80 Long Beard Styles for Men of Different Ages and Nationalities

80 Long Beard Styles for Men: Create Your Original and Stylish Look in 2021

Long beard styles have been popular for years. Abraham Lincoln wore a long beard and other world-wide men did their best to grow a long beard and create a stylish look. Check what type of long beard will suit you best and choose your perfect long beard style.


How to Know If a Long Beard Suits You

“Is it the style that fits me best?” – Each man asks himself the same question before he decides to grow a long beard. It’s difficult to tell for sure whether it suits you or not until you grow it. So, just try to grow it longer than you usually wear and see if you like it such.

How to Trim a Long Beard at home – Tutorial

How to Trim a Long Beard at home with Scissors and Clippers - Yeard Month 11
How to Trim a Long Beard at home

Long Beards History

Have you known that men wore long bears since ancient times? All the men did their best to grow a long beard because it was a sign of wisdom and honor. Greek, Turkish, and Indian men were the first males who started to wear long beard styles.

Cool Long Beard Styles

There are so many cool beard styles that it is difficult to choose from. Scroll down to have a closer look at males with various long beards. Perhaps, you’ll find the one that you’d like to wear on your own.

Long Chin Beard

A long chin beard is an excellent choice for those who prefer neat beard styles. This type of beard makes it possible to visually elongate the face.

A long chin beard for stylish men.

Beard Short On Sides Long On Chin

It is one more variation of the long beard styles on the chin. Here, one can see that the beard is shorter on the sides and longer on the chin. It looks quite stylish and elegant.

A beard shorter on sides and longer on chin.

Long Beard Neckline

A long beard neckline covers all the neck area and adds masculinity to a man. Young guys rarely wear such style but more mature men love it much.

A long beard neckline for elegant look.

Long Beard Short Sides

A long beard with short sides is one of the great options to choose from. However, you need to take into account that you will have to visit the barber’s often to wear short sides and make the difference between the long beard and sides more visible.

A long beard with shorter sides for males.

Long Beard No Mustache

A long beard with no mustache is a rare case now. Most men have started to wear beards and mustache together. However, you’re recommended to consider this option as well as it is worth attention. The absence of a mustache makes this style accurate and more appealing to females.

A long beard look without a mustache.

Beard Short Cheeks Long Chin

A beard that is short on cheeks and long on the chin has become one of the most favorite options. It’s a nice style that looks nice on guys of different ages. Want to look like a macho man? Then, try it!

A beard that is shorter on cheeks and longer on chin.

Long Jawline Beard

A long jawline beard is a style that speaks for itself. As you can see in the pic, the beard covers the whole line of the jaw. The man wearing looks 100% cool.

A long jawline beard style for cool men.

Long Beard With Mustache

A long beard with a mustache is one of the super trendy styles (If you like mustaches – look here to find a lot of awesome handlebar mustaches). Most men wear it like this as there are many options to choose from. You can style it as you wish and look perfect always.

A long beard style with mustache for men.

Long Bears of Different Shapes

Check what shapes of long beards are and choose the one that fits you best. There are tons of options to choose from. But you need to bear in mind that it doesn’t always depend on you which one to choose. Your personal hair growth should be taken into account. Each beard looks unique.

Long Full Beard

A long full beard has been a symbol of wisdom since ancient times. What about now? Men who want to highlight that they are real men try to grow it like this.

A long full beard style for males.

Long Bushy Beard

Not all men are lucky to wear a long bushy beard style because it depends on your hair texture and the speed of hair growth. Those who can grow a bushy beard feel proud of themselves.

A long bushy beard for cool men.

Long Wispy Beard

A long wispy beard is for those who like casual style. Guys who wear this style don’t want to spend hours on beard styling and like the way, it looks naturally.

A long wispy beard for trendy males.

Long Square Beard

A long square beard looks amazing. It isn’t easy to shape it this way if you don’t have the appropriate hair structure. The shape is just perfect and looks very original.

A long beard of the square shape.

Long Braided Beard

Men also like braids and a long braided beard style proves it! A braided beard looks trendy. Having a long beard you can style it like this whenever you want some changes in your current image.

A long beard with braids.

Long Narrow Beard

A long narrow beard looks neat and stylish. It fits businessmen and office workers as well as sports guys who follow trends of 2021.

A long beard of the narrow size.

Neat Long Beard

A neat long beard style is one of the best options to choose from. It can be worn every day and it fits any type of occasion thanks to its neatness.

A long neat beard male look.

Long Scraggly Beard

A long scraggly beard highlights your masculinity and has one significant benefit. You don’t have to spend hours taking care of the beard. Real men wear it like this.

A long scraggly beard for cool men.

Tapered Long Beard

A tapered long beard is one of the most popular beard styles this year. Be sure that it will be trendy in the upcoming year as well. It is one of the classy looks.

A long tapered beard for men.

Long Scruffy Beard

A long scruffy beard looks incredible. Owners of this beard shape look like warriors – men who know how to achieve their goals.

A long scruffy beard style.

Long Skinny Beard

A long skinny beard is a style that many men wear now. Don’t get upset if you can’t grow it bushy. The skinny beard looks sexy.

A long skinny beard look for stylish men.

Long Sparse Beard

A long sparse beard is one of the great options to choose if you want to emphasize your creative nature. Wear it like this if your hair growth and texture makes it possible to become an owner of this style.

A long sparse beard for mature men.

Long Beard Styles of Various Length

Long beards can be of different lengths. It is up to you to grow it as you wish. Of course, not everyone can grow a beard too long due to the individual peculiarities. Check which length you’d like to have and do your best until you get the one. But if you want to look like a brutal man you should read about stubble beards.

Really Long Beard

A really long beard looks really impressive. You won’t see many men with such a long beard today because it isn’t easy to maintain. But it looks nice.

A really long stylish beard for males.

Super Long Beard

Supermen prefer to wear super long beards. Want to grow it super long? Why not? Just wait for some time and perhaps, you will become a lucky guy who will have it as long as you can see on the pic.

A super long beard for your cool look.

Extremely Long Beard

An extremely long beard is for those who want to be in the center of attention. It is impossible to pass by the man with such a long beard and not wonder “How much time did it take him to grow such a long beard?”

An extremely long bearded style for 2020.

Big Long Beard

A big long beard is one of the super stylish options to choose from. If you have speedy hair growth and fine hair texture, then, wait for several months to have it big and long.

A long beard of the large size.

Very Long Beard

A very long beard is one more beard of enormous sizes. Even today, such beards are associated with wisdom and life experience.

An impressively long beard.

Long Beards with Haircuts of All Possible Lengths

Do you wonder which haircut to choose in combination with a beard style? Scroll down to check all possible trendy looks below and you will find the one that will be perfect for you.

Short Hair with Long Beard

A short hair with a long beard looks trendy. It has been popular to wear it like this for ages and is still popular now.

A short haired style with a long beard.

Medium Hair with Long Beard

A medium hair with a long beard is one more cool style to choose from. Ask your barber to create this style and you will see how your whole look will change for the better.

A mid hair look with a long beard.

Long Hair with Long Beard

A long hair with a long beard is a super cool combination. Fashionable men give preference to this look, bikers, and those who want radical changes in the overall image.

A lengthy hair style with a long beard.

Shaved Head with Long Beard

A shaved head with a long bead helps to make an accent on your baldness and your perfectly styled beard. Focus everyone’s attention on your super stylish beard.

A shaved head style with a long beard.

Long Beard with Bald Head

A long beard with a bald head is the option for the summer season. It is very convenient and impressive. If you like it for the year-round, just make it and be in the center of attention, regardless of the season.

A long beard for the bald men.

Buzz Cut with Long Beard

A buzz cut with a long beard is one of the most stylish looks in 2021. Mature men will like it. Just do it if you like how it looks in the pic.

A long bearded style with a buzz cut.

Long Beard and Man Bun

A long beard and a bun is a nice combination. Don’t hesitate to try it now and create a completely new look that will fit almost everyone. The hair length is an important factor that is crucial for this style.

A long beard with a bun style.

Long Beard and Ponytail

A long beard can be combined with the hair of any length. You can wear a ponytail and a beard at the same time. It looks very stylish for young guys and older men who follow the latest trends.

A long beard with a ponytail hairstyle.

Long Beard Styles for All Face Types

Men with different face shapes wear long beards. How to choose the right one for your face? Don’t worry! There is more than one option to choose from. However, some of them fit certain face types more than others. Check the pics below.

Long Beard Styles For Oval Face

Just look at the photo. It seems that the long beard style has been created for men with the oval face shape. Everyone would agree that males with this face type look like machos when they wear a long bearded style.

A long beard for men with an oval face shape.

Long Beard Styles For Round Face

Men with a round face will also look handsome with a long beard style. If you want to make your face visually more elongated you can give preference to narrow beard styles or chin styles. Also, you can find a lot of other facial styles here.

A long bearded style for men with a round face.

How can you style your Long Beard

There is more than one way on how to style a long beard. Do you still think that a long beard is nothing more than long hair on the chin of a man? You are mistaken. Check different styles for men and you will be impressed with the variety of options to choose from.

Long Goatee Beard

A long goatee beard is the one that most characters of romantic novels wear. This style helps to create a cute neat look.

A long goatee beard style for males.

Long Silky Beard

A long silky beard is almost always the result of a hard job. Take care of your beard using proper goods and you will have it silky.

A long silky beard style for men.

Viking Long Beard

Vikings are those who have won women’s hearts then and now. Want to look like a Viking in the 21st century? It is possible. You just need to style a Viking long beard.

A long beard in the Viking style.

Fade Long Beard

A fade long beard looks fashionable now and it will look like this for years. Choose this one and create an outstanding look.

A faded long beard look.

Long Hollywoodian Beard

Want to look similar to celebrities? A long Hollywoodian beard will help you to achieve this goal. It’s one of the coolest options that self-confident men choose.

A long beard like men in Hollywood wear.

Long Van Dyke Beard

Want to look like the famous Van Dyke? You have such an opportunity. Just ask your barber to style the beard as you can see in the pic.

A long beard like Van Dyke has.

Biker Long Beard

It is a rare case when one can see a biker without a long beard. It’s a sign of freedom and love for life as it is. Choose it even if you don’t drive a bike now.

A long beard in the biker style.

Wizard Long Beard

Have you ever seen a wizard without a long beard? Just memorize Harry Potter. Real wizards must wear a long beard. Just try it for yourself. What if it works magic?

A long beard in the wizard style.

Hipster Long Beard

Hipsters love long beard styles as they help to make an accent on their street style and a special attitude to life.

A long beard for hipster look.

Crazy Long Beard

“It is just crazy!” – Be ready to hear the same words if you choose this beard style. But you should know that crazy means super cool!

A crazy long beard for men.

Funny Long Beard

A funny long beard is a nice choice for men who like making a positive impression on everyone. Improve your mood each time you look at the mirror and see your funny long beard.

A long beard in the funny style.

Long Ducktail Beard

A long ducktail beard is one of the coolest styles for mature men. Pay attention to it if you like fresh looks.

A long ducktail beard for males.

Lumberjack Long Beard

A lumberjack long beard looks exactly like this. You should make it if you like the style. Don’t worry! It isn’t a must to become a lumberjack to wear such a beard.

A Lumberjack long beard for men.

Long Santa Beard

The long Santa beard is the option that is worth choosing if you want everyone to smile at you. Who doesn’t love Santa? There are no such people!

A long beard like Santa has.

Long Verdi Beard

A long Verdi beard is one of the most mysterious looks. Men who love secrets and want to create an interesting look for ladies to make guesses should consider making it.

A long Verdi beard style for males.

Famous Men with Long Beards

Many well-known personalities wore and still wear long beards. Time doesn’t influence the beard style popularity. Check which celebrities give preference to long beards. Perhaps, there are the idols you’d like to look similar to.

Kyrie Irving Long Beard

Kyrie has a nice long beard that most men would envy. It is full and bushy. There are no problems with the everyday maintenance of such a beard.

A long beard associated with Kyrie Irving style.

Ranveer Singh Long Beard

The Ranveer Singh long beard will help you to create an amazing look of a rich man who loves chic in everything. Self-confident guys should consider making it.

A Ranveer Singh long beard look.

Fawad Khan Long Beard

Fawad Khan’s long beard is one of the most famous styles now not only among the fans of Khan. The style is chosen by hundreds of men all over the world.

Fawad Khan long beard look.

Drake Long Beard

Drake’s long beard is one of the fashionable styles in 2021. It looks super cool and fits almost everyone with the same face shape.

Drake long beard for stylish look.

Abraham Lincoln Long Beard

No person doesn’t know Lincoln. He was a great personality and had a nice long beard. Want to look like this famous person? Try to copy his special style.

A long bearded style like Abraham Lincoln has.

Brad Pitt Long Beard

Brad Pitt’s long beard is known all over the world. There are no women who wouldn’t say “Wow, it looks sexy!” Style your beard the same way and get many fans.

A long beard style of Brad Pitt.

Chris Jericho Long Beard

Chris Jericho’s long beard is one of the styles that are worth your attention. Try it and you won’t regret it! It looks noble.

A long beard style of Chris Jericho.

Sean Connery Long Beard

Sean Connery is known for his great roles and of course his beautiful long beard styles. Just check the pics and you will see how elegant and smart he looked when he wore a long beard.

A long bearded look like Sean Connery wears.

Long Beard Styles for Men All Over the World

Men all over the world ask barbers to style their beards so that they look more masculine. Scroll down to look at pics and compare the common ways of wearing beard styles among men of different nationalities.

Long Asian Beard

Asian men like long beards and look very harmonious with them. Want to look similar to these macho men? Don’t hesitate to copy their stylish look.

A long beard for Asian men.

Long Beard Indian

Indians have started to wear long beards for ages. Sarwan Singh had the longest beard (about 8 ft). A long beard Indian style makes men look wise.

A long beard style of Indian males.

Long French Beard

Long French beard is a good choice for those who love France and believe that it’s one of the most romantic places in the world. Create a long French beard style and look elegant like most French men.

A long French style beard.

Muslim Long Beard

You will rarely see a Muslim man without a beard. It’s a sign of a real strong man who is the head of the family. Try to grow the same Muslim beard if you want to get a more powerful look.

A long beard for Muslim men.

Chinese Long Beard

Chinese men don’t wear long beards too often. When you see a man with a beard in China, in most cases, these are old wise men who have a large life experience to share with you. But modern guys also like this trend now and try to grow the same beard as their granddads wear.

A long beard for Chinese guys.

Long Sikh Beard

A long Sikh beard is a must-have attribute of every Sikh. They don’t like cutting their hair short and prefer various long beard styles.

A long Sikh beard for stylish males.

How the Long Beard looks with all hair types

Do you have thin or thick hair? Don’t worry! You will find the style that will fit your hair type best without any problems.

Long Thin Beard

A long thin beard looks more accurate than the bushy one. So, if you have a thin hair type, don’t get upset. Create a long thin beard without any doubts.

A long beard style of thin texture.

Long Curly Beard

Owners of curly hair are lucky guys who don’t have to spend hours to take care of their curled beard. It looks natural and is always styled properly.

A long curled beard style.

Long Straight Beard

A long beard looks wonderful if it is combined with straight hair. This hair type makes it possible to choose among many variations. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will have to spend more time for styling.

A long straight beard for your elegant look.

Long Thick Beard

A long thick beard is a good option to choose if you have a thick hair type. You should wait for some time until the beard grows and check if you can wear a thick beard style.

A long beard of a thick texture.

Black Man Long Beard Styles in 2021

Black men have a great hair type that is suitable for beard looks. Also, they have a fine hair texture that makes it possible to trim beard as you wish and it will have great shape.

A Black Male with a Long Beard.

How you could color your Long Beard

What is your favorite hair color? Choose the one to color your beard and stand out from the crowd! Check what colors are the most common for long beard styles.

Long White Beard

A long white beard looks classy and super stylish. If you have white hair, don’t hesitate to add a beard to your male look.

A long beard of the white color.

Long Grey Beard

Men with grey hair don’t dye it anymore as it is one of the current trends. Even celebrities wear a long grey beard and don’t even change the color. Look like an icon of style with a grey beard.

A long beard for grey-haired men.

Long Red Beard

A long red beard is a great accessory to wear with you always. You will attract the attention of everyone if you have it red. The best-looking red beard is one of the natural colors but you can dye it red if you have another color.

A long bright beard of the red color.

Long Black Beard

A long black beard style is the style of macho men who are self-confident and can’t live without the attention of females. Black color helps to make the beard style more vivid and highlight all the smallest details of the look.

A long beard for black-haired men.

Long Blonde Beard

A long blonde beard fits men with fair hair most. It is one of the classic options to choose from. This color refreshes the whole look and makes it elegant.

A long beard for blonde-haired men.

Long Brown Beard

A long brown beard is the one many men wear. If you have naturally brown hair, you are the lucky one. Create a slicked trendy look with a long beard of the brown color.

A long beard of the brown hair.

Long Orange Beard

A long orange beard looks crazy in the positive meaning of this word. All passers-by will see it and smile at you as it will be as bright as the sunshine.

A long beard of the orange color.

Long Ginger Beard

A long ginger beard is one of the latest trends of the current year. Looking beautiful is easy if you choose an original color for your beard.

A long ginger beard for crazy guys.

Long Salt and Pepper Beard

A long salt and pepper beard is the one you should pay attention to. Few know how this color looks like. This means that you will be one of those who will be wearing such style. Impress everyone with your sense of taste.

A long salt and pepper beard for trendy look.

Long Beard Styles for Men of Different Ages

Men look great wearing long beards at 30 and 70. The age doesn’t matter here.

Old Man with Long Beard

When you see an old man with a long beard, you associate him with a wise and experienced man. Beard helps to create a mature image of a person who knows how to achieve his goals.

A long beard style for elderly men.

The Guy with Long Beard

Young guys look cool when they wear long beards. It is one of the ways to create a more mature look. Grow a beard and everyone will think that you are older than you are.

A long beard look for fashionable guys.

Is a Long Beard easy to maintain?

A long beard should be taken care of. Everything depends on the hair type and the length of the beard. The longer it is, the more difficult it is to maintain it. Keep this in mind when growing the beard style. Also, you can choose a short beard style if you don’t want to waste your time to maintain it.

Best Long Beard Care Products

Many brands are creating high-quality long beard care products at different prices. If you want to grow the beard long, you are recommended to use special oil with vitamin E. Use special wax products to style your beard.


How to trim a long beard?

You shouldn’t do it on your own if you want to create a trendy look. Go to the barber’s and he will help to choose the right style for you.

How to grow a long beard?

It’s a long process that depends on your speed of hair growth. Use oils that help to speed up the hair growth and take vitamins inside.

How to shape a long beard?

There are many options to choose from depending on your face type. Check the pics and find the face shape that is similar to yours before you shape the beard.

How long does it take to grow a long beard?

It may take months or even years depending on how long you want to have it. You can calculate it on your own – about 1.3 cm every month.

How do I grow a long beard?

Just don’t cut it for some time until it reaches the length you like and then style it as you wish.

How to trim and shape a long beard?

You should take into account the peculiarities of your face type and the type of your facial hair. A professional stylist will help to pick the right beard look.

How to keep a long beard looking good?

You should follow all the recommendations of your barber that may vary depending on your features.

How to keep a long beard neat?

It isn’t as easy as ABC if you have a super long beard. If you have a full beard, you should use special products to take care of it. Wash it and make sure you apply oils for the bright shine of the facial hair.

How to shape up a long beard?

You should go to the barber with the pic you like most and he will help to check which one fits your bearded style most.

Why do men grow long beards?

Millions of men all over the world wear beard styles because it has been a sign of wisdom, power, and masculinity. Now, it still popular as it is impossible to disagree that a man with a neat and trendy beard style looks sexy and elegant.


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