57 Famous Men with a Fashionable Male Bun Style

57 World-Known Men with a Cool Bun Hairstyle

Not only women like wearing bun hairstyles. Many famous men all over the world find a bun style very convenient for everyday wear and special occasions. Scroll down to find out which of your favorite sportsmen, actors, and other celebrities prefer a bun hairstyle.


Famous Sportsmen with a Man Bun Hairstyle

Find out what world-wide known sportsmen prefer wearing a bun hairstyle when doing sports and in their daily life.

Ronaldo Man Bun

Ronaldo wears a man bun hairstyle when playing football, walking in the park, shopping, etc. He considers this style very cool and convenient.

Ronaldo with a bun style.

David Beckham Man Bun

David Beckham’s man bun is a very stylish variation of how a man can wear a bun. David is an icon of elegance and style.

David Beckham with a stylish bun.

Gareth Bale Man Bun

Gareth Bale prefers wearing long hair but it isn’t always convenient to wear it like this. When doing sports, a bun style comes to the rescue.

Gareth Bale man bun for the spring season.

Jeremy Lin Man Bun

Jeremy Lin says that a man bun is a great option for professional basketball players who have middle-long or long hair. A bun hairstyle helps to focus on the game, not the hair.

Jeremy Lin with elegant bun style.

McGregor Man Bun

McGregor is one of the men who like wearing a bun because it is one of the most practical hairstyles. A bun style is his favorite one for special events and everyday wear.

Mcgregor haircut with a bun.

Roman Reigns Man Bun

Roman Reigns is a professional wrestler who has a perfect shape. A cool man bun adds a sexy touch to his good-looking appearance.

Roman Reigns with a nice bun.

Evan Jager Man Bun

Evan Jager is a famous athlete who loves wearing long hair. One can see him with a bun often because it is much more convenient to run when you have a bun hairstyle.

Evan Jager male bun of the perfect shape.

Ibrahimovic Man Bun

Ibrahimovic is one of the best footballers. He wears long middle-length hair which is why you can see him with a bun when he is playing football.

Ibrahimovic male style for 2021.

Iman Shumpert Man Bun

Iman Shumpert is a basketball player who wears a bun hairstyle not just because it fits him best but also because it is very convenient to wear hair like this when you do sports.

Shumpert male bun hairstyle for a stylish look.

Kelly Olynyk Man Bun

Kelly Olynyk is a sportsman who says that he plays better when he wears his favorite bun style. It is a practical style for any weather.

Kelly Olynyk perfect male style with a bun.

Tom Brady Man Bun

Tom Brady loves wearing a bun in the summer season as he has long hair. Usually, you can see the hairstyle with both a bun and straight hair on the neck.

Tom Brady's new hairstyle with a bun.

Steve Cook Man Bun

Steve wears a bun high on the top of the head. This hairstyle makes him even sexier. You can see him with a bun on the magazine covers with headings about sexy fitness guys.

Steve Cook with his impressive male bun hairstyle.

Mike Muscala Man Bun

Mike Muscala is a big man with a small bun. Basketballs wearing middle-length or long hair always wear a bun at least when playing the game. Mike isn’t an exception.

Mike Muscala and his trendy bun hairstyle.

Well-Known Actors  and TV Personalities with a Bun Style

Do you want to look like a celebrity? Just be yourself like each of them does and don’t be afraid to wear your favorite bun hairstyle. Here are talented people who wear a bun hairstyle almost every day, including special events.

Jason Momoa Man Bun

A man bun style can look very sexy. Jason Momoa is the best evidence of this statement. He wears a bun hairstyle for everyday wear and special occasions.

Jason Momoa with a bun hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth Man Bun

Chris Hemsworth is an actor who changes his hair length from short to the long one. A man bun suits him best, doesn’t it?

Chris Hemsworth wears a bun style.

Jon Snow Man Bun

Jon Snow looks great with a man bun. Most fans of this actor agree that it is the style that suits his face type better than any other haircut.

Jon Snow male bun hairstyle.

Post Malone Man Bun

Post Malone is an extraordinary personality who hates banal and standard things. A man bun style is his favorite hairstyle that highlights his creativity and originality.

Post Malone male bun style.

Jake Gyllenhaal Man Bun

Jake Gyllenhaal is a famous actor who is associated with fame, style, and beautiful life. How does he look in his everyday life? He wears a man bun and casual style.

Jake Gyllenhaal with a cool bun style.

James Charles Man Bun

James Charles is a famous YouTube personality who likes changing looks. In this pic, you can see his feminine look with a stylish bun.

James Charles and his nice-looking bun style.

Leonardo Dicaprio Man Bun

Leonardo Dicaprio can be seen with a short cut more often but there are periods when he has long hair. He likes experimenting with it wearing a stylish man bun from time to time.

Leonardo Dicaprio with a sexy bun haircut.

Brad Pitt Man Bun

Brad Pitt is one of the sex symbols of all time. He looks elegant wearing a bun style in the combination with casual clothes or even a suit.

Brad Pitt wearing a fashionable bun style.

Jared Leto Man Bun

Jared Leto is one more celebrity who likes practical hairstyles. His man bun looks neat and cute.

Jared Leto super stylish look with a bun.

Keanu Reeves Man Bun

Keanu Reeves is rarely seen with a bun but nobody will disagree with the fact that this hairstyle suits him much.

Keanu Reeves bun style.

Brock O’Hurn Man Bun

Brock O’Hurn follows trends and wears long hair. You can often see him with a man bun regardless of what clothes he wears. His bun looks elegant in the combination of a suit.

Brock O Hurn Male Bun Look.

Chris Brown Man Bun

Chris Brown is one more fan of bun hairstyles. Just look at him and you will see how to create a great look easily.

Chris Brown wears super sexy bun style.

Jared Padalecki Man Bun

Jared Padalecki is a famous actor who also loves wearing a short bun style. Look at the pic and make sure that it suits him best.

Jared Padalecki bun hairstyle for any occasion.

Matt Damon Man Bun

Matt Damon wears a bun hairstyle wherever he goes. Whether it is a walk in the park or a special occasion. He looks stylish always.

Matt Damon bun style for 2021.

Steven Seagal Man Bun

An actor Steven Seagal is one of those men who are fond of a man bun hairstyle. One can see Steven with a bun everywhere no matter where he goes. This style fits his masculine features much.

Steven Seagal male hairstyle with a bun.

Joe Survivor Man Bun

Joe Survivor is a popular person nowadays who should follow trends. You can see him with a bun style that fits his everyday look more than any other haircut.

Joe Survivor with a creative bun hairstyle.

Ashton Irwin Man Bun

Ashton Irwin has a good-looking male bun hairstyle that has become his favorite one. He looks very cute with it.

Ashton Irwin with a nice bun.

Colin Farrell Man Bun

Colin Farrell has got his fame, not due to the trendy bun hairstyle but no doubt it has contributed to his popularity. Just look at the pic and make sure he looks gorgeous with a bun.

Colin Farrell with a cool bun style.

Aidan Turner Man Bun

Aidan Turner is one of the famous Irish actors. He always looks good thanks to his great sense of style. His fans like it when he wears a bun hairstyle.

Aidan Turner stylish male bun look.

Reign Kardashian Man Bun

Reign Kardashian is following fashionable trends since childhood. He looks very cute and stylish with a bun.

Reign Kardashian and his super popular bun style.

Adam Levine Man Bun

Adam Levine likes messy hairstyles and trendy look. A bun style fits him better than any other one, especially combined with his charismatic appearance.

Adam Levine wears a great-looking bun style.

Gaya Rambut Man Bun

Gaya Rambut has a very interesting version of a bun style with an undercut. He can by right be called one of the most stylish representatives of strong sex.

Gaya Rambut bun style for everyday wear.

Derick Dillard Man Bun

Derick Dillard has periods when he wore short hair but his wife and friends think that he looks better wearing long haircuts, especially the one with a bun.

Derick Dillard man style with a bun.

Timothy Delaghetto Man Bun

Timothy Delaghetto wears a bun that adds a romantic touch to his face. He looks like a character from some love novel with this hairstyle.

Timothy Delaghetto's sexy bun look.

Sebastian Stan Man Bun

Sebastian Stan can always be seen with a bun hairstyle. He wears it regularly as it looks stylish and fits any occasion. His straight hair makes it possible to make a neat accurate bun easily.

Sebastian Stan's bun look for work.

Toshiro Mifune Man Bun

Toshiro Mifune is a real samurai who wears a bun on the top of the head. It doesn’t spoil his masculine features, vice versa, it adds him a serious look.

Toshiro Mifune with an attractive bun style.

Luca Fersko Man Bun

Luca Fersko is an Italian who follows trends and looks stylish wherever he goes and whatever he does. Follow his style and you will always look just fascinating.

Luca Fersko and his cool bun look for daily wear.

Matt Corby Man Bun

Matt Corby’s bun has an epic look. The combination of casual clothes and a bun style helps to create a unique look for every day.

Matt Corby male bun of the excellent shape.

Ray Romano Man Bun

Ray Romano looks fun with a bun. His fans admit that his face changes for the better with this nice bun instead of a short haircut.

Ray Romano and his super stylish bun hairstyle.

Ranveer Singh Man Bun

Ranveer Singh wears a bun to create a solid elegant look. One can see him with a bun on the cover of the fashion magazine as well as in daily life.

Ranveer Singh male bun style for perfect vacation.

Talented Musicians Who Love a Bun Hairstyle

Matty Healy Man Bun

Matty Healy wears a bun that helps him to make his curled hair accurate. A neat look is created with the help of a firm bun.

Matty Healy with his wonderful bun.

Lin Manuel Miranda Man Bun

Lin Manuel Miranda is the one who can be seen with a bun more often than with any other hairstyle. He is associated with the bun that fits his appearance and straight hair type best.

Lin Manuel Miranda male bun haircut for stylish look.

August Alsina Man Bun

Many girls would feel envious of the August Alsina man bun. His type of hair makes it possible to create a nice bun and wear it for long without taking efforts.

August Alsina bun style for parties.

Prince Royce Man Bun

Prince Royce is a sexy Latin singer with a nice bun and elegant clothes. Women would be envious of such a luxurious bun as he has. It is just perfect thanks to his healthy shiny hair.

Prince Royce's bun style for this season.

Jacob Sartorius Man Bun

Jacob Sartorius looks very cute and fun with a new bun hairstyle. His young fans admit that they like it more when he wears hair like this.

Jacod Sartorius male bun hairstyle.

Eminem Man Bun

Eminem is an extraordinary personality who likes experiments. Everyone would agree that he should wear a bun style more often as it fits his face type and everyday style.

Eminem with a trendy bun style.

Jimin Man Bun

Jimin is a good-looking young man with a man bun style. You can see it with a bun in the street when he goes shopping and at concerts.

Jimin male bun hairstyle.

Justin Bieber Man Bun

Justin Bieber is one of the favorite singers among young girls. They always say “Wow” when seeing Justin with a bun hairstyle on the stage.

Justin Bieber with a cool bun.

Zayn Malik Man Bun

Besides being a successful model, composer, and singer, Zayn Malik is a very sexy man women dream about. His female fans admit that they adore when he wears a man bun.

Zayn Malik with his great bun.

Hozier Man Bun

Hozier man bun looks great. His owner admits that he finds a man-bun the most convenient hairstyle option for daily wear.

Hozier and his male bun look.

Omarion Man Bun

Omarion wears a braided man bun that looks very creative and original highlighting his unique personality. Just try to make the same and stand out.

Omarion bun style for summer season.

Famous Politicians with a Man Bun Hairstyle

Not only celebrities follow trends. World leaders also like changing their look from time to time and wear a bun hairstyle.

Trump Man Bun

President can also wear a bun if he wants to add a bit of casual style to his look. Any man without an exception can create a nice look for everyday wear using a man bun style.

Trump man with a bun haircut.

Barack Obama Man Bun

Barack Obama is one of the presidents who like experimenting with hairstyles sometimes. He was seen with a bun hairstyle that fits his face type and features.

Barack Obama with a casual bun style.

Abraham Lincoln Man Bun

A bun style isn’t a new one. Men of 2021 just follow the best hairstyle traditions which appeared a long time ago. Even Abraham Lincoln wore a bun hairstyle!

Abraham Lincoln with elegant male bun style.


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