The Eternal Hair Question Answered Should I Get the Bangs

The Eternal Hair Question Answered: Should I Get the Bangs?

Find out whether you should get the bangs or not taking into account your face shape and other features. Get answers to the most common questions regarding bangs and make a well-informed decision. Check if the texture of your hair suits a style with bangs.

The Main Question about Yourself

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Midlife crisis? Emotional instability? Late maturity? These are the common, stereotypic, questions most people ask the moment you announce you want to get bangs. But don’t be ashamed, we’ve all been there – even the hardcore critics.

Seeing celebrities like Zendaya and Nicki Minaj look stunning in their bangs can make you jealous. Still, you can’t miss fretting how big of a risk and commitment bangs can be. That’s why you need to make this decision more seriously than a presidential call to the pentagon.

One wrong move and we’re talking about explosive damage.

So, to help you run through the decision making, we’ve compiled a list of factors you should consider before getting the front chop. So read on, and think hard.

Consider Your Alternatives First

Bangs are a handful. And before you go down this road, you need to make sure you’ve exhausted every other option.

And by a handful we mean, they can destroy your natural hair. This is thanks to the heat tools you’ll have to use every other day, which don’t go well with natural hair. And if you happen to have curly, African American hair, the risks are even higher.

So, if you feel possible hair damage isn’t worth it, then you can go for faux bangs or wigs.

Wigs, like this one from EvaWigs, get your natural hair off the front line. Thus, you can safely experiment with bangs – as faux bangs for instance, without risking hair damage or loss. And in case you change your mind later, these wigs can be easily restyled to your new look.

Is Your Face Shape Suited For The Look?

Alright, you’re almost committed to this look. But have you considered the shape of your face?

The shape of your face greatly affects the kind of bangs you can get. For instance, round faces go well with shaggy bangs. They add length and look lovely.

But if you switch up to a blunt bang, everything goes sideways.

This means that you’ll most likely be limited in style, despite different styles being available for different face shapes. Thus, you need to consult with your stylist on whether your choice of bangs would suit your face shape.

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How Much Money are you willing to Part with?

Bangs are expensive to maintain. They need regular trips to the salon plus a good supply of hair products to keep them looking top-notch.

Thus, you need to carefully evaluate whether you can foot these bills.

Consult with your stylist on how much regular trimming would cost and the recommended schedule. Also, make sure you can affordably buy dry shampoo, which will be your most used styling product once the bangs get on.

Are You Ready for Commitment?

Getting bangs can be equated to marriage. Once you’re in it is less pleasure, more work. In particular, you need to contend with regular trips to the salon and possibly multiple adjustments to your bangs per day.

For instance, if you hit the gym, you’ll have to wash and dry your bangs at the bathroom sink before heading on to other activities. Remember, this style also demands your full attention while preparing to head out in the morning.

Luckily, some bangs might give you a bit of reprieve. For instance, you can let shaggy bangs grow out for a while before a trip to the salon is necessary. However, blunt bangs are less forgiving.

Your Hair Texture Plays a Role

Fine, thick, and curly hair can affect whether a bang suits you or not.

For instance, heavy fringes are almost impossible to pull off with fine or thin hair. There just isn’t enough volume to keep the hair in place.

On the other hand, thick hair might be troublesome to get baby bangs on because it’ll need a lot of thinning before it can lay flat.

On curly African American hair, straightening it out can be a challenge and a huge risk. That’s why few afro women go for bangs. But if the risk is worth it to you, why not?

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