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We have decided to start a new section about great barbers/hairstylists/hairdressers.

The essence is the following: We create a website page with the description of your services, samples of works, and all the necessary details about you. We’ll add a link to your Instagram account and are ready to do this free.

Also, we encourage people to come to us – offer a discount for your services ( it is up to you to identify the exact percentage, usually, it is 5%-20%). A person enters the page devoted to you, checks your works, saves the discount coupon, and he/she is in your salon. Sure, you will have to make a small discount because of the coupon but a new client you have spent neither time no effort to attract is worth it, doesn’t he/she?) is actively developing now. One can find it in all the most popular social networks: Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

After we get all the necessary materials from you, we’ll post them on our site with the active link on your Instagram account and will advertise in all our accounts and social networks.

Are you interested in our offer? Then, send us the following information on our email [email protected]:

  1. Your name (or nickname).
  2. The link to your Instagram account.
  3. Your unique story to get acquainted with potential clients and a description of your services (what you are and what kind of services you can offer). The word count is not less than 250 words in English (It must be a full-fledged text. The higher the content quality, the more people will learn about you and your services.)
  4. The address where the client can get your services.
  5. The amount of a discount the user will get when using a coupon.
  6. A code word of the coupon ( You can use
  7. Samples of your works you want us to post on our site (unique, cool, and fascinating pics of your works)
  8. Your contacts (telephone number/Skype/Telegram, etc.)
  9. Any other information you consider to be important for potential clients to know.

Please note that before we publish information about you, we will agree on it with you. We’ll make changes to the publication about you whenever it’s necessary. In the future, broader cooperation is also possible.

We are open to communication – if you have some other interesting ideas – write to us, we will consider them with great pleasure.

Best Regards,


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