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31 Fade Haircuts for Boys: Super Cool Hairstyles 2021

Faded haircuts suit not only adults but also little men. Here is the largest collection of inspiring boys fade haircuts that are fashionable in 2021. Check hairstyles and say the barber to create a new faded image for your little boy.

Original Faded Haircuts for the Coolest Boys

Best Boys Fade Haircut Tutorial

BEST Crop FADE for Little Boys /2020
Best Boys Fade Haircut Tutorial

What Is a Fade Haircut for Boys?

Has the barber suggested making a faded haircut for your son, but you have no idea what is a fade haircut for boys? It’s when the hair length becomes shorter from the top, and you can notice a stylish transition thanks to the fade.

How does a faded hairstyle for boys look like?

Boys’ Fade Haircut

You won’t find a more stylish hairstyle for your son than the boys fade haircut. Its main advantage is that it’s versatile and suits boys with all hair types. Find the right one for your son, and be sure that he’ll look cool.

A hairstyle with a faded transition for little boys.

Fade Haircut for Black Boys

Afro-American boys have top-quality hair that allows creating an excellent hairstyle. Creating a fade haircut for black boys is as easy as ABC. A low fade is the most popular option chosen by moms of black boys in 2021.

A faded hairstyle for Afro-American boys.

White Boy Fade Haircut

Faded haircuts suit both men with white and black skin. You won’t regret if asking the barber to make a white boy fade for your son. It is a fresh look that has many different variations: high, middle, low fade.

A faded haircut for white boys.

Little Boys Fade Haircut

It isn’t surprising that the little boys fade haircut is becoming more and more popular. Your son will look stylish and elegant if you choose the right faded look for him. Don’t pass by the hairstyle with a faded hair transition.

A fade haircut for little boys.

Boys Short Fade Haircut

Believe it, your son will feel comfortable if you tell the barber to make a boys short fade haircut. It’s an excellent choice for everyday wear, especially in the summer season 2021—boys of all ages like it much.

A short faded hairstyle for boys.

Toddler Boy Fade Haircut

Every toddler boy wants to look cool. A toddler boy fade will suit this purpose perfectly. The faded look can be with a hair length transition from the top, middle of the head, or a low fade. Your toddler son will be happy with such an image.

A faded haircut for toddler boys.

Boy Braids with Fade

Does your son like braided hairstyles? Boy braids with fade will be the best option as it has a fresh element – a fade. It’s possible to choose different braided styles depending on the hair type and length of the boy.

A faded haircut with braids for boys.

Boys Taper Fade Haircut

Can you see this cool hairstyle for guys? It’s the boys taper fade with the transition that can be seen in the middle of the head. The hair becomes shorter above the temples. It looks super stylish and doesn’t require a radical hair cut.

A taper fade haircut for boys.

Low Fade Haircut for Black Boys

Do you like cool haircuts and want to change your style now? Then, try low fade haircuts for black boys. Such faded haircuts will help to create a great look and add freshness to the entire image of a little man.

A low-faded haircut for Afro-American boys.

Baby Boy Fade Haircut

Each mother wants her baby to look cute? Choose one of the trendy baby boy fade haircuts and be sure that your baby son will look stylish. Every passer-by will pay attention to his haircut and definitely smile back.

A fade haircut for baby boys.

Boys High Top Fade Haircut

It is easy to create an impressive look if making a boy high top fade. It draws everyone’s attention due to the difference between the hair length on the top and temples. This haircut will suit Asian and black boys most.

A high-faded haircut for boys.

Faux Hawk with Fade Boys’ Haircut

Brave boys who like radical changes in their look choose a faux hawk fade boy. It is the best choice for the party or concert. This hairstyle will suit little men who dream of becoming rock stars when they are adults.

A faded haircut for boys with a cool faux hawk.

Boys Fade Haircut with Design

The most original haircut ever is the boy fade haircuts with designs. It’s where one can use all fantasy to create a completely unique look nobody else has. Go to a talented barber who will add a nice design to your son’s haircut.

A faded haircut with an original design for boys.

White Boys Bald Fade Haircut

Wonder what to choose for the hot summer season? Consider a white boy bald hairstyle that is versatile and will look perfect on the boy of any age. A bald option is one of the most popular this year. It looks elegant on little boys.

A bald-faded haircut for white boys.

Cool Fade Haircut for Boys

Don’t look further rather than cool fade haircuts for boys. They look stylish and elegant, regardless of the hair type. Whether your son has short or long hair, you’ll find a cool option for his hair length as there are many variations available.

The coolest faded hairstyle for boys.

Teen Boy Fade Haircut

A teen boy fade haircut is one of the trendy styles in 2021. Check aggressive haircuts and those that don’t require radical changes. Here are many faded ideas for every taste and occasion. Ask the barber to add a new touch to your style, and he will choose the best-faded option.

A faded haircut for teenagers.

Black Boys’ Curly Fade Haircut

Style curls with one of the black boy curly fade haircuts, and you will be in the center of attention. Black boys have fine curly hair that suits this type of hairstyles perfectly. It’s an excellent way to create a cool image with minimum effort.

A curled fade haircut for Afro-American boys.

Boys Comb Over with Fade

You can’t even imagine how simple boys comb over fade can change your style. A professional barber will do it quicker than you can imagine. The style will look perfect for everyday wear to school and walks.

A comb-over faded haircut for boys.

Boys Skin Fade Haircut

Are you ready for more radical changes in the style? Then, choose a boy skin fade haircut and look like a real man. Most adult men give preference to this hairstyle as it’s the versatile option that suits any occasion just perfectly. Boys will be happy to wear it, not less than their dads.

A skin-faded haircut for boys.

Boys Fade with Line

Modern parents choose a boys fade with line for their son. It isn’t surprising. This haircut looks cooler than any other one. It is bright and fresh. Wearing this style, your boy no doubts will be in the center of the attention of his classmates.

An unsual fade haircut for boys with a line.

Boys High Fade Haircut

It’s one of the favorite styles for toddlers and teenagers. A boys high fade haircut looks fresh and trendy. The hair length is kept on the top of the head. If you want to save the hair on the top, it’s the best option to choose from.

A trendy high-faded haircut for boys.

Boys Mid Fade Haircut

It is just one of the fade haircut variations. You will definitely like it if you want to stand out. Your son will look good if he has a boys mid fade haircut made by a professional barber. The middle-faded style will suit every face shape.

A middle-faded haircut for boys.

Boys Low Fade Haircut

Want to cut your hair in an original way? A boys low fade haircut is a popular option in 2021. Keep the hair length up to temples. It is a simple version that doesn’t require much time and effort. Create it and wear it for several weeks.

An elegant low-faded haircut for boys.

Asian Boys Fade Haircut

Everyone knows that Asian boys have good-quality hair. Asian boys fade haircut looks excellent on the hair texture Asian guys have. Creating this haircut takes not much time and effort while helps to make the boy super elegant and stylish.

A faded hairstyle for Asian boys.

Boys Fade with Part Side

One may surprise how just one simple line can change the whole boy’s image. A boys fade with part side is exactly such hairstyle. A little boy will look like a gentleman if he wears his hair to one side. Choose the side and create the neatest look.

A faded side-part haircut for boys.

Boys Fade with Brushed Up Hair

A hairstyle can tell much about the man who wears it. If your son chooses the boys fade with brushed up among other barber options, you should know that he has an adventurous personality. This haircut will suit curious boys who like an active lifestyle.

An adventurous brushed-up faded haircut for boys.

Boys Fade Mohawk

Are you looking for the option that will suit the character of your son best? If he isn’t afraid to be in the center of attention, suggest him to try a boys fade Mohawk. It’s a good style to choose when you are a boy who wants to express himself.

A Faded haircut with a Mohawk for boys.

Boys Fade with Long Hair

Does your boy have long hair? Not a problem. There is a nice hairstyle for him. Consider making a boys fade long. Keep the hair length while adding a new touch to your current style. This type of fade is one of the most popular nowadays.

Trendy long haircut for boys with a fade.

Boys’ Fade with Spiky Hair

When to try a boys fade spiky hair if not in childhood? Everyone should choose a spiky style as it looks fun. You need to take some time to keep the initial look. A messy look will emphasize the traits of the character of your boy better than anything else.

A messy spiky fade haircut for boys.

Boys Fade with Slick Back

Want to create a neat and tight look for your son? A boys fade slick back is the best option for school children. It helps to create an image of a serious man who follows the rules and achieves his goals. There is more than one variant on how to wear a slick.

A slick-back undercut with a fade for boys.


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