43 Long Pixie Hairstyle Ideas Look Elegant and Stylish Round-the-Clock

43 Long Pixie Cuts for Women: Feel and Look Like a Celebrity

Long pixie haircuts look fresh and sophisticated. You can be sure that you will find a long pixie hairstyle for yourself.
There is a wide range of haircuts for you to get inspired and choose your style for every day and special occasions.

New Fresh Long Pixie Haircuts for Super Stylish Women

Long Pixie Haircut Tutorial

How to Create a Long Pixie/Short HairCut - By Adam Ciaccia
Long Pixie Haircut Tutorial

What Is a Long Pixie Haircut?

Have you seen a lady with the short haircut where the hair on top is longer than on back and sides? “What is a long pixie haircut?” There are many variations, but most often you’ll see long bangs and top.

The picture of the long pixie haircut for girls.

Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

One of the most sophisticated haircuts is a pixie cut with long bangs. Are you afraid of changing your look radically? There is an excellent way to maintain your fine long hair by making a pixie cut with long bangs.

A stylish pixie cut with long bangs.

Long Pixie Bob Haircut

Girls who can’t make a decision whether they should choose a bob haircut or a pixie are recommended to pay attention to the long pixie bob haircut. It’s somewhere in the middle. The length of the hair isn’t that short like in the standard bob.

A long pixie bob haircut for self-confident girls.

Pixie Cut Long on Top

A pixie cut long on top is one of the cuts you need to make if you want to maintain your beautiful long hair. This variation of a pixie hairstyle looks is very charming on young ladies and mature women.

A pixie haircut with the long top.

Long Curly Pixie Cut

Curly hair won’t prevent you from making a long curly pixie cut. It’ll look even more stylish and interesting than on straight hair. Just try, and you’ll see how passers-by look at your new fresh image created with a pixie cut.

A long pixie haircut for curly hair.

Long Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

Choose a long pixie cut for fine hair and shine like a star. You will definitely make a great impression on everyone around. Do you have fine hair? Then, don’t look further. It’s an excellent choice for everyday and special occasions.

A long pixie cut for girls with fine hair.

Long Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If you are an owner of the thick hair, don’t hesitate to ask your hairstylist to make a long pixie cut for thick hair. You will look gorgeous with this haircut as it fits all face types and helps to create a stylish look.

A long pixie haircut for women with thick hair.

Long Pixie Cut for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, it isn’t a reason to get upset. Just make a long pixie cut for thin hair and feel like a celebrity. This haircut helps to hide the disadvantages of your hair and highlight all your beauty.

A long pixie haircut for females with thin hair.

Long Pixie Hairstyle for Women

A long pixie hairstyle for women is the choice of self-confident ladies. Are you such? Then, don’t doubt whether you should make this hairstyle or look further. Just have a look at the pic and choose the best option for your hair type.

A long pixie hairstyle which suits for mature women.

Long Pixie Undercut Haircut

A long pixie undercut is a hairstyle for young girls and elegant mature females. It isn’t that short and it isn’t long. Choose it when you want to leave your hair length and at the same time to make changes in your today’s image.

A long pixie undercut hairstyle for women.

Pixie Cut for Long Face

If you have a long oval face, choose a pixie cut for long face. It will help to create a great look for your face type. Many modern celebrities make this haircut to look elegant and stylish wherever they go.

A pixie haircut for women with a long face.

Long Front Pixie Cut

A long front pixie cut will suit females who aren’t afraid of experiments with their hair. It’s a good way to create a trendy look that will draw attention to your personality. Want to look original and stand out from the crowd? Don’t look further.

A long front pixie haircut for stylish ladies.

Long Layered Pixie Cut

Whenever you want to create an impressive look, consider making a long layered pixie cut. The layers will emphasize your individuality. It’s a nice look for any kind of occasion. Believe it; the haircut will be popular next year and many years more.

A long pixie hairstyle with layers.

Long Pixie Haircut for Women

There are so many variations of long pixie haircuts for women that it’s difficult to choose only one. Check the collection of pixie styles for long hair and make a choice depending on your face type and the quality of hair.

Elegant long pixie haircuts for self-confident women.

Long Pixie Cut for Round Face

A long pixie cut round face has been designed to add one more style to choose from. Women have always given preference to a bob haircut if they had a round face but now more and more girls decide to make a pixie haircut and never regret their choice.

A long pixie haircut for women with a round face.

Long Messy Pixie Cut

There is some unique charm in a long messy pixie cut. Make it whenever you want to highlight your creative character and love for freedom and independence. This type of pixie style looks inspiring and attractive for young ladies and older women.

A long messy pixie haircut for independent women.

Long Pixie Cut + Black Hair

If you are a brunette, you should try a long pixie cut black hair. It’s the hairstyle that will fit your nature best than any other one. You will be able to maintain the main hair length and enjoy all the benefits of a pixie cut.

A long pixie haircut for girls with black hair.

Long Pixie Cut for Wavy Hair

Don’t you know how to style your wavy hair? You should try to make a long pixie cut for wavy hair as it looks really cool. Don’t hurry up to make a decision now. Just look at the pic, and you won’t doubt a minute longer.

A long pixie haircut for women with wavy hair.

Long Shaggy Pixie Cut

Some say that this style looks as if you have just got up and didn’t comb your hair. However, it isn’t like this. A long shaggy pixie cut is associated with the love of all-natural. It is easy to make it and maintain.

A long shaggy pixie haircut.

Edgy Long Pixie Cut

What emotions does an edgy long pixie cut on the pic cause when you look at it? Definitely, positive. Create the same bright pixie hairstyle for yourself and shine like a star. It’s one of the best pixie style ideas for females who like originality in their look.

An edgy long pixie haircut for elegant ladies.

Long Blonde Pixie Cut

Who doesn’t want to impress the public? Then, don’t look further. Check how a long blonde pixie cut looks like, and you will be inspired. It’s the best way to emphasize the beauty of your fair hair, taking a minimum of efforts.

 A long pixie haircut for blondes.

Long Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs

Don’t you want to cut your bangs? Create a nice look in the pixie style and be the queen. You’ll like a long pixie cut with side-swept bangs because it helps to create a self-confident image of a beautiful female. Get the guarantee of success on any occasion.

A long pixie haircut with side-swept bangs for ladies.

Cute Long Pixie Cut

Wonder what style to choose? There are tons of cute long pixie cuts for young ladies and mature women. Do you need professional advice? Check all the pics and choose the style that will fit your face type and look in harmony with your entire image.

A large selection of cute long pixie haircuts for every taste.

Long Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Don’t you want to make a standard short pixie style? Then, you are recommended to consider making a long asymmetrical pixie haircut that looks like “Wow, it’s cool!” Look at the pic and get inspired by the interesting variation of asymmetry.

A long asymmetrical pixie haircut for creative women.

Long Pixie Braids Hairstyle

Braided hairstyles always look neat and beautiful. Choose among a large number of long pixie braids hairstyles and look like a cute girl who is feminine and gentle. Choose the type of braids you like and ask your hairstylist to braid your hair on top.

Long pixie hairstyles with nice braids.

Long Pixie Cut for Oval Face

A long pixie cut for oval face will decorate any woman. It’s a nice style that looks inspiring and original. It is one of the best solutions for those who want to make an accent on their beautiful face type.

A long pixie haircut for women with oval face.

Pixie Cut with Long Sides

A pixie cut with long sides is an effective solution for women with an adventurous nature. If you like discovering new places and never miss new opportunities, try this variant of a pixie style for yourself. It is a good way to stand out.

A pixie haircut with long sides.

Long Choppy Pixie Haircut

As you can see on the pic, a long choppy pixie haircut is bright and impressive. Of course, you can make it of one colour and not dye like a rainbow, but everyone would agree that it looks cool like it is on the pic here.

A long choppy pixie hairstyle for rainbow haired girls.

Long Pixie Cut for Black Girls

A long pixie cut black girl is a nice style that will look good not only on Afro-American females. Long shoulder-length straight hair looks neat and beautiful when you look at the pic. Just try to make it for yourself, and you’ll be in the center of attention.

A long pixie haircut for a black girl.

Pixie Cut with Long Side Fringe

Maintain your fringe by adding something fresh to your current image. Make a pixie cut with long side fringe and look trendy this year and the following year as well. This style will inspire designers for achievements for many years.

A pixie haircut for girls who wear long side fringe.

Pixie Cut for Oblong Face Shape

There is no better style for your type of face than a pixie cut for oblong face shape. It will help to create the desired image easily. Just make it now as you can see it on the pic and stand out from the crowd.

A pixie haircut for the women with oblong face shape.

Platinum Long Pixie Cut

A platinum long pixie cut is one of the best options to choose from. This color helps to create a rich image where the hairstyle owner follows trends and knows much about fashion in 2021. Try platinum and make sure it’s your best choice.

A long pixie haircut of the platinum color.

Tapered Pixie with Long Bangs

A tapered pixie with long bangs is one of the coolest trends of 2021. You can choose any type of bangs depending on the length you like. Make this haircut whenever you feel like changing something in your current image. Longs bangs will make your style more versatile.

A tapered pixie with long bangs for your versatile look.

Long Pixie Cut for Brunette

Girls with black hair look very bright and attractive. A long pixie cut brunette is one of the ways to make an accent on your great hair. This haircut will suit girls with any type of face. Check various options and pick the one that fits your style best.

A long pixie haircut for brunettes.

Long Pixie Cut for Red Hair Girls

Are you a brave girl who isn’t afraid to make radical changes in her style? Then, don’t hesitate to experiment and make a long pixie cut red hair. It won’t leave anyone indifferent. Just try, and you make your life brighter with red colours.

A long pixie haircut for red-haired girls.

Long Pixie Haircut for Fat Faces

A long pixie haircut for fat faces will help you to visually elongate your face and make it really nice. Just try and you will see how great you may look with this new fresh look. Make it now, and you will fall in love with your fat face.

A long pixie haircut for women with fat faces.

Long Pixie for Straight Hair

A long pixie straight hair is a versatile hairstyle for everyday wear and special occasions. It looks super stylish and elegant. Add a fresh touch to your current straight hair and make it look trendy this year. Create a neat look for your hair type.

A long pixie for girls with straight hair.

Long Angled Pixie Cut

A long angled pixie cut is one of the styles that look just wow. When you come to the party with this hairstyle, you can be sure that you will be in the center of attention. It looks super stylish and fashionable.

A long angled pixie haircut for cool girls.

Long Pixie Cut with Glasses

Do you wear glasses? A long pixie cut with glasses will make your image more stylish. It’s the best cut that can be combined with glasses. Why not make it? Look how great the girl on pic, looks like and do the same for your hair.

A long pixie haircut for girls who wear glasses.

Long Stacked Pixie Cut

A long stacked pixie cut is the one you should definitely make if you like original styles. It suits all hair types and textures perfectly. Just make it now, and you will see how your image will change for the better.

A long stacked pixie haircut for trendy girls.

Long Pixie Cut for Grey Hair

A long pixie cut grey hair is one of the ways how you can make your hairstyle brighter. Grey hair colour doesn’t look dull at all. Vice versa, it’s the one that attracts the attention of passers-by with its original look.

A long pixie haircut for grey hair girls.

Long Pixie Cut for Older Women

Stylists agree that short cuts make mature women younger. A long pixie cut for older women is a great way to combine a short cut with long hair. You will maintain the part of your hair and still look somewhat feminine.

A long pixie haircut for mature women.

Long Pixie Cut for Black Women

It is well-known that Afro-American women have their own hair texture. It differs from the hair type white women have. That’s why there are no doubts that a long pixie cut black women will suit their hair type and texture best.

A long pixie haircut for Afro-American women.


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