27 Black Men Beard Styles Look Hot and Stylish This Season

27 Black Men Beards for Your Completely New Image

Black beard styles have become very popular recently. More and more Afro-American men grow a beard to create a unique style. If you want to highlight your individuality, choosing one of the beard styles is a great idea.

Best Black Men Beard Styles

Are you a black man looking for a trendy beard style? You have come to the right place. Here is a collection of the best black men’s beard styles for any taste. But don’t hurry up to take the trimmer and shave. First, try to imagine what image you would like to create a beard style, then, go to your barber and get started.

Beard Tips for Black Men

FOR BLACK MEN BEARD TIPS | What I Learned In 4 Months
Beard Tips for Black Men

Black Man Low Beard Style

A low beard style will suit almost every black man who wants some changes in the image. It is a neat look that will never go out of fashion.

A low beard style for a black man.

Handsome Black Man Beard

A beard can decorate your face being a nice natural accessory. Every handsome black man will look great if he finds the best beard style that will highlight his advantages.

A good-looking black male beard.

Famous Black Man with Beard

Many celebrities wear beards. Among them are such sexy black men as Trai Byer, Lance Gross, and others. Want to look after them? Don’t hesitate to grow a beard.

A well-known black man with a beard.

Sexy Black Man with Beard

If you want to look sexy and attract the attention of females, choose one of the sexy black men’s beard styles. It can be a short beard or a full beard depending on your type of face.

A cool black man with a beard style.

Fine Black Man with Beard

You won’t regret it if you create a fine beard for black males. It will decorate your face and serve as a symbol of your style and taste.

A nice black man with a beard.

Patchy Beard Style Black Man

A patchy beard style is one of the most fashionable nowadays. If you like to be in the center of attention, then, don’t hesitate to create this one. Also, you can find many stubble beard styles which suit you best.

A patchy beard for a black man.

African American Black Man Beard Style

Check the pics with black men’s beard styles and pick the right one for you. African American men have similar features that make it possible to grow a cool beard. The type of hair texture makes it possible to create any type of beard.

African-American beard style for men.

Black Man Trimmed Beard

First, you are recommended to trim your beard at the barber’s but later you can take care of it on your own. A well-trimmed beard looks accurate and attractive.

A well-trimmed beard for black men.

Lace Front Beard for Black Men

A lace front beard for black men is one of the common options today. Pay attention to this style and you will attract the attention of people around you with your trendy look.

A black man beard in a lace front style.

Black Man Chin Beard

A chin beard is a nice style to choose from as it helps to create a nice look for any type of occasion. It is easy to grow and maintain.

A chin beard for a black man.

Clean Cut Beard Black Man

A clean-cut beard for black men looks just wow. Many famous black guys wear it like this and look wonderful. Also, this guy wears a handlebar mustache style.

A neat beard for a black man.

Fat Black Man with Beard

If you are a big black man, then, choose a beard style that will suit the image you’d like to create. It can be any of the beards depending on the type of your face. Those men who have a round face are recommended to consider creating a goatee style or choose a chin beard.

A big black man with a beard.

Hot Black Man with Beard

It is easy to look hot if you choose a nice beard style for black men. Black men look especially sexy and charismatic with a hot beard style.

A hot sexy black man with a nice beard.

Nice Black Man Beard

A nice black man beard is just a well-trimmed and groomed beard that isn’t too big. Create your perfect style and make your beard a good-looking one.

An accurate beard style for a black man.

Black Men Beards with Various Beard Types

There is more than one beard type to choose from. Pay attention to the most popular beard types among the types listed below.

Goatee Beard Style for Black Man

A goatee beard style for black men is a great way to diversify your image and add some charisma. It is one of the beard types that will be fashionable for years.

A goatee beard style for Afro-American males.

Black Man Braided Beard

A braided beard has become popular among black men not long time ago. It looks nice and makes an accent on your individual and original sense of style. Long beards look great with this style.

A braided beard style for black males.

Full Beard Black Man Beard Style

A full beard is one of the classic options. It is an iconic style of black men that highlights the independence of all black men. The good news is that you can style it in different ways.

A full beard for black men.

Black Man Curly Beard

Black men with curly hair texture can grow a curly beard that looks very cute. It adds some special charm to its owner that ladies will definitely like.

A curled beard style for black men.

Black Men Beards of Different Lengths

Today, black men wear both short and bushy beards. You can create a cool style with any length of the beard depending on your personal preferences. Check the most common lengths that most black men prefer now.

Black Man with Big Beard

A big beard is a symbol of male power and independence. Full beards also help to create a vintage look.

A huge beard for black men.

Short Beard Style for Black Men

Wearing a short beard style has its advantages. It is easy to take care of a short beard style. It always looks neat and suits everyone, regardless of age and status.

A short beard for elegant black men.

Black Men’s Hairstyles with Beards

Do you want to choose a beard style but don’t know whether it will suit your current hairstyle? Check what options will suit you best depending on the haircut you wear now.

Bald Black Man with Beard

Don’t you have hair on the head but want to have facial hair? Not a problem! A bald hairstyle can be combined with a beard without any problems.

A bald black man with a stylish beard.

Black Man Fade Haircut with Beard

A faded hairstyle looks trendy this season. If you add a stylish beard to your faded haircut, you will be in the center of attention.

A faded style with a beard for black men.

Beard Style for Black Men with Dreads

Dreads help to create a rebellious image. Do you want to highlight your creative style and unique personality? Then, go for this style without any doubt!

A cool beard style for black men wearing dreads.

How Can You Color Your Beard?

There are four most common options for black men. You can choose any of the colors below if you want to highlight your beard and make it more visible for others.

Black Man with Gray Beard

Elderly men and mature men like wearing grey beards. It looks stylish and elegant. Today, men don’t hurry up to color the beard when the hair becomes grey. It isn’t a problem anymore. The grey color looks trendy!

A gray beard style for black men.

Black Man Salt and Pepper Beard Style

A black man salt and pepper beard style are one of the most fashionable styles now. You will be able to impress everyone with its extraordinary color that looks just wow.

A black man with a salt and pepper beard.

Black Man with Colored Beard

A colored beard is a good option to choose if you aim to make an accent on the beard. Color it red or the way you like to make your beard style eye-catching.

A bright colorful beard for a black man.

Blonde Beard Black Man

Some black men like wearing a blonde beard. It looks unusual and hot. Why not? Try it for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

A nice blonde beard style for a black man.

Best Black Men Beard Care Products

You are recommended to use oils and balms care products for your beard. Among them are such as classic beard growth and thickening conditioner, beard shampoo, and oils containing aloe. These care products will help you to create a nice image with a well-groomed beard.


Can black men grow beards?

Most black men grow a beard as they have a suitable hair type for the beard style.

How to grow a healthy beard for black men?

For this, you need to use high-quality care products, eat healthy foods, and use a special comb for the beard.

How to soften black men’s beard?

Some products can make the beard softer. Products that contain oils will do this perfectly.

What is the best beard oil for black men?

It is a rose beard oil and Jack Black beard oil according to most reviews.

How bad does heat damage black men’s beard?

You should use special balms to protect the beard from the heat if you want it to look well-groomed and neat.

How black men color beard?

You can color it grey, with salt and pepper. These are the most common colors. But you can color it bright if you want to attract attention to your beard.

How can black men grow a beard fast?

If you want to speed up the beard growth, you are recommended to use products that are designed to make the process of hair growth faster. It can be a combination of care products like shampoo and oils.

How to make black men’s beard look shiny?

You should use vitamins and oils to take care of your hair and it will look shiny.

How often should black men comb beard?

Experts recommend to wash it twice or three times a week and use a comb after washing.

How often should black men condition a beard?

You are recommended to use a conditioner each time you wash your beard with a shampoo. It will soften it and make it shiny and easier to style.


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