements of a classic. Textured hairstyles help to add volume and leave the longer top.

A short textured pixie hairstyle for elegant women.

Modern Short Pixie Cut

Are you the girl who follows trends? Then, make a modern short pixie cut now and wear it for several weeks until the hair length changes. Fashion changes but you can be sure that this style will be chosen by girls and women for years.

The most trendy short pixie haircut.

Short Pixie with Long Bangs

Can’t say “bye” to your bangs? You shouldn’t do this if you make a short pixie with long bangs. It’s one of the great looks for women who like the combination of different lengths. Just try and you will see how many variations you can create having this style.

A short pixie hairstyle with long bangs.

Short Copper Pixie Cut

Do you like using accessories? Then, choose a short copper pixie cut where the volume is left. You will be able to wear it without accessories like you see on the pic or decorate your hair when you have a special occasion.

A copper pixie haircut for short hair.

Short Pixie Haircut for Thick Straight Hair

Choose one of the short pixie haircuts for thick straight hair and wear it for a long. It is easier to maintain the hairstyle when you have straight hair compared to girls who have wavy hair. Highlight your individuality and look fashionable every day.

A variety of short pixie haircuts for girls with thick straight hair.

Short Platinum Pixie Hairstyle

A short platinum pixie is a hairstyle for self-confident ladies. This color will help to look gorgeous at work and parties. A platinum hairstyle is the choice of intelligent women who pursue the goal to stand out wherever they are.

A short platinum pixie hairstyle for stylish ladies.

Super Short Pixie with Shaved Sides

Young girls like it when their hairstyle highlights their feminity but some like a super short pixie with shaved sides that can help to express individuality and you’re a bit boyish adventurous character. Don’t be afraid of experimenting!

A super short pixie with shaved hair on temples.

Pixie Crop + Ash Blonde Short Hair

A pixie ash blonde short hair is the so-called classic version. If you like quiet elegant styles that look versatile, stop your search here. The hair length becomes shorter starting from the middle of your head. It’s one of the most practical choices.

A pixie ash blonde short hair.

Balayage Short Hair Pixie Haircut

Can you see how wonderful a balayage short hair pixie looks? It is a style that is easy to wear and maintain. You won’t face any problems when styling it. Ask your hairstylist to add volume to your hair visually and he/she will recommend this one.

A short pixie haircut made in the balayage technique.


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