Full Beard Styles Choose the Beard Youd Like to Grow in 2021

97 Full Beard Styles for Real Men: Wear a Natural Attribute of Masculinity

Have you been looking for your perfect beard style for a long? You have come to the right place. Check the collection with full beard styles for men of all ages and nationalities. Here are beards for elegant men and those who want to highlight their love for freedom and masculinity.


What Is a Full Beard?

It is easy to distinguish a full beard from any other type of a beard. A full beard is the largest one covering not only the chin of a man but also cheeks and neck.  Now, there are possible deviations from the standard full beard style. Before it was supposed that a man wearing a full beard should have it all over the chin area, including whiskers. Not everyone likes it when the full beard is too big. There are lighter options as well.

How to Know if a Full Beard Suits You?

The main peculiarity of a full beard is that it fits everyone without an exception! You just need to choose the full beard style that will fit you individually. The length and shape of the beard vary. Pick the one you can grow according to your personal preferences.

The Best Way to Grow a Full Beard

The Best Way to Grow a Full Beard
The Best Way to Grow a Full Beard

Cool Full Beard Styles

Want to become the icon of style among all your acquaintances? It isn’t difficult when you wear one of the coolest full beard styles. Learn what full beard looks you can choose from and hurry up to grow a natural accessory of a real man.

Full Grown Beard

A full-grown beard is a full-fledged version of the full beard style. It will take you some time to grow it but it is worth both time and effort. The style will suit patient men who can wait until the beard grows that long and become a big one.

A full grown beard for men.

Full Beard Neckline

Men wear natural accessories while women wear necklaces. A full beard covering the neckline is a good way to highlight your masculinity.

A full neckline beard for males.

The Perfect Full Beard

Do you wonder how the perfect full beard should look like? No doubt that it should look like this one. However, everything depends on your hair type. Your beard may look differently because of individual peculiarities.

A stylish full beard for men in 2020.

Classic Full Beard

A classy full beard is one of the best options to choose because it won’t get out of fashion. It suits everyone, regardless of profession and age. But if you are a business person or work in the office you’d better consider choosing a classic full beard.

A classy full beard.

Sexy Full Beard

What makes a man sexy? You shouldn’t invent anything to create a sexy look. You need just to wait for some time until your beard grows. Believe it, women like it when a man looks like a man. Nothing can highlight masculinity better than a sexy full beard.

A full beard for sexy men.

Full Beard Shave Neck

Don’t you want your beard to cover the whole neckline? It isn’t a problem. Feel free to choose a full beard style with a shaved neck. It looks neat and nice.

A full beard with the shaved neck.

Groomed Full Beard

A well-groomed full beard takes time and effort regularly but it is worth it. Grow a full beard and then groom it to look stylish and elegant.

A well-groomed full beard for males.

Full Chin Beard

A full chin beard is one of the most common options to choose from. You should definitely pick it if you aren’t ready for radical changes in the style and like it when men wear a full beard covering their chin.

A full chin beard for men.

Full Beard Cheek Line

The main distinctive feature of this style is that your cheek line will be covered with hair. A full beard cheek line is a stylish option that looks cool.

A full beard with the cheek line.

Natural Full Beard

Do you like the natural bearded look most? Then, don’t think for long and choose a natural full beard style. It is one of the amazing options for those who don’t want to spend much effort on taking care of the appearance.

A natural-looking full male beard.

Full Beard and Mustache Styles

A full beard and mustache can always be seen in a combination. However, there is more than one variant on how you can style your beard.

Full Beard No Mustache

A full beard with no mustache is a rare option you will see now but some men still prefer this variation of a bearded style. Having a full beard without a mustache is one of the ways to stand out today.

An elegant full beard without a mustache.

Thin Mustache Full Beard

A thin mustache full beard style looks incredibly nice. A thin mustache adds elegance and neatness to the whole look.

A full beard with a thin mustache.

Full Beard Short Mustache

A full beard short mustache is one of the common options among those who decide to combine both a mustache and a beard. It doesn’t take much time to grow a short mustache and wear a cool look like this one.

A full beard with a short mustache.

Full Beard with Handlebar Moustache

A full beard with a handlebar mustache can be seen not often nowadays. But some men find it a very attractive and original combination.

A full beard with a handlebar moustache for bald men.

Goatee with Full Beard

A goatee with a full beard isn’t a rare style among males. When you grow your beard of the necessary length you will be able to go to the stylist and ask him/her to create a goatee style. It will always look fashionable.

A full beard in the goatee style.

Full Beard Weak Mustache

A full beard weak mustache is one of the nice options to choose from. You don’t have to wait for long until you grow a large mustache. A weak mustache can be successfully combined with the full-bearded style.

A full beard with a weak mustache.

Different Full Beard Shapes to Choose From

There are various full beard shapes you can choose from. Check what they are to know which one will suit you best.

Full Circle Beard

A full circle beard looks original and will fit men with a round face best. It highlights the face shape and it’s easy to style it.

A full beard styled in a circle.

Full Beard Outline

A full beard outline is one of the coolest options for men who follow trends. It will always look fashionable.

A full outlined beard for men.

Full Beard Patchy

A full beard patchy will suit not everyone as it’s an attribute of creative personalities. Do you want to draw attention to your style? Then, don’t hesitate to try this one.

A full patchy beard for males.

Full Beard Shape Up

A full beard with a shape up is a great style for elegant men. It is one of the neat styles that fit office workers.

A shaped up full beard.

Full Beard Sideburns

A full beard looks good with sideburns. So, don’t hesitate to style it like this if you want to be in the center of attention.

A full beard with sideburns for stylish men.

Carved Full Beard

A full beard will look nice with a carved line. You should definitely give it a try if you like to experiment with your style.

A carved full beard style.

Full Beard Short Sides

A full beard with short sides is one of the common options among males. Give preference to it if you like a more conservative look.

A full beard with short sides for men.

Full Beard with Waves

A full beard with waves looks romantic and original. Natural waves will become a decoration of any male look.

A full beard for men with wavy hair.

Full Boxed Beard

A full boxed beard helps to create a masculine look that causes no doubts that you are a strong man who sets goals and achieves them. You need to style it at the salon.

A full boxed beard for men in 2020.

Full Trimmed Beard

A full trimmed beard is a good solution for those who want to have a nice neat look daily. Such a beard isn’t easy to maintain compared to the untrimmed style but it’s worth it.

A full well-trimmed beard for males.

Full Untrimmed Beard

A full untrimmed beard is a good choice for men who don’t want to devote much time to beard styling. Wear it like it is and do nothing special to create an untrimmed beard look.

A full untrimmed beard style.

Neat Full Beard

If you aim to highlight your love of neatness and elegant look, you need to pay attention to this option. It will take you some time to style the beard but it will help to create a well-groomed style.

A very neat full beard for men.

Choose the Length of Your Full Beard Style

Don’t get upset if you are impatient and can’t wait until the beard becomes long. You can create a full beard style with any length of the beard. Check what lengths are popular now.

Short Full Beard

A short full beard is a nice option to choose when you aren’t ready to change your look significantly. A short beard looks neater than the long one and fits everyone.

A full beard of the short length.

Medium Length Full Beard

A medium-length full beard is another stylish option to choose from. The only thing to keep in mind: you will have to wait for several weeks or months to grow it like this. Everything depends on your hair growth speed.

A medium-length full beard for males.

Long Full Beard

Would you like to become an owner of a long full beard style? Don’t worry! Nothing is impossible if you wait patiently and don’t trim it for some time.

A long full beard for males.

Big Full Beard

A big full beard looks impressive. If you have a suitable hair texture, you will be able to create a cool big full beard style.

A full beard of big sizes.

Light Full Beard

A light full beard style is one of the nice options to choose if you want to wear a bearded style without waiting for long. Grow it a bit and go to the professional stylist who will choose the best shape for your face.

A light full beard style.

Full Stubble Beard

A full stubble beard is a great option to choose from. You need to pick this length if you like bearded styles but can’t manage to grow your one due to individual characteristics. It looks super sexy!

A full stubble beard for men.

Low Full Beard

A low full beard is one of the options that are easy to take care of.  Nobody will argue that it adds masculinity to the entire look and helps to create an attractive look.

A low full beard for men.

Men’s Hairstyles with Full Beard

You can choose any hairstyle with a full-bearded style. Why not? Check how many options you can choose from. You will find the one that will help you to create the necessary effect.

Full Beard Fade

A full beard with a fade is the style that is chosen by macho men as it looks very sexy. Believe it, girls will like a faded style much.

A full faded beard style.

Full Beard Bald Head

A full beard with a bald head is a nice option for the summer season or if you live in a hot country. However, representatives of strong sex often choose it to create a more brutal look.

A full bearded bald head.

Short Hair Full Beard

A short hairstyle looks nice with a full beard. Men of any age can wear it like this and create a self-confident look.

A short hair full beard style.

Shaved Head and Full Beard

Have you shaved your head? Not a problem! It won’t prevent you from wearing a full beard style. It is the style that won’t be unnoticeable by passers-by.

A full beard for men with the shaved haircut.

High Fade With Quiff and Full Beard

A high fade can be combined with a quiff and full beard. You should consider choosing this style if you are a fan of new creative hairstyles.

A full beard combined with the high faded style.

Brushed Up Hair Short Sides Full Beard

 A brushed up hair with short sides and a full beard is an amazing combination. It’s easy to have short sides and brush up your hair to create a new fresh look for this season.

A brushed up haircut with short sides and full beard.

Buzz Cut With Full Beard

A buzz cut with a full beard isn’t a new trend. It has been popular for some time already and will be trendy for years. Choose it to highlight your love of fashion.

A full beard with a buzz haircut.

Full Beard with Long Hair

A full beard with long hair hasn’t been as popular as it is like this. Even if you aren’t a rock star, consider choosing this option. It looks impressive. Modern men like long hairstyles that highlight their individuality and the freedom of choice.

A full beard for men with long hair.

Taper Fade with Full Beard

A taper face with a full beard is a nice option to choose from. It is one of the ways to create a sexy look and win the hearts of beautiful ladies.

A full beard combined with a tapered fade cut.

Crew Cut High Fade and Full Beard

A crew cut with high fade and full beard is one of the latest trends that looks just wow. Are you a fan of everything new and radical? Don’t avoid a chance to express yourself.

A full beard for men with a crew cut and high fade look.

Low Cut Full Beard

A low cut with a full beard is a nice option for men who like to wear convenient styles that don’t require much time and effort. A low haircut with a full-bearded style is one of the standard choices of most men.

A low haircut with a full beard style.

Full Beard for Your Face Shape

Do you have an oval or round face shape? Choose the bearded style that will fit your face shape so that you look elegant and stylish.

Full Beard for Round Face

Men with a round face can choose among many full beard styles. Experts recommend paying attention to boxed and neckline options.

A full beard for men with a round face.

Full Beard for Oval Face

A full beard for an oval face is another great option to choose from. You are free to create any style as men with an oval face will look great with any type of a full beard. Experiment with the combinations of hairstyles and beard lengths.

A full beard for men with an oval face.

How Can You Style Your Full Beard

You can style your full beard differently. Check what styles men choose and decide which one will fit you best. The five most commonly chosen bearded styles will help you to create an effective look.

Full Goatee Beard

A full goatee beard is one of the styles chosen by noblemen in England and Europe a long time ago. Nowadays, one can wear a fresh goatee beard look that will highlight your love for elegance and your special sense of style.

A full goatee beard style.

Full Viking Beard

All boys imagine themselves as strong and brave Vikings when watching history films. You have a great opportunity to look like a Viking by making a full Viking beard style.

A full beard in the Viking style.

Van Dyke Full Beard

Fans of Van Dyke will be glad to look after him. Why not ask the barber to style your full beard the way Van Dyke has? It’s a good choice for mature men.

A full beard in the Van Dyke style.

Full Spartan Beard

A full Spartan beard is a sign of masculinity that will fit any man. Spartan beard looks sexy and stylish nowadays. Moreover, it helps to complete your cool look every day.

A full beard like Spartan wore.

Full Hammurabi Beard

A full Hammurabi beard looks like an accessory worn in ancient times. Want to stand out from the crowd? Don’t look any further and style your full beard the way Hammurabi wore.

A full beard in the Hammurabi style.

Famous Men with Full Beards

Many celebrities wear full beard styles to create a unique look. Scroll down to have a closer look at the famous men who give preference to full beards.

Jack Black Full Beard

Everyone knows Jack Black and his full beard. Don’t hesitate to make the same one even if you aren’t a fan of this famous man as it looks nice.

A full beard in the Jack Black style.

Brad Pitt Full Beard

Brad Pitt is well-known as one of the sexiest men everywhere. Perhaps, a full beard style helped him to achieve the goal to be considered a sexy and successful man.

A full beard like Brad Pitt has.

James Franco Full Beard

James Franco’s full beard is one of the most famous styles. Make it for yourself if you have similar features and a similar face shape.

A full beard in the style of James Franco.

Captain America Full Beard

Captain America’s full beard is one of the styles you need to try. It will fit any modern man who wants to highlight his uniqueness.

A full beard in the style of Captain America.

Ranveer Singh Full Beard

Ranveer Singh’s full beard is one of the cool styles. Every lady would agree that the full beard on this man looks incredibly sexy.

A full beard in the style of Ranveer Singh.

Steve Harvey Full Beard

Steve Harvey’s full beard is one of the iconic styles. Choose it this year and be sure that it will be popular in the upcoming year as well.

A full beard of Steve Harvey.

Stone Cold Full Beard

Stone Cold full beard is one of the super cool styles. Just look at the pic and think what if you make the same one for yourself.

A full beard of Stone Cold.

Tony Stark Full Beard

Tony Stark wears a stylish full beard that makes him a real star shining in 2021. The beard of Tony Stark looks neat and distinguishes with its elegance.

A full beard of Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr Full Beard

Robert Downey is famous for his full beard as well. If you are a fan of this person, don’t hesitate to copy his style that will suit most men.

A full beard in the style of Robert Downey Jr.

Tom Selleck Full Beard

Tom Selleck is famous for his brilliant roles and, of course, his iconic full beard. It isn’t too long and big but still sexy and groomed.

A full beard of Tom Selleck.

Arthur Morgan Full Beard

Arthur Morgan wears a nice full beard you should give a try. If you have speedy hair growth, you will be able to enjoy the same effective beard style.

A full beard of Arthur Morgan.

Geralt Full Beard

Geralt’s full beard is the object of envy of most men. Just check if you can grow the same beard. You will be satisfied with the result.

A full beard of Geralt.

Chris Brown Full Beard

Chris Brown’s full beard is one of the worthy options to choose from. Consider making it for yourself if you have the same hair length already.

A stylish full beard like Chris Brown has.

David Beckham Full Beard

David Beckham is one of the men who have won the hearts of ladies all over the world. A full beard style he wears has contributed to his cool and sexy look.

A famous full beard of David Beckhham.

Drake Full Beard

Drake full beard is one of the nice styles for males who always set goals and do their best to achieve them. Don’t hesitate to style your beard like this.

A full beard of Drake.

Hulk Hogan Full Beard

You don’t have to spend too much effort to style your full beard the way, Hulk Hogan. Do you remember his weird beard style? It was look amazing! Unfortunately, Hulk Hogan not the same as before.

A full beard like Hulk Hogan has.

Joe Rogan Full Beard

Joe Rogan’s full beard style is one of the styles that are worth choosing. If you have the same hair texture and the length of the beard, then, go to the barber’s and ask to create it the same way.

A full beard of Joe Rogan.

Johnny Depp Full Beard

Johnny Depp is known not only like one of the most talented actors but also as one of the most stylish men. Follow the same style if you want to be in the center of attention.

A full beard of Johnny Depp.

Julian Edelman Full Beard

Julian Edelman’s full beard can impress everyone. There were periods when he had a shorter full beard while there were periods when he wore a really big full beard covering the neckline.

A full beard of Julian Edelman.

Justin Timberlake Full Beard

Justin Timberlake’s full beard looks stylish and will fit anyone. You can choose it for yourself if you like the same casual look.

A full beard in the style of Justin Timberlake.

Kobe Bryant Full Beard

Kobe Bryant didn’t have a too big full beard but he was known as the one who liked beard styles much. You can see on the pic that he knew how to style it in a special cool style.

A full beard in the style of Kobe Bryant.

Leonardo DiCaprio Full Beard

Leonardo Dicaprio’s full beard is one of the styles men give preference to. This actor has been seen without a beard and with the full beard style. It fits his face shape.

A full beard of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Ranbir Kapoor Full Beard

Ranbir Kapoor’s full beard is one of the super styles for men. Make the same one at the barber’s if you have an intention to look like a celebrity.

A great full beard of Ranbir Kapoor.

Rick Grimes Full Beard

Rick Grimes’s full beard is one of the most common beard styles. Be the one who will repeat it after him. The beard looks original and is recognizable thanks to the special hair texture.

A wow full beard of Rick Grimes.

Roman Reigns Full Beard

Roman Reign’s full beard is one of the nice options to choose from. It will add masculinity to your look. You will feel like women look at you and think “Wow, what a sexy man is here!”

A full beard of Roman Reigns.

Tom Hardy Full Beard

Tom Hardy is one of the celebrities who wear a full beard style. It looks neat and classy. There is nothing that would prevent you from styling your beard like the one Tom Hardy has.

A full beard of Tom Hardy.

What Full Beard Styles Do Men of Different Nationalities Choose?

Men all over the world love full beard styles and follow professional stylist tips to grow a beard of the necessary length. Have a look at the pics to see how men of different nationalities style their beards.

Asian Full Beard

Asian men like full beard styles of all hair lengths. The one you can see here is the most common style you should try for yourself.

A full beard for Asian men.

Chinese Full Beard

Chinese men don’t wear a long full beard style when being young but you can see many elderly men who wear full beards that help them to look wiser.

A full beard for Chinese males.

Indian Full Beard

You will see an Indian without a beard rarely. Most Indians wear full beard styles like their granddads. Don’t miss an opportunity to create a nice look with the help of an Indian full beard.

A full beard like Indian men wear.

Japanese Full Beard

Japanese men don’t wear full beards too often but some males can’t imagine their look without a full beard style. It isn’t surprising as the beard fits the face shape and national peculiarities of all the Japanese men.

A full beard of Japanese men.

How the Full Beard Looks with All Hair Types

Any hair type will fit a full beard look perfectly. Scroll down to look at how men with various hair types look when they wear a full beard.

Full Thick Beard

Owners of thick hair types are lucky to grow a solid full thick beard. It looks bushy and nice. Such a beard makes the whole image of a male more serious.

Full Thin Beard

A full thin beard is one of the common variations. Men with thin hair types shouldn’t get upset as such a beard also looks accurate and neat.

A full beard for men with thin hair.

Wavy Full Beard

A wavy full beard looks cute. It is one of the natural benefits of men with a wavy hair type can enjoy.

A full beard for males with wavy hair type.

Black Man Full Beard Styles in 2021

Black men wear full beard styles as their hair type suits this option best. You will see many young black men with full beards that make their look cool. As for the elderly men, they wear a beard as an attribute of wisdom.

A full beard for African-Americans.

How You Could Color Your Full Beard

Don’t you know which color to choose for your full beard? There are many options to choose from. Of course, it depends on the hair color you wear. But some men like it when the hair on the head is of one color while the beard is of another color. It is up to you to choose your unique look.

Full Grey Beard

A full grey beard is one of the classic colors. All elderly men have it naturally. But some mature men who don’t have grey hair on the head dye their beard in grey to look stylish.

A full grey beard for men in 2020.

Full Blonde Beard

A full blonde beard looks accurate and neat. It’s one of the standard colors for men with fair hair. It refreshes the entire look.

A full beard for men with blonde hair.

Black Full Beard

A black full beard looks sexy and is noticeable for everyone. Owners of black hair should pay careful attention to each detail of the full beard style as it is impossible to hide all the imperfections on the face line.

A full beard of the black color.

Full Red Beard

A full red beard is a cool version to choose from. If you were born with natural red hair color, you are the lucky one. If not, you can make it on your own and stand out.

A trendy red full beard.

Full Salt and Pepper Beard

A full salt and pepper beard are one of the latest trends of this season. Do you follow trends? Then, no doubt you should give it a try.

A fashionable salt and pepper full beard.

Full White Beard

A full white beard is a nice option to wear. Just look at how a man wearing it looks in the pic and you will admit that this color adds some noble touch to the whole image.

A full beard of the white color.

Full Beard Styles for Men of Different Ages

You can wear a full beard style at any age. Just imagine how many different styles you will be able to change during the whole life if you start growing a beard at a young age.

Old Man with Full Beard

Old men wore beards for ages. A full beard style was and is now a symbol of wisdom. Men should be thankful to nature for such a great accessory they can wear at any age.

A full beard for elderly men.

Full Beard Man

A full beard is a decoration of any man’s face. It’s a sign of masculinity for men of all ages and face shapes. Choose the one that will fit you perfectly.

A full bearded style for males.

The Guy with Full Beard

A guy with a full beard looks organically in modern society. Men with beards are sexy and stylish. It’s a great opportunity to express yourself and highlight your sense of style.

A full beard style for young guys.

Teenager with Full Beard

It isn’t a common thing to see a teenager with a full beard. But more and more teenagers pay attention to full beard styles to look more mature and follow modern trends.

A full bearded look for teenagers.

Is a Full Beard Easy to Maintain?

If you are going to grow a full beard you should understand that it isn’t easy to maintain it. If you want to wear it as it is without the regular trimming and styling, then, of course, it will be easy to maintain the beard by wearing it the way it looks naturally. But most men prefer well-groomed beard styles that require time and effort. You will have to see the barber’s salon from time to time depending on your hair growth speed.

Best Full Beard Care Products

Don’t surprise when you see a special shampoo for your beard on the shop shelf. There are many best full beard care products for any hair type. You are recommended to pay special attention to beard oil and balms. Jack Black beard oil is a popular remedy that will help you to achieve your goal – wear a cool beard style.


How to grow a full beard?

There are several steps you should make before you become a happy owner of a full beard. You need to choose the style that fits you best first and trim it as it grows. Use beard care products to speed up hair growth.

How long does it take to grow a full beard?

It may take you several weeks, months, or years depending on how long you want your beard to be. It isn’t possible to say for sure the exact period as it depends on your speed of the hair growth.

How to trim a full beard?

There are many trimming beard care products. But you’d better go to the professional barber who will show you how to trim your beard best according to your face shape.

How long to grow a full beard?

You can grow it as long as you want. The most common option is a short beard and the medium-long beard style. But some wear it longer.

How to grow a full beard fast?

There is no secret product that will help you to grow a full beard within days. But you can make the process faster if you take care of your hair using high-quality balms and oils with the vitamins that contribute to hair growth and better hair texture.

Can I grow a full beard?

No man can’t grow a full beard. Even if you have a thin hair texture, you will be able to enjoy a full beard style. The only difference is that some men can enjoy it faster while others need to be patient and grow it longer.

What does a full beard look like?

A full beard is a beard that covers a major part of your face. It may include the area of the neckline and cheeks as well.

What would I look like with a full beard?

You should check the collection of male photos with the full beard style and find the face shape that is similar to yours. It’s the easiest way to find out how you will look with the full beard style.

What can I use to grow a full beard?

You are recommended to ask your barber what care products will suit your hair type best. These are special balms and oils. Beard wax and vitamin E should be in your bag with hair care products.

Does beard oil make your beard fuller?

It definitely contributes to the faster growth of the hair and makes it shiny and healthy. Oil helps to take care of the beard and make it fuller.


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