Short Beard Styles for Your Perfect Look at Any Age.

72 Short Beard Styles: Tons of Options for Every Taste

A short beard style has been worn for years and it will never go out of fashion. There are many types of beards but a short one is the most common style. It isn’t surprising that most men give preference to this option. Wearing a short beard you can kill two birds with one stone – look stylish and cool spending minimum time for the beard care.


What Is a Short Beard?

There is a definition of a short beard that says that the beard shouldn’t be longer than 1-2 inches below the man’s chin. If you have grown it longer than the above-mentioned length, then, you can’t call your beard the short one. It’s more like a middle-length beard.

How to Know If a Short Beard Suits You?

Compared to a long beard, a short beard style fits almost everyone. You can scroll down the pics of men who wear different types of short beards and find the one who has a similar face shape. Would you like to create a similar look? Then, don’t hesitate to pick the right short beard style for yourself.

Short Beard Trim Tutorial

How To Trim a Beard | Barber Tutorial
Short Beard Trim Tutorial

Cool Short Beard Styles

There isn’t a man who doesn’t want to look cool. Boys are searching for ways to create a cool look since school. Today, you shouldn’t wait until graduation to grow a beard. Just create your unique image with a short beard style now. It will suit a man of any age, status, and nationality.

Short Beard Line Up

A short beard with a line up is a neat option that helps to create an accurate look. You can see this style in many fashionable guys nowadays. A short beard style is the one that will help you to follow modern trends and look elegant round-the-clock.

A short beard with a line up.

Short Beard Neckline

A short beard with a neckline is one of the most common variations of beard styles. Most men choose to grow a short beard that will cover the line of the neck. It looks just great.

A short beard covering a neckline.

Short Patchy Beard

Just look at a patchy beard style. It is the one you need to choose if you want to attract the attention of others. It looks original.

A short patchy beard for men.

Short Beard Under Chin

A short beard under the chin is the longest possible version. It is still considered to be a short beard style. However, you should remember that it shouldn’t be longer than 1-2 inches under your chin to be called a short one.

A short beard under man's chin.

Sexy Short Beard

“Wow, he looks so sexy!” – It’s the reaction of most women who see a sexy short beard style. Grow your beard and style it the way you can see on the pic to create a sexy look.

A sexy short beard style for 2020.

Classy Short Beard

Classy short beards have always looked great. You can see most businessmen wearing this kind of a beard. A classic beard style is the one that will decorate every man and help to make a more serious impression on everyone.

A classic short beard style for males.

Short Groomed Beard

A short groomed beard is a nice option to choose if you want to create a nice neat look. Just grow the beard to the necessary length and go to your barber to style it perfectly.

A short well-groomed male beard.

Nice Short Beards

Short beards always look nice. They are much more accurate than long bears and fit any type of occasion. A man of any profession can wear a short beard and look adequate.

Cute short beard styles for men.

Perfect Short Beard

A perfect short beard is the one that fits your face shape and hair texture without any problems. Create your perfect short beard style after you check all the photos of men wearing short beards.

Perfect short beard style.

Short Beard Jawline

A short beard that covers a jawline has become one of the most common options. More and more men have started to choose this variant because it looks natural and sexy.

A short beard style with the jawline.

Short Tight Beards

Short tight beards help to create a wonderful casual look for a man of any age. Whether you are a teenager or an elderly man, you can wear a tight beard and look smart.

A short beard that fits tight.

Well Kept Short Beard

A well-kept short beard is a dream of most guys. You can wear a short beard that isn’t kept well but it won’t suit formal occasions. If you wear it well-kept, you will look just wow wherever you go.

A well-kept short beard for men.

Well Trimmed Short Beard

If you want every passer-by to pay attention to your beard, then, style it properly. A well-trimmed short beard is a result of time and effort but it is worth it. This style looks more original than a classy one.

A well-trimmed short beard for elegant guys.

Short Beard and Mustache Styles

One can rarely see a man with a beard who doesn’t wear at least some mustache. Is there any reason for this? It’s just a natural accessory of stylish men who don’t want to part with their mustache. It’s possible to say that mustache adds some special beauty to the ordinary beard look. Check what types of beards and mustache can be combined.

Short Beard Long Mustache

A short beard with a long mustache isn’t an option you will see every day. Not many men decide to wear it this way. But a short beard looks interesting with a long mustache.

A short beard combined with a long mustache.

Mustache With Short Beard

Most men have worn a short beard with a mustache at least once a lifetime. You need to grow your beard and mustache and then choose a proper style. The way it will look depends on your hair type.

A short beard style with a mustache for men.

Long Goatee Short Beard

It seems that a short goatee beard will never go out of fashion. It looks incredibly noble and fits men whose goal is to create a serious look.

A short beard with a long goatee.

Big Mustache Short Beard

A short beard with a big mustache looks a bit funny but it will suit you if are an optimist who likes making people around smile at you. Just look at it and you will see that it looks nice.

A short beard style with big mustache.

Short Beard Handlebar Moustache

A short beard with a handlebar mustache is a cool option to choose from. It will highlight your personality and help to stand out from the crowd.

A short beard style with a handlebar moustache.

Full Mustache Short Beard

A short beard with a full mustache isn’t a commonly chosen option among men. But it looks eye-catching and is worth your attention.

A short beard with a full mustache.

Short Beard Thick Mustache

A short beard with a thick mustache is one of the best options to choose from. You need just to look at it and compare your face type with the one you see here. If a thick mustache is an option you like, then, go ahead with it! If you want to find more awesome facial styles click here.

A short beard with thick bushy mustache.

Short Beard No Mustache

 A short beard like the long one is usually accompanied by a mustache. However, some men prefer to wear it without a mustache. It looks more accurate without it and has one more benefit – no need to take care of the mustache.

A short beard without mustache for men.

Short Beard Styles of Different Shapes

There is more than one shape of the short beard. Check what they are and choose the one that will fit you best.

Short Circle Beard

A short circle beard is an option that will cover your chin and cheeks all around. It is one of the most common types one can see in the street.

A short beard in a circle shape.

Short Braided Beard

A short braided beard is a cool style for men who like to be in the center of attention. Braids help to create some unique look that will attract the attention of others.

A short beard with braids.

Short Rugged Beard

A short rugged beard is one of the supercool styles for young and mature men. Just grow your beard to the length you see here and style it similarly.

A short rugged beard for men.

Short Scruffy Beard

A short scruffy beard will fit any man who wants to make an accent on his uniqueness and love for freedom. Be the one who will say “It’s me and I wear the style I like most!”

A short scruffy beard style for guys.

Short Square Beard

A short square beard is the one you will see everywhere around. It is popular in all the countries and among all the nationalities. It looks stylish.

A short beard in a square shape.

Short Bushy Beard

A short bushy beard is a good option for every day. It will help you to create a nice image of a good-looking man who likes natural styles most.

A short bushy beard style.

Short Pointed Beard

Go to the barber and ask him to style your beard in the short pointed beard style. You won’t be able to create it on your own if you don’t have the necessary styling experience.

A short pointed beard for cool guys.

Short Straight Beard

A short straight beard is a nice option to choose. It will fit those men who have straight hair type and shouldn’t worry about the curls.

A short beard with the straight texture.

Short Boxed Beard

 A short boxed beard is the one that will help to create a self-confident look for every man. Your face will look a bit ruder with this style but at the same time, it will look serious.

A short beard in the boxed style.

Short Trimmed Beard

A short trimmed beard looks excellent if you don’t want extraordinary style ideas. Just trim your beard and look wonderful regularly.

A short well-trimmed beard for men.

Short and Tapered Beard

A short and tapered beard is a nice style for men of any age. However, young guys give preference to it more often than anybody else.

A short and tapered beard for stylish men.

Short Neat Beard

Every beard should be neat to look perfect. Make sure your one can cause the same effect on everyone.

A short accurate beard for this season.

Short Sides Beard

A short beard with sides is a nice option to pick if you want to change your current style to something more unusual.

A short beard with sides.

Short Beards of Different Lengths

Do you wonder how a short beard can be of different lengths? Discover what lengths exist.

Short Stubble Beard

A short stubble beard is a choice for creative people who like watching nature, listening to music, etc. Make it stubble and you will succeed.

A short stubble beard for males.

Really Short Beard

There are short beards while there are ultra-short beards. First, you will have it like this until it grows. If you like it shorter than usual, you can ask your barber to make it a bit shorter.

A short beard of the ultra short size.

Great Short Beard

Every man would like to hear that he has a great short beard. Style it properly and you will achieve the desired result.

A cool short beard for 2020.

Men’s Hairstyles with Short Beard

You can choose among a variety of hairstyles in 2021. Modern men can combine fashionable haircuts with cool beards to look just wow.

Short Beard Fade

A short beard fade has won great popularity among men of different ages. It looks cool and stylish but requires regular styling.

A short beard with a fade.

Bald Head with Short Beard

 A bald heard owners will be glad to find out that the absence of hair on the head doesn’t prevent from growing a short beard and look original.

A short beard with a bald head style.

Short Hair with Short Beard

A short hair with a short beard is a classic option most men give preference to. It’s a nice option to choose when you don’t want any radical changes in your look.

A short beard style for men with short hair.

Medium Hair with Short Beard

Medium hair looks super stylish and original with a short beard today. Just look at the pic and create the same style if you wear hair of a medium length.

Very Short Hair with Short Beard

Do you have very short hair? It will look wonderful in the combination with the ultra-short beard style.

A short beard style for men with a very short hair.

Shaved Head and Short Beard

A shaved heard looks nice with the short beard style. Choose any of them to attract attention to your personality.

A short beard for men with the shaved head.

Buzz Cut and Short Beard

 A buzz cut and a short beard look like they have been created to be worn in a combination. A good impression of your new style is guaranteed.

A short beard style with a cool buzz cut.

Undercut with Short Beard

An undercut looks nice with a short beard. It will fit everyday wear and special occasions.

A short beard for men with an undercut.

Short Beard for Men with Different Face Shapes

It doesn’t matter what face type you have, you can wear a short beard with both an oval and round face. Short beard styles fit men with different face shapes. The only thing to take into account is that you need to choose the right one for you.

Round Face Short Beard

Do you have a round face? Then, choose a short beard style that will either highlight the shape of your face or elongate it. Various short beard styles serve different purposes.

A short beard for men with a round face.

Oval Face Short Beard

An oval face is the most common shape that can be combined with any type of short beard style. Look at the pic where there is one of the best options to choose for an oval face.

A short beard style for oval face.

How Can You Style Your Short Beard?

You can style your short beard the way you like. There are so many ways on how to wear a short beard that you will definitely find the option that will fit your wants and needs best.

Short Amish Beard

Just look at the Amish short beard style. It looks just gorgeous. You don’t have to support the religious beliefs of Amish men to wear such a beard. Do you like the way they wear beards? Just follow the same style!

A short beard for Amish men.

Short Ducktail Beard

A short ducktail beard is one of the most popular now. Just make the same one and you will see that everyone will ask you what style it is. Your barber will help you to create it like on the pic.

A short ducktail beard for cool men.

Short Boxed Beard Leonidas

Everyone knows Leonidas from the movie. He was impressive there as well as his super cool beard. This character is associated with power, strength, and masculinity. That’s why so many men look for guides on how to grow the same beard.

A short boxed beard Leonidas style 2020.

Short Hipster Beard

A short hipster beard is a casual style for every day. It is one of the versatile options to choose from. It looks just perfect on young men who are fond of music, dancing, and freedom.

A short beard in the hipster style.

Short Van Dyke Beard

A short Van Dyke beard will never go out of fashion like other Van Dyke styles. He has many fans who will always have a wish to follow his example. Are you one of them? Then, choose the same style he has on the photo.

A short beard of the Van Dyke.

Short Lumberjack Beard

A short lumberjack beard is worn by real men who are strong and know what they want. There are rare cases when men trim such beards giving preference to a natural look.

A short beard in the lumberjack style.

Santa Claus Short Beard

Santa Claus has won the hearts of all the kids and adults. Want to be associated with a kind man who makes everyone happy with the only look? Then, the choice is obvious.

A short beard of the Santa Claus.

Short Garibaldi Beard

A short Garibaldi beard is one of the classy styles that will suit creative men. Choosing this style, you will look like a romantic character from the movie.

A short beard of the Garibaldi.

Short Viking Beard

All boys like playing games where they could try the role of the Viking. Adult men still like to look like them. A short Viking style is the one that adds masculine features to any man.

A short beard in the Viking style.

Asian Short Beard

Asian men just love beards. An Asian short beard is a so-called icon of a beard style. Both macho men and old men in Asian countries wear beards.

A short beard for Asian men.

How the Short Beard looks with all hair types

The main factor that affects the quality of your beard is the texture of hair. Check what type of hair you have and what beard style will suit you perfectly.

Short Thick Beard

Men with a thick hair texture will definitely have a short thick beard. It looks great but it requires more time for care.

A short beard of the thick texture.

Short Thin Beard

A short thin beard also looks nice. It is more accurate and is easier to maintain.
Thin hair requires careful care with special oils. You are recommended to straighten the hair to have a good-looking beard.

A short beard for men with thin hair.

Curly Short Beard

A curly short beard is a cute style you should take care of. Your task is to use special beauty tools to make the curled hair bright and shiny to look impressive. Men with curly hair type can’t create all the beard styles with unruly hair. But there are still many options to choose from.

A short beard for men with curled hair.

Black Man Short Beard Styles in 2021

Black men like wearing beard styles. You can often see the one with a short beard or a long one. More men love short beard styles for their versatility and sexy look. Just add some uniqueness to your today’s image with a well-groomed beard Afro-American men usually wear.

A short beard for black men.

How you could color your Short Beard

Do you want to make some changes to your beard? It is up to you to create a nice beard style with different colors. There are so many options to choose from.

Short Gray Beard

A short gray beard is a nice option to choose from at any age. Elderly men have it naturally. Younger men have started to use this color as the icon of style.

A short gray beard for stylish men.

Short Blonde Beard

A short blonde beard can be seen in owners of fair hair most often. It is one of the classic options to choose from.

A short beard for blonde men.

Short Ginger Beard

 A short ginger beard looks original and nice. It is one of the nice options to choose from if you have the same hair color or a bald head.

A short ginger beard for modern men.

Black Short Beard

A black short beard is one of the super cool options to choose from if you are an owner of dark hair. Beards look more impressive and sexy in this color.

A short beard of the black color.

Dark Short Beard

A dark short beard looks great. But you need to take into account that dark colors make all imperfections more visible. That’s why you need to take care of your beard more.

A dark short beard for the autumn season.

Short Brown Beard

A short brown beard is a nice option to choose as it fits men with both fair and dark hair. It will make it more noticeable than fair colors.

A short beard of the brown color.

Short Red Beard

A short red beard is the one you will notice in the street. If you like attention from the side of passers-by, you can make it of the bright red color.

A short beard of the red color.

Short Beard Styles for Men of Different Ages

You can wear a short beard style at any age. You need just to choose a style and color that will fit your face best.

Old Man with Short Beard

It is a common case when one sees old men with beards. More and more men prefer to decorate their faces with a short beard when they become older. This one on the pic looks nice.

A short beard for old men.

Male Short Beard

A short beard style will fit every man. Just choose the right one for you taking into account the texture of your hair and the way you want to style it. All men can grow a short beard quickly.

A short beard males wear in 2020.

The guy with Short Beard

 A young guy with a short beard looks stylish and cool in the 21st century. A short beard will decorate anyone if it is well-groomed and trimmed. However, naturally grown beards also look nice if you have the appropriate hair texture.

A short beard for young guys.

Teenager with Short Beard

Now, teenagers wear short beards as often as mature men. Of course, such style helps to look more adult and cool.

A short beard for fashionable teenagers.

Is a Short Beard easy to maintain?

It is easy to maintain a short beard compared to the time spent on the maintenance of a long beard. However, you need to groom it and trim it if you want to create a stylish look, not just wear some beard. If you have a full beard you will spare more time to maintain in comparison to a short beard.

Best Short Beard Care Products

There are many short beard care products among which are oils and styling tools. You need to purchase care products depending on your hair texture and your specific needs. For example, use oil that will help to grow a beard fast if your hair growth leaves much to be desired.


How to trim a short beard?

First, you need to grow a beard that is at least 2 cm long. Wash it with a special shampoo or your daily product for hair care, dry it, and use a trimmer to create the style you like.

How to dye a very short beard?

You should use a special small brush but choose a beard dye that won’t cause a skin allergy.

How long does it take to grow a short beard?

For some men, it is a matter of several days while for others it’s a week or so. In most cases, it is about 10 days.

How to straighten short beard hair?

There are special oils for softening beard hair. Use it regularly and brush out the beard.

How to shape a short beard?

You should grow it first and then use a trimmer to shape it the way you look according to the chosen style.

How to maintain a short beard?

You should just wash it, groom, and trim as it grows longer.

Can you use beard oil on short beards?

Yes, of course, you need to use oils with vitamins for the beard of any length.

How often to trim short beard?

It depends on how fast your beard grows. If you want it to look perfect, you need to trim the beard every 4 weeks.

How to grow a short stubble beard?

It is as easy as ABC. Don’t shave for a couple of weeks.

How to make a short beard look good?

Just choose the style that fits your face shape and take care of the beard according to your wants and needs using high-quality styling products that don’t contain harmful allergic components.


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