116 Best Man Bun Styles for Everyday Wear and Special Occasions

116 Man Bun Styles for Everyday Wear and Special Occasions

Many men prefer wearing a bun style as it is both practical and good-looking. It’s easy to make a bun style and maintain it. There are many variations of how you can wear a bun style for men. Of course, everything depends on the type of your hair.


What is a Man Bun?

A bun has been traditionally a hairstyle for women. But nowadays men wear it as often as ladies. The bun hairstyle is when you take all of your hair or its part, gather it, form a knot, and use a pin or an elastic band to fix hair.

How to know if a Man Bun suits you?

It is as easy as ABC. A bun style fits everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, thin or thick, prefer a casual or formal style. You can wear a man bun if you have not too short hair for it.

How to do the Man Bun

My FAVOURITE Hairstyle For Men | How to do the Man BunMy FAVOURITE Hairstyle For Men | How to do the Man Bun
How to do the Man Bun

Best Man Bun Styles

You are mistaken if you think that there is just one way to wear a bun style. There are many bun styles you can wear. All of them look great. The only thing to keep in mind is that some of them may require a certain hair type. Scroll down to look at pics and choose the bun hairstyle that will suit you perfectly.

Man Bun with Beard

Do you like wearing a beard? Combine it with a man bun style and emphasize your individuality. It can look very sexy.

A male with a beard style.

Half Man Bun

 A half-man bun is a very convenient option to choose from. It looks nice and makes it possible to look trendy and stylish without much effort.

A man with a half bun hairstyle.

Sexy Man Bun

A man bun style can look very sexy. Just look at this man and create the same bun style for your attractive look.

A sexy bun style for men.

Top Man Bun

A bun on the top looks original. Wear it every day and for special occasions. It’s a good option for sportsmen who need to take hair from the face during the game.

A top bun for stylish men.

Bad Man Bun

Everyone knows that women are attracted by a bad man style. Create a bun style like the man on the pic has and get many female fans.

A bun in the bad man style.

Ugly Man Bun

Sometimes, a man bun style can look ugly. It depends on the type of hair.

An ugly male bun hairstyle.

Viking Man Bun

Do you want to look like a Viking? Then, Viking man bun is exactly what you need. It will add masculinity to your everyday look.

A male bun in the Viking style.

Hipster Man Bun

Hipster man bun is a good choice for creative guys who wear casual style and like to stand out. Are you like this? Then, don’t hesitate to make it for yourself.

A hipster bun style for cool guys.

Hot Man Bun

A hot man bun is a good option to choose. It will help you to look really hot and sexy.

A sexy man with a bun hairstyle.

Low Man Bun

A low man bun can be created by you anytime you need to gather hair with a band for it not to disturb you. It looks stylish.

A man with a low bun.

Funny Man Bun

A funny man bun is for parties and just in a good mood. Why not create it now? It will help you to be in high spirits. You can also find the most famous men with man bun styles.

A man with a fun bun style.

Double Man Bun

A double man bun is one of the versatile options that will suit any occasion. Don’t hesitate to try it.

A male with a double bun.

Full Man Bun

A full-man bun is a nice option to choose. However, not all men can make it due to a certain type of hair. If you have thick hair, you are the lucky one.

A man with a full size bun.

Samurai Man Bun

Samurai is associated with masculinity and brave character. Do you want to look like this? Don’t hesitate to try the Samurai man bun that looks very original when you wear it in everyday life.

A man with the Samurai bun.

Man Bun and Goatee

A goatee style looks elegant. Nobody would disagree that a man bun can be combined with a goatee successfully. It will make the classic goatee hairstyle more modern.

A man with a bun and a Goatee style.

Ultimate Man Bun

Just look how great an ultimate man bun looks. Create it for everyday wear and special occasions.

An ultimate male bun style.

Honey Bun Man

Honey bun man is the hairstyle where the name speaks for itself. It looks very cute.

A sweet bun style for men.

Man Half Bun

A male half bun is a nice style that can be made if you have enough hair. It will look nice on every guy, regardless of age, however, young men make it more often.

A man with the half bun style.

Natural Man Bun

Do you want to look natural? Then, don’t look further. A natural man bun style is a good way to highlight your individuality.

A natural-looking bun for males.

The Perfect Man Bun

Nothing is perfect, except for the perfect man bun. It looks just great and can fit a formal style as well as a casual everyday look.

Formal Man Bun

A formal man bun is a good way to demonstrate how elegant you are. If you don’t like formal short hairstyles, wear a bun for a formal business meeting or another event.

A man bun in the formal style.

Ridiculous Man Bun

A ridiculous man bun looks just fun. It is one of the nice options to choose when you don’t have much time to create a perfectly accurate style in the morning.

A man with a fun bun haircut.

Urban Man Bun

Living in a large city means being stylish and fashionable. Create an urban bun style for daily wear and forget about any problems.

A male bun style for city walks.

Man Bun for Wedding

Wedding is one of the most important events in life. You should look just perfect. By creating a man bun style, you will achieve this goal easily.

A male bun hairstyle for a wedding party.

Man Bun Hippie

A man bun hippie is a good choice for those guys who are fond of a hippie style and like a relaxed look.

A male bun in the Hippie style.

Elegant Man Bun

An elegant man bun style is a nice way to emphasize your sense of taste. It can be worn on a birthday party or any other event where you need to meet dress code requirements.

A stylish male bun for formal occasions.

Fancy Man Bun

A fancy man bun is a good way to say to everyone that you love the way you look. It is about individuality and charisma.

A fascinating male bun style.

Halfway Man Bun

A halfway man bun is one of the popular styles among men of different ages. It may look not that accurate but it adds a special charm to the style.

A halfway male bun hairstyle.

Man Bun Shape Up

A man bun shapes up is a great way to stand out. You can wear this style every day as it takes minutes to create it.

A male bun with the shape.

Man Bun with Mullet

A man bun with mullet is a bit more sophisticated hairstyle. It is more original than just a bun. Create if you like more extravagant looks.

A cute male bun with a mullet.

Modern Man Bun

A modern fashionable man will definitely like a modern man bun style. It is convenient to wear it daily, regardless of your activity, and look elegant at the same time.

A fashionable male bun style.

Rugged Man Bun

A rugged man bun is a cool style for young and middle-aged men who love experiments. Don’t hesitate to try it out on your own.

A rugged male bun hairstyle.

Scrim Man Bun

A scrim man bun is a nice way to look stylish and original. Don’t doubt whether it may fit you or not. Just grow a hair and create this style.

A wow male bun style.

Scruffy Man Bun

A scruffy man bun is one of the light styles that looks wonderful on every man or almost everyone. You should check it by yourself.

A scruffy male bun haircut.

Sumo Man Bun

You must have seen a sumo man bun in movies. Fighters Sumo can’t do without such a hairstyle as hair prevents from seeing a partner well. But now, you can create the style to look trendy.

A man bun in the Sumo style.

Surfer Man Bun

A surfer man bun is one of the best hairstyles for the summer season. It looks nice and sexy when you walk along the seaside.

A male bun in the surfer style.

Man Bun Styles for Different Hair Lengths

Does it seem to you that you don’t have enough hair to make a bun? If it is too short, of course, it isn’t for you. But if you don’t wear an ultra-short haircut, you can create a nice bun style as there are options for men with various hair lengths.

Mini Man Bun

You won’t regret it if you create a mini-man bun. It has a neat look and fits any style.

A small bun for men.

Short Man Bun

A short man bun will decorate the head of the man who has short hair. It’s a good alternative to the everyday standard haircut.

A short male bun hairstyle.

Tiny Man Bun

A tiny man bun is one of the variations that fit men with thin hair. You can create it easily within a minute.

A tiny male bun.

Small Man Bun

A small bun makes the same effect as the small one. A small bun helps to create a nice look.

A mini trendy bun for men in 2021.

Long Hair Man Bun

If you have long hair, you can create a nice man bun style. Don’t hesitate to create it for everyday wear as it is very convenient. Having long hair, you can experiment with many options.

A man bun for guys with long hair.

High Man Bun

A high man bun is made on the top of the head. When you make it high, you look more impressive and original. Make it when you want to attract someone’s attention.

A bun on the top of the head.

Large Man Bun

Men with different types of the figure can make a bun and look nice. The large man bun style is a good choice for 2021.

A big bun for cool men.

Fat Man Bun

A fat man bun style looks creative. Wear it either for everyday walks or more formal occasions.

A bun style for fat men.

Big Man Bun

A big man bun doesn’t differ much from a large man bun. Just look at the pic and create it if you have a similar type of figure.

A large male bun for this season.

Giant Man Bun

A giant man bun is even more full than the large one. Create it if you have the same hair type as the man in the photo.

A very large male bun.

Man Bun Styles for Men of Different Nationalities

Men of different nationalities all over the world like wearing a bun style. Check how men in various countries make it.

Asian Man Bun

Asians just love a bun style and wear it quite often. You can see an ordinary worker and a businessman in Asia who wears a bun.

An Asian male bun hairstyle.

Japanese Man Bun

The same refers to Japanese men who wear a bun style almost daily. It fits their face features better than any other style.

A nice bun for Japanese men.

Chinese Man Bun

A Chinese man bun looks neat and accurate. It’s the main aim of Chinese men – to have a good-looking appearance without spending much time on it.

A fashionable bun for Chinese men.

Mexican Man Bun

Passionate Mexicans love a bun style and wear it often to attract the attention of ladies. Most Mexican males have long hair and can wear different bun styles.

A trendy bun for Mexican men.

African American Man Bun

Check how African American men wear a bun style. You will definitely like it. They have a special hair type that has its advantages, especially, for this hairstyle. It is easy for men of this nationality to create a bun and maintain its shape.

A male bun for Afro-Americans.

Dominican Man Bun

Dominican men wear buns like in the pic. It’s a good way to highlight their personalities and stand out from the crowd.

A man bun Dominicans wear.

European Man Bun

Almost every European man has tried a bun at least once in his life. It is very convenient to wear it.

A bun style for European men.

Filipino Man Bun

The Filipino man bun is an everyday solution for those who have long hair. Men of this nationality rarely wear short haircuts.

A Filipino man bun style.

Hawaiian Man Bun

Hawaiian men love holidays and organize grandiose parties. Usually, they wear a bun hairstyle when celebrating something and decorate their hair with accessories sometimes.

A bun hairstyle for Hawaiian men.

Puerto Rican Man Bun

Puerto Rican men choose a bun hairstyle that fits their lifestyle and looks just great on their hair.

A Puerto Rican male bun hairstyle.

Men’s Hairstyles with Man Bun

Can you wear a bun in the combination with some other styles? Of course, yes! Find out what you can do to create a more impressive look.

Man Bun Braids

Man styles with braids have become very popular. Just try and you will see how great it is to be in the center of attention.

A braided male bun hairstyle.

Man Bun Undercut

A man undercut looks just wow with the bun. You can see many celebrities wearing it.

A man bun with the undercut haircut.

Man Bun Shaved Sides

Men like to shave sides and create a man bun style. It looks sexy and original for anyone. However, it takes time to create and maintain it.

A man bun with the shaved sides hairstyle.

Messy Man Bun

A messy man bun is one of the easiest options in terms of styling and maintenance. Just try it every day. Take into account that it isn’t the best choice for formal occasions.

A messy male bun hairstyle.

Dread Man Bun

Do you wear dreads? Why not try something new and original? Create a dread man bun and impress everyone.

A male bun style with cool dreads.

Top Knot Man Bun

A top knot man bun looks interesting. It is a convenient style that isn’t hard in terms of maintenance.

A male with a knot on the head top.

Bald Man Bun

Have you never seen a bald man bun? It isn’t the most frequent option one could see but it is still a good way to emphasize your uniqueness and own style.

A bun on the almost bald male head.

Cornrows Man Bun

Cornrows look incredibly cool with a bun. It’s a great addition to the everyday look. However, it looks festive and may suit any special occasion.

A male bun hairstyle with cornrows.

Mohawk Man Bun

A Mohawk man bun isn’t for everyone. Aren’t you afraid to stand out and look more original than others? Believe it, you will attract much attention with your Mohawk style with a bun.

A Mohawk male hairstyle with a nice bun.

Man Bun with Bangs

A man bun with bangs looks impressive. You should create it when you want to diversify your everyday style and look different.

A male bun with stylish bangs.

French Braid Man Bun

A French braid looks great for men, especially if it is combined with a man bun. Take into account that you should make it in the barber’s as it isn’t as easy as ABC to create it on your own.

French braided hairstyle with a bun.

Dutch Braid Man Bun

Just look at how original the Dutch braid style with a bun looks like. It’s one of the styles for some festive occasions as it helps to attract the attention of guests.

A Dutch braided hairstyle with a bun.

Shaved Man Bun

A shaved man bun isn’t that creative and original like those styles with braids but it is a good option to choose for everyday wear.

A shaved head hairstyle with a bun.

Half Up Half Down Man Bun

You can make a bun style with half up and half down. It is a creative way of wearing a bun style. No doubt that your friends will look at you and ask how you have created it like that.

A half-up and down male hairstyle with a bun.

Man Bun Ponytail

A bun with a ponytail isn’t the most frequent combination but it looks nice. It’s for those guys who like wearing interesting hairstyles and impress everyone with their originality.

A male bun hairstyle with a ponytail.

Box Braid Man Bun

A box braid man bun is not for office wear but it will definitely fit parties and non-formal events. It is a good choice for this summer.

A box braided male haircut with a bun.

Man Bun Blowout

A man bun blowout looks interesting and non-trivial. If you want to look like the man in the pic, choose it for yourself without a doubt.

A male blowout hairstyle with a bun

Faux Locs Man Bun

Faux Locs will fit men with a certain hair type. Don’t miss a chance to try it and wear it daily if you are the owner of the hair texture the man on the pic can boast.

A faux locs male hairstyle with a bun.

Disconnected Man Bun

A disconnected man bun is an option that will be a good addition to your trendy look. It has become popular for several years and is worn by many men, especially, in Europe.

A disconnected bun haircut for men.

Man Bun Comb Over

A man bun with a comb-over is a nice option that is convenient and at the same time very elegant. You will add seriousness to your look.

A male bun hairstyle with a comb over.

Twist Man Bun

A Twist man bun is one more great option to choose from.  It has become popular recently but has already won the hearts of many men. It is easy to maintain it.

A twisted male haircut with a bun.

Man Bun in the Combination of Fade Haircuts

What can be better than the combination of fade haircuts with a bun? It looks nice!

Man Bun with Fade

A man bun with a fade is a common option now. Why not make it if you like faded styles? It’s more diversified than just a faded cut.

A faded male hairstyle with a bun.

Man Bun Taper Fade

A taper fade can be combined with a bun successfully. It looks nice and can be worn anywhere.

A male bun with the taper fade hairstyle.

Low Fade Man Bun

A low fade with a male bun looks elegant and won’t go out of fashion in the nearest future. You will look great in 2021 and the following year.

A low faded male haircut with a bun.

Drop Fade Man Bun

A drop fade for a man is a nice option that can help you diversify your look. Don’t hesitate to get it a try this season.

A drop faded male bun style.

High Fade Man Bun

 A high fade is one of the most common hairstyles for you to make. It looks super stylish and fits everyone.

A high faded male hairstyle with a bun.

Man Bun Fade with Design

Don’t you want to wear a banal style? It is up to you to choose an interesting design that will decorate your hairstyle and will help you to stand out.

A faded male hairstyle with an original design.

Man Bun Skin Fade

A man bun skin fade is a nice option to choose if you like faded styles and have short hair. A skin fade will look great on you if you have the same features as the man in the pic has.

A skin faded haircut with a bun for stylish men.

Bald Fade Man Bun

A bald fade man bun looks really sexy. It is one of the great options to choose from. Don’t hesitate to get it a try.

A bald faded male style with a bun.

Man Bun Mid Fade

A man bun with a mid fade is another top variation for trendy men. If you want to look hot, don’t miss a chance to create this type of style now.

A male mid-faded haircut with a bun.

How the Man Bun looks with all hair types

You can have any hair type but this won’t prevent you from making a man bun style. It looks really nice and interesting to create bun styles for different hair textures.

Curly Hair Man Bun

Curly hair looks cute with a bun. Of course, such hair type makes a bun style not so formal but it looks fun and lovely.

A curled hairstyle with a cute bun.

Man Bun with Waves

A man bun will look nice in the combination with your wavy hair. It is the best hairstyle option for summer vacation and parties.

A wavy male hairstyle with a bun.

Straight Hair Man Bun

Straight hair owners are the luckiest men as they can create a large variety of options. You can make hair wavy if you want to create a bun with wavy hair and wear an elegant style with straight hair as well.

A bun hairstyle for men with straight hair.

Fine Hair Man Bun

A fine hair man bun will fit everyone who loves cute styles for everyday wear. Don’t have doubts regarding this nice style if you have fine hair texture.

A great-looking male bun hairstyle for fine hair.

Man Bun for Thin Hair

Thin hair can’t prevent you from creating a bun style. You should consider it whenever you want to look different. Collect hair and make a bun for every day.

An amazing male bun hairstyle for thin hair.

Man Bun Thick Hair

The bun will look great if you have thick hair. Of course, it is easier to collect it when it isn’t very thick but the shape will look better on this type of hair.

A bun hairstyle for men with thick hair.

Man Bun Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair care takes more time and effort but it looks cute in the combination with a man bun style. It is just one of the ways to wear it trendy.

A frizzy hairstyle with a bun for cool men.

Black Man Bun Hairstyles

Black men wear bun styles often. They combine it with braids and faded hairstyles and look very sexy. Thanks to the special hair texture, one can see black men with original hairstyles that have original designs. The texture of hair allows combining a bun style with dreads and all the types of braids.

Stylish Bun Hairstyle for Black Men.

How you could color your Man Bun

Do you want to look stylish, elegant, or fun? You can change your bun style effect by choosing the color that will suit you best.

Blonde Man Bun

Blonde man bun style fits European men and is versatile. You can choose it for everyday wear and looks elegant and stylish.

A bun hairstyle for blonde males.

Ginger Man Bun

Ginger is an original color. If you want to stand out, you can consider choosing it for yourself.

A male bun hairstyle for ginger hair.

Grey Man Bun

A grey man bun is an option that will fit both young guys and older men. Don’t hesitate to try it and look stylish.

A bun haircut for grey haired men.

Brown Man Bun

A brown man bun can be a nice option for men with dark hair. It looks elegant and fits any occasion. You can dye your hair easily if it is blonde or of some fair color.

A man bun style for brown hair.

Red Man Bun

A red man bun is a nice option to choose if you like to be in the center of attention and want to impress with your bright look.

A male hairstyle with a bun for red-haired men.

Silver Man Bun

A silver man bun looks nice and is a good option to choose if you have grey hair already but still want to look like a celebrity.

A male bun haircut for silver hair.

Man Bun Blonde Highlights

A man bun with blonde highlights looks nice and trendy. Highlights of this color help to create a creative look.

A male bun hairstyle with bright highlights.

Black Man Bun

A black man bun is the most expressive one as black color is bright and sexy. You will look great wearing this super stylish look for special events and everyday wear.

A bun haircut for black hair men.

Blue Man Bun

A blue man bun is an original way to emphasize what you are. This color will fit men who want to stand out and look bright in summer 2021.

A blue male bun style.

Dark Hair Man Bun

A dark hair man bun is a nice option to choose. It will never go out of fashion as dark hair fits everyone and can help you create a really stylish office look.

A male bun haircut for dark-haired men.

Salt and Pepper Man Bun

A salt and pepper man bun is an ultra-trendy style. Many middle-aged men dye hair and create a bun style that will highlight your elegance.

A male bun haircut of the salt and pepper color.

White Hair Man Bun

A white hair man bun is chosen by elderly men who want to follow trends. This unique hairstyle will help to draw attention to your look.

A male haircut with a bun for white haired men.

Man Bun for Different Face Types

Choose a bun style, regardless of your type of face. Scroll down to make sure that this hairstyle can be worn with any style.

Man Bun for Round Face

A man bun fits males with round face good. It helps to make an accent on the hairstyle instead of the shape of the face.

A bun haircut for men with the round face type.

Man Bun for Oval Face

Male representatives with an oval face can choose any type of bun hairstyle. Whether you like a bun with braids or a faded style, create it without any doubt. Oval face and a bun are a good combination.

A male bun style for oval face type.

Man Bun Styles for Different Age

Men of different ages want to look stylish and fashionable. It is if you choose the right hairstyle and not be afraid of experiments with your hair.

Kids Man Bun

Kids look so cute with a bun that it is impossible to tear eyes from a hairstyle. Kids of celebrities wear this style often.

A bun style for small boys.

Baby Man Bun

A baby man bun looks very lovely. If the hair of the baby is enough for creating a bun, don’t hesitate to make him stylish from an early age.

A baby male bun hairstyle.

Toddler Man Bun

Toddlers want to look after their dads and look cool. Just create a toddler man bun style and your boy will be in the center of attention.

A toddler male bun style.

Little Boy Man Bun

Since childhood, boys want to stand out from the crowd and highlight their unique personalities. A boy-man bun will suit this purpose perfectly.

A little boy male bun style.

Boys Man Bun

Boys man bun is a commonly chosen style nowadays. It looks not banal and is very convenient for everyday wear. You can create different styles by combining them with a bun.

A male bun hairstyle for cool boys.

The Guy with Man Bun

Young guys are always looking for interesting ways how to demonstrate their inner world and stand out. A bun style looks perfectly on young guys who like hair experiments.

A young guy with a bun.

Men with Man Bun

Men of different ages and nationalities wear man bun styles and look super stylish. A bun style fits men, regardless of the hair type and face shape. So, don’t hesitate to wear it whenever you want to look stylish and take hair from your face if it is long.

Men wearing a bun hairstyle.

Old Man Bun

Old men can look attractive thanks to the non-standard hairstyle. Don’t hesitate to try a bun style if you are older than a middle-aged man. It will suit you either.

An elderly male bun.

Is a Man Bun Easy to Maintain?

Everything depends on your hair type and texture. Afro-American men have the hair texture that helps to make a bun and wear it during the day or even longer without any changes. If you have fine well-groomed hair, you won’t find it difficult to create a man until it is an original bun style with a design that should be made at the barbers.

Best Man Bun Care Products

Use a high-quality paraben-free shampoo and don’t forget about the conditioner after it. You should take into account that you need to use care products for your hair type only. If you have curly or wavy hair, use special shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. You can use styling care products if you want to fix the shape of the bun.


How to do a man bun?

You should just take all of your hair or the half of your hair depending on the type of hairstyle you want to do, collect it, and make the shape you like.

How to tie a man bun?

Use a band or some accessories to fix the bun.

How to grow a man bun?

You can grow hair using special vitamins for hair growth to make the process faster. There are many options for short hair.

How long does it take to grow a man bun?

Everything depends on how fast your hair grows. The minimum period is about a couple of months.

How to put your hair in a man bun?

You should collect it and make a round shape with some elastic band.

How to tie a man bun with short hair?

It’s more difficult than with long hair but nothing is possible. It will take you several minutes to form the right shape and tie hair with the band.

What does a man bun say about you?

It can highlight your individual style and help to create a modern stylish look.

How to do a man bun with really long hair?

It isn’t that difficult. Men with long hair can experiment with various bun options. You can make it on the top of the head or combine it with faded styles.

How to make a messy man bun?

You shouldn’t worry that it looks not accurate when making a messy man bun. Just do a mess and that’s it. It looks fun and casual.

How to make a good man bun?

For this, you should choose the best option for your hair type, find a good band to fix it, and spend several minutes experimenting with the shape and the style.


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