The Best Julia Kashirova Haircut Ideas for Any Occasion

The Best Julia Kashirova Haircut Ideas for Any Occasion

Hello everybody. I am Julia Kashirova, a blogger from Moscow. I love traveling and experimenting with my hair very much. You are welcome to have a look at the collection of fashionable hairstyles from Julia Kashirova. Hope you will like it :)

Incredible Long Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova

Amazing Long Hairstyles from Julia Kashirova

The Best Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova
Cool Long Haircuts by Julia Kashirova

Romantic Long Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova

Julia romantic dinner in nature

It was a romantic dinner in nature. Good wine, crystal water, fabulous nature, and us. I just love autumn leaves and the fresh air.

Julia Canary Islands with her romantic long hairstyle

It was one of the best vacations. I have enjoyed a month on the Canary Islands very much. It is a real paradise on Earth!

Julia with a portrait as a gift

I will always remember that evening when one young talented artist has presented me with a portrait as a gift. It was a nice dinner in a cozy restaurant.

Julia in the red dress with long hairstyle

I feel free to do everything I want and live the way I love when I am wearing a red dress. Here, I was with my best friend looking at skyscrapers and just enjoying our achievements.

Julia near the fireplace and white sweater

Fireplace, warm home atmosphere, and a white sweater. I just love it! I think everyone has such a mood from time to time when you want to stay at home and do nothing.

Julia with a big hat and romantic long hairstyle near the grape

Do you like a grape? I adore it and of course, good quality wine made of grape like this one on the pic.

Julia in the green swimwear and wet beachy long haircut

I love a new fashion in beachwear. I have bought this swimwear recently and feel like a goddess in it! I think it will become my favorite one.

Julia and Molly

I love my dog much. It is my family member who is always with me. It seems to me that it understands everything I am talking about.

Lazy morning long hairstyle by Julia Kashirova

Just one of the lazy mornings when I wanted to spend the whole day in the hotel room.

Julia romantic long hairstyle for active sport

It was a day spent in nature with my relatives and friends. I really love being in nature and spending the weekend being active.

Julia wet long hairstyle

Do you feel good vibes looking at the pic? Hope, yes! I like this photo as here I am thinking about my plans for the future.

Julia with long haircut enjoying the fresh air

It’s me enjoying the fresh air with one of my good friends. I love this pic for the clear blue sky.

Leopard color suit with long hair by Julia

I am not a very shy girl and I like making sexy photos, especially in leopard color!

Elegant Long Hairstyles for Every Occasion

Julia with elegant long haircut and hat

“What an elegant lady you are!” – I have got such a comment from my friend who has seen this pic for the first time. I love changing images!

Julia with elegant long hairstyle

Home atmosphere and nature. It’s my friend’s country house near the forest with fresh air. We go there when we want to escape from everything and everyone for some time.

Julia with hat and elegant long hairstyle

I hated wearing hats when I was a little girl and now I think that it is a vital accessory for an elegant look.

Elegant Julia Kashirova with a bouquet of flowers and long hair

When I asked my friend what flowers he associated me with, he came and presented this nice bouquet.

Elegant Julia with long haircut and white shirt

It is me enjoying my life. Sometimes, I feel like I am 15 and I think it is great to feel like a kid and have fun.

Julia with long haircut in the mirror

My friend is a very talented photographer. This pic proves my words.

Elegant autumn long hairstyle by Julia Kashirova

You must have noticed that I love beige color and autumn. I often go for a walk to the park and enjoy the autumn weather.

Cool Haircuts by Julia Kashirova for the Weekend Time

Julia with cool long hairstyle

I feel like a cat here. When I wear some dress of red color, I feel like a passionate lady who knows what she wants from life.

Julia with sporting long hairstyle in the Crocus fitness

I can’t imagine my life without sports. I have fitness training regularly to be slim and feel healthy.

Julia with a pink business suit and long straight hair

I am in one of the best cafes in the world where everything is so delicious. I like wearing pink as I feel very romantic in it.

Julia with cool long hair

It is one of my training days, I am in a new sports complex with great comfortable conditions.

Julia with long haircut and red fur coat

I have been to Moscow where I visited my friend. In this pic, I am a bit upset because I didn’t want to go away.

Julia Kashirova with watermelon suit and long beachy hairstyle

Just one of the best days of my life when I had a great mood and went to relax with friends. We went to the seaside and had fun every day.

Julia with beachy hairstyle near the skyscrapers

I am at the city beach in my new beautiful swimsuit. I usually prefer to be in nature where there aren’t as many people as here but it was a nice day.

Julia with a black dress and long straight haircut

It is a day in the park. I love walking and thinking about life and my plans while breathing fresh air.

Julia in the cabrio with a hat and long haircut

I am exploring new places with my friends. We love adventures!

Julia with long red dress and long straight hair

Just one more photo of me in a red dress. There are days when I want to look especially sexy, and it was just one of such days.

Julia with sweater and balayage haircut

White sweaters make me feel cozy and warm. That day I felt a bit sad just without any reason and wanted to stay far from the city noise.

Julia with long wet hair and fashion hat

One of my favorite photos and one of the greatest days in the spa center of my friend that is located near the wonderful nature.

Julia with christmas tree and big bear

New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday. I love decorating the tree, choosing gifts for close ones, and I still believe in miracles!

Julia with sunglasses and wet long haircut

It is one of my best summer trips when my friend and I went to Sochi. The water was warm and I felt just great.

Julia on the balcony with cool long hairstyle

It is my country house where I spend much time. Nothing can be better than the fresh air and silence you won’t find in a large city.

Julia with long hair and many balls

I went to the birthday party of my friend’s daughter. It was cool to have fun with kids and feel a kid by myself.

Good morning near the mountain

My rest in the Alps was just wonderful. I felt so refreshed after a week there. Recommend everyone to go there.

Julia with long hair celebrating

A mini black dress, high heels, and a glass of wine. It was a cool party!

Julia in red in the Moscow City skyscraper

It’s my birthday in the restaurant. I have chosen this dress especially for this occasion and got many compliments.

Julia with cool long haircut on the mountain

There was a period when I was afraid of height but now it is one of my passions. You can feel freedom and independence when looking from the height.

Julia in Moscow region with long hair

Just a walk in the city center wearing my new designer leather skirt. I like experimenting with clothes and styles.

Julia on the paradise beach with wet long hair

Paradise beach is the best place on the Planet. I have got so many positive emotions when being there.

Julia with long haircut with red sea

I felt like an angel wearing this white and pink beachwear and looking at the horizon.

Julia near the waterfall

I love being near waterfalls. Water gives me some special power.

Julia in the wine vault with long hairstyle

It was an excursion to the wine club. I love good wine and it was interesting to learn more about its production.

Winter long hairstyle by Julia Kashirova

I love winter much and all those cozy sweaters. Here, I am preparing for the New Year’s Day celebration.

Julia in the winter forest with long haircut

Wow! I was so happy to go for a walk when I saw the first snow this season. It was a day full of many great emotions.

Julia Kashirova with winter long haircut near the house

I love fur coats and think that it makes a woman more elegant in winter.

Julia with winter haircut on the swing

It was cold but I wanted to take some photos to add them to my collection that day. Despite the cold weather, I love doing sports and run in the morning sometimes.

Julia with snowboard hairstyle

The red color has made me self-confident that day. It was the first time when I was snowboarding.

Julia near skyscrapers

I love extravagant clothes and it’s one of my new looks. I was at the wedding party of my friend and wanted to look just great.

Wavy Long Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova for Cute Look

Julia Kashirova with long wavy haircut and Christmas tree

I love the Christmas period and love cute romantic looks during holidays. I spend the winter holidays with my family and close friends.

Julia with long wavy brown hair and heart of fallen maple leaves

I admire it when leaves start falling in autumn and never miss a chance to go for a walk and gather a bouquet of bright leaves.

Julia with long wavy brown hairstyle and hat

Beige color is one of my favorite colors now. I wear it when I want to look elegant and stylish. It was one of my photo sessions at home.

Julia with long wavy balayage haircut and Christmas fireplace

Cute and sexy! I love this combination!

Julia with long wavy brown hairstyle and embankment

I love sitting somewhere where there are no people and starring in the far away. I do it so when I need to take an important decision.

Windy Long Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova for a Relaxed Vacation

Black and white photo of Julia Kashirova with long windy hair

Black and white photos are my passion. I like windy hairstyles on pics much.

Julia with long windy hair near the mountain

I was in Sochi with my friend. We had a great time and enjoyed the July weather much.

Julia with windy haircut on a skyscraper

It is one of my favorite images. I am in my own thoughts staying on the high balcony of the restaurant.

Julia with red bikini and long windy hair near the skysraper

I am waiting for my friends to have fun at the seaside. When they come, we played basketball on the beach and laughed a lot.

Julia with a windy hairstyle on the beach

I am drinking orange fresh and enjoying beautiful nature at the seaside.

Julia with wet and windy hair near the swimming pool

What can be better than a blue clear sky, mountains, and water. It was a very relaxing weekend.

Pigtail Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova for Girlish Look

Julia with white pink pigtails in the forest

It is when I have decided to experiment with my hair color and create a new funny look.

Funny Julia and flying pigtails

Wearing pigtails it is impossible to stay serious. So, I have decided to have some fun.

Pigtails and sunflower

A completely new me you haven’t known before. I think that the pink pigtail hairstyle can make you really happy.

Pigtails and sand beach

The pink pigtail hairstyle and my new pink beachwear look just perfect together.

Julia with brown pigtails and horses

I love horses as they are smart noble animals. I had a photo session with horses and then rode a bit.

Julia with pink pigtails and bright pink swimwear

Just one more cute pigtail hairstyle that I love much. It helps to change the mood for the better and create a romantic girlish look.

Ponytail Hairstyles by Julia Kashirova for Your Full Comfort

Serious Julia with ponytail hairstyle in the car

It is me in the car with my friend. We are riding to see my relatives who live in another city. I felt tired that day.

Julia with a ponytail at work

It was a formal look for work. I like how I look in formal wear and with a ponytail haircut.

Julia with ponytail in the gym

A ponytail is the best hairstyle for the gym. I love active training.

Julia with ponytail haircut in the bright fur coat

It is my favorite holiday time. I am in the trade center buying gifts for my friends.

Julia with ponytail do yoga

It was the day when I was lazy and didn’t go to the training. But then I decided that yoga was the best thing for me that day.

Julia and ponytail haircut

I came back home and my friend asked me to take a selfie. It’s how I looked like after several hours of the photo session.

Resting Julia with a ponytail hairstyle

I love this photo because it reminds me of the best rest of my life. It was so cool and unforgettable.

Julia Kashirova with orange suit and ponytail hairstyle

I am enjoying myself with a glass of wine after a long working day.

Julia with ice cream and long ponytail

I just love ice-cream but don’t eat it often. It was the day when I decided not to keep to a diet.

Julia with ponytail near the wall

Just me in a great funny mood. Sometimes, I get up, look at the window, and understand that it’s going to be a wonderful day!

Bun Hairstyle by Julia Kashirova for Doing Active Sports

Convenient bun hairstyle for diving

I have got so many new emotions when surfing. It was an incredible experience.

Afro Hairstyle Julia Kashirova for Disco Parties

Julia with Afro hairstyle

I won’t forget the day when my friends and I went to the disco and I have made a completely new haircut in the Afro style. I felt like a cool black celebrity, a real bad girl who just loves having fun.

Thanks that you have scrolled down until the end. Hope you’ve liked my hairstyle ideas. Find more of my photos and videos on Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe :)

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