70+ Handlebar Mustache Styles: Create Your Unique Male Look

70+ Trendy Handlebar Mustache Styles for Men of Different Ages

Before it was a rare case when you could see a man without a mustache or beard. Now, many young guys and mature men also consider handlebar mustache to be super stylish and cool. Want to look like a real man and add masculinity to your overall look? Just choose one of the handlebar mustache styles of the desired length and type. Here is the largest collection of the coolest handlebar mustaches for you to choose from.


What is a Handlebar Mustache?

Do you wonder what a handlebar mustache is and how it differs from a traditional mustache? The main difference is in the shape of the mustache. A handlebar mustache is a kind of mustache that grows upward and is similar to a handlebar of a bicycle. It’s the reason why it has such a name.

How To Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache – a Tutorial

How To Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache - A Tutorial - Matt Tastic Music
How To Grow and Style a Handlebar Mustache – a Tutorial

How to Know if a Handlebar Mustache Suits You

Don’t you know whether a handlebar mustache exactly what you need? No worries! It suits most face types. The main criteria should be your desire to grow it, take care of, and cut regularly to maintain the expressive form of the chosen handlebar mustache type.

Handlebar Mustache History

A handlebar mustache became popular after the 2d World War. The first person who started to wear it was a famous British actor Jimmy Edwards. By the way, he was the founder of the male club where only men with a handlebar mustache were allowed. None of them wore a beard. One can also see the name “spaghetti mustache” associated with the Italian men who wore this type of mustache.

Handlebar Mustaches Length types

Are you afraid that you can’t grow long handlebar mustache? Don’t worry. There are many handlebar mustache length types to choose from. You can grow a short mustache and style it perfectly. If you are an owner of a long handlebar mustache, you will also be able to style it attractively. Check what types exist to choose the mustache that fits you best.

Longest Handlebar Mustache

The longest handlebar mustache is the object of envy among men. It takes much time to grow such a mustache but it is worth waiting. The longest handlebar mustache in the Guinness World Records reaches 14ft and belongs to an Indian man. Now, many modern men do their best to boast with the longest handlebar mustache.

The longest handlebar mustache for men.

Long Handlebar Mustache

Do you want to have a long handlebar mustache? Everything is in your hands. It’ll take up to several months to grow a long mustache and make a handlebar style. The exact period depends on the speed of hair growth.

Stylish long handlebar mustache.

Short Handlebar Mustache

A short handlebar mustache is one of the ways to create an elegant and neat look with minimum effort. It is because this length is easy to achieve. Several weeks will be enough to grow this type of mustache and join the “club of men with a handlebar mustache”.

Short handlebar mustache for fashionable men.

Biggest Handlebar Mustache

“Wow, he has the biggest handlebar mustache!” – Do you dream to hear this about yourself?
Then, you should spend some time to grow it. The biggest handlebar mustache doesn’t fit everyone. It depends on the speed of your hair growth and your face type.

The biggest handlebar mustache for men.

Huge Handlebar Mustache

Owners of huge handlebar mustache are men from different countries. But all of them have one similar feature. They have had the patience to grow a huge handlebar mustache. You’ll definitely like a huge handlebar mustache if you want to be in the center of attention.

A huge handlebar mustache for males.

Big Handlebar Mustache

More and more men decide to have a big handlebar mustache. It isn’t surprising! It looks impressive and adds masculinity and maturity to the mustache’s owner.

Handlebar mustache of impressive size.

Mini Handlebar Mustache

Have you managed to grow several cms of a mustache? It’s enough to go to the barber and ask him to create a mini handlebar mustache. This variation will add neatness to your overall image and highlight your intelligence and love to clear forms.

Male mini handlebar mustache.

Small Handlebar Mustache

A small handlebar mustache doesn’t differ from a mini mustache much. The difference in length isn’t significant. If you don’t want to wait for months to grow it long, then, try a short option. If you like it much and want to have a bigger one, you’ll be able to grow it in the future.

An elegant handlebar mustache of small size.

Best Handlebar Mustaches in 2021 – How to Style Handlebar Mustache

There is more than just one possible handlebar mustache style. In 2021, we have many variations to choose from. Every man will find the mustache style he likes and can grow depending on the speed of his hair growth. Check the main mustache styles and pick the right one for you individually.

Full Beard with Handlebar Mustache

A full beard mustache is one of the trendy variations you need to pay attention to. As it has already been said, a long time ago, a handlebar mustache was worn without a beard. But now, many men like wearing the combination of a beard and a mustache. It looks great if you can boast a speedy hair growth.

A full bearded style with handlebar mustache.

Handlebar Mustache with Beard

A handlebar mustache with a beard is a nice solution for men who can’t part with a beard and want to wear both a mustache and a beard. Have a look at the pic and ask the barber whether it’ll look on you as cool as on other fans of a handlebar mustache with a beard.

A bearded style with handlebar mustache.

Short Beard with Handlebar Mustache

A short beard with a handlebar mustache is easy to achieve. You should style your mustache upward and cut the beard regularly to make it look impressive. You can grow a short mustache and a short beard within 2-3  weeks.

A short bearded style with handlebar mustache.

Handlebar Mustache with Sideburns

A handlebar mustache with sideburns is one more option to consider if you like these great styles. Check the pic and compare it with your face shape. This style suits men who want to make their look more self-confident and mature.

A male style with handlebar mustache and sideburns.

Handlebar Mustache and Mutton Chops

A handlebar mustache with mutton chops has been popular for years. This style hasn’t lost its popularity and can be chosen by men of different ages. But one can see it more often among the men of over 40.

A handlebar mustache with mutton chops.

Handlebar Mustache with Soul Patch

A handlebar mustache with a soul patch is an excellent choice for stylish men who want to stand out. Choose it if you have had a standard mustache look and now want to refresh it with something new. A soul patch will be a good addition to your current look.

Handlebar mustache with a soul patch.

Long Hair and Handlebar Mustache

Do you like wearing long hair? This means you aren’t a fan of traditional male looks. Combine your long hair and a handlebar mustache and look even more impressive. This type of style will help you to highlight your individuality and create a unique image. You’ll look like a rock star!

Long-haired style with handlebar mustache.

Bald Head with Handlebar Mustache

A bald head can’t be called a full-fledged haircut by itself. But if you combine it with a handlebar mustache, you’ll be able to create an interesting look. A bald head with a handlebar mustache is one of the best ways to impress everyone around with your sense of style.

A bald male style with handlebar mustache.

Handlebar Mustache with Goatee

A handlebar mustache with the goatee is one of the oldest variations of mustache styles. It’s still popular now and help to create a serious look for gentlemen. It isn’t as easy as ABC to make a goatee beard on your own, so, style it at the barbers.

A goatee handlebar mustache for men.

How Can You Style Your Handlebar Mustache

You’ll be surprised how many handlebar mustache styles are differentiated. Fans of this mustache style have created tons of variations to choose from. You can wear a handlebar mustache whether you are a businessman or a hipster.

Hipster Handlebar Mustache

Hipster handlebar mustache is chosen by young guys or those who love the freedom and attention of all the passers-by. Highlight your unique style with a hipster mustache.

A handlebar mustache in the hipster style.

Biker Handlebar Mustache

Can’t you live without bikes and traveling? Then, create an appropriate style that will reveal your inner nature. A biker handlebar mustache is exactly what you need as it is for strong free men who know what they want from life. In the photo a man with a biker handlebar mustache and a stubble beard.

A handlebar mustache in the biker style.

Western Handlebar Mustache

A western handlebar mustache is one of the trendy variations in 2021. You mustn’t be a cowboy from a Western movie to wear this style. Just try it whenever you want to add a new touch to your mustache style.

Western handlebar mustache for cool men.

Mullet Handlebar Mustache

A mullet handlebar mustache is usually done to emphasize the love to the music, literature, and celebrities who have worn this style. Don’t hesitate to make this type of mustache as it looks stylish.

Trendy look with the mullet handlebar mustache.

Upside Down Handlebar Mustache

An upside-down handlebar mustache is styled at the salon so that the mustache goes down until the end of the chin. It looks original and refers to non-standard variations. It requires more time to style it compared to some other styles.

An upside down handlebar mustache for men.

Reverse Handlebar Mustache

A reverse handlebar mustache is one of the stylish options to consider now. It should be maintained regularly if you want everyone to notice all the beauty of this unique style.

A reverse handlebar mustache for males.

Emilio Handlebar Mustache

A curled Emilio handlebar mustache looks just amazing. Make it now and you’ll see the difference – all the women will look at you and think “What a gentleman!”

Emilio handlebar mustache for self-confident men.

Baseball Handlebar Mustaches

Baseball handlebar mustaches suit not only baseball players but are associated with them. Check the pic and show it to the professional barber to have the same style for yourself.

Baseball handlebar mustache for trendy look.

Bushy Handlebar Mustache

A bushy handlebar mustache is a perfect choice for those who can grow it quickly taking a minimum of effort. Take into account that not all ladies like bushy mustache and ask your beloved beforehand.

Bushy handlebar mustache for mature men.

Classic Handlebar Mustache

A classy look can be created with a classic handlebar mustache. It’s one of the easy ways to look like a gentleman with serious intentions and make an accent on your conservative preferences.

Classy handlebar mustache for men.

Cowboy Handlebar Mustache

Have you wanted to look like a cowboy since childhood? Nothing is impossible. You can create such a look even without a cowboy hat and a horse. Don’t miss a great chance to create a cool cowboy handlebar mustache look.

A cowboy style with the handlebar mustache.

Crazy Handlebar Mustache

Do you want to highlight your crazy nature? Just make a crazy handlebar mustache but don’t complain when you hear “He is a crazy guy!”

A crazy handlebar mustache style.

Gay Handlebar Mustache

A gay handlebar mustache looks nice and will fit those who want to make an accent on their masculinity. It isn’t about sexual preferences, it is about how you feel. Be free to choose any male style you like.

A gay style with the handlebar mustache.

Double Handlebar Mustache

A double handlebar mustache is a cool option to choose from. But you need to take into account that you won’t achieve the desired result quickly. It’ll take some time before you can go to the stylist and ask to make a double mustache. However, it is worth it!

An elegant double handlebar mustache.

Downward Handlebar Mustache

A downward handlebar mustache looks impressive. It doesn’t refer to the traditional looks and is done with the aim to show how the owner of the mustache is creative. Make it down and be sure that you’ll get compliments from ladies.

Downward handlebar mustache for men.

Firefighter Handlebar Mustache

You mustn’t be a firefighter to make the same handlebar mustache they usually wear.  They wear different styles like downward, bushy mustache, etc., but the most common one is in the pic here.

A firefighter handlebar mustache style.

Funny Handlebar Mustache

Do you want to make everyone smile? Then, ask your barber to make a funny handlebar mustache. There are no doubts that you will look nice and lovely with it.

A funny handlebar mustache for males.

Modern Handlebar Mustache

What is the modern handlebar mustache in 2021? It’s in front of you in the pic. But you should keep in mind that mustache styles won’t go out of fashion in the upcoming year. Make the one that fits you best and you’ll always look fashionable.

A fashionable handlebar mustache.

Old School Handlebar Mustache

An old school handlebar mustache is one of the coolest ideas for those who like styles worn in the past. The old school will be in fashion for long as it looks stylish and has some unusual spirit of those years.

An old shool style handlebar mustache.

Redneck Handlebar Mustache

Redneck handlebar mustache is one of the most creative ideas that will suit men who want to look great every day. It looks attractive and makes it possible to experiment with the length of the mustache.

A redneck handlebar mustache for men.

Steampunk Handlebar Mustache

Want to change your look completely? Consider making a steampunk handlebar mustache as it’s one of the styles that emphasize your personality. Don’t hesitate to make it as you can see in the pic.

Stylish steampunk handlebar mustache.

Sweet Handlebar Mustache

“He looks so sweet!” – It is the reaction you can expect from most ladies if you decide to make a sweet handlebar mustache style. You’ll get many compliments being a lovely guy for women.

Nice handlebar mustache for males.

Walrus Handlebar Mustache

This type of handlebar mustache is similar to the mustache of a walrus! Just look at the pic and you will understand that the name of the mustache has been chosen the right way.

Walrus handlebar mustache for men.

Vintage Handlebar Mustache

Do you prefer vintage style? Then, the vintage handlebar mustache will be a good addition to your unique look. Remember that vintage doesn’t mean an old one, it is the choice of connoisseurs of beautiful things that never go out of fashion.

Elegant vintage handlebar mustache.

Famous Handlebar Mustaches

Millions of famous people in different spheres wore handlebar mustaches and wear these styles nowadays. Some types of handlebar mustaches have got names after celebrities. Check what types of mustaches well-known guys have chosen.

Aaron Rodgers Handlebar Mustache

Aaron has tried many different styles of handlebar mustaches. He wore an upside-down style, mustache with a beard, short and long mustache.

Handlebar mustache in the style of Aaron Rodgers.

Baker Mayfield Handlebar Mustache

Baker Mayfield’s handlebar mustache fits him perfectly. This style will suit all face types without any problems. Just try it without any hesitation if you have the same texture of hair as Baker has.

Handlebar mustache in the style of Baker Mayfield.

Arthur Morgan Handlebar Mustache

Arthur Morgan handlebar mustache refers to the category of a bushy mustache. It is the full mustache style for real men who can’t be described as lovely or feminine.

Handlebar mustache in the style of Arthur Morgan.

Ben Stiller Handlebar Mustache

No person doesn’t know Ben Stiller and his famous handlebar mustache. Want to look like him? No doubts that you should copy his mustache style that has attracted the attention of millions of women all over the world.

Ben Stiller's handlebar mustache style.

Freddie Mercury Handlebar Mustache

Freddie Mercury’s handlebar mustache looks perfect. It fits him excellently and it will fit you if you have similar traits of character or at least some facial similarity.

Freddie Mercury's style with handlebar mustache.

Hulk Hogan Handlebar Mustache

Hulk Hogan is a representative of the strong sex with the handlebar mustache that resembles the biker mustache. Extensions on the corners grow vertically and create an original look.

Handlebar mustache in the style of Hulk Hogan.

John Lennon Handlebar Mustache

Do you love rock and roll? John Lennon has become an idol for most people. Men have started to wear the same mustache which still looks elegant and stylish. Don’t hesitate whether to choose this style or not if you want to become the 2021’s icon!

Handlebar mustache in the style of John Lennon.

Kurt Russell Handlebar Mustache

There was a time when a famous Kurt Russell wore serious facial hair. He had both a bushy mustache and a beard. Look at the pics of Kurt Russell handlebar mustache and follow the same style if you want to be similar to the icon of the huge handlebar mustache.

Handlebar mustache in the style of Kurt Russell.

Sam Elliott Handlebar Mustache

Sam Elliott is famous not only for his film roles but also for the great bushy handlebar mustache. If you like the actor and want to be his follower, then, don’t hesitate to choose an easy recognizable Sam Elliott handlebar mustache.

Handlebar mustache in the style of Sam Elliott.

How Do Men of Different Nationalities Wear Handlebar Mustaches?

Men all over the world wear handlebar mustache. Whether you are an Italian, Mexican, French, or a man of some other nationality, you will find a perfect handlebar mustache style for yourself. Check the pics and choose the one that will suit you best.

German Handlebar Mustache

If you aren’t ready for radical style changes, choose the German handlebar mustache style. Germans are well-known for their conservative attitude to innovations. This refers to every sphere of life, and appearance isn’t an exception.

Cool German handlebar mustache.

Mexican Handlebar Mustache

Mexican handlebar mustache will be a good choice for you if you have a similar character and facial features. This style will suit men with a passionate character and those who want to enjoy life every day.

Hot Mexican handlebar mustache.

Asian Handlebar Mustache

Some Asians wear the only mustache while some combine it with a beard. In most cases, the Asian handlebar mustache isn’t bushy and fits thin hair type.

Trendy Asian handlebar mustache.

English Handlebar Mustache

Englishmen are real gentlemen who try to look elegant wherever they are. You should choose an English handlebar mustache if you want to look super stylish and have a noble look 24/7 7 days a week.

Conservative English handlebar mustache.

African American Handlebar Mustache

This handlebar mustache differs from those of men of other nationalities have due to the special texture of hair. African American men have strong hair that is suitable for the bushy and layered mustache.

Cool African American handlebar mustache.

French Handlebar Mustache

French men are elegant and stylish. You will look like them if you choose a French handlebar mustache. It looks neat and accurate. You should consider making this style for yourself.

Elegant French handlebar mustache.

Hungarian Handlebar Mustache

A Hungarian handlebar mustache is one of the perfect styles for 2021. It will be trendy in the upcoming year as well. Don’t hesitate to try the mustache style most Hungarian men choose if you have any similarities with their character.

Hungarian handlebar mustache for cool guys.

Indian Handlebar Mustache

Indians love handlebar mustache and often grow it bushy and long. You can see that some young guys wear short mustache but most mature men prefer longer options.

Indian handlebar mustache for modern men.

Italian Handlebar Mustache

Italians started to wear mustache a long time ago, after the World War. Most give preference to curled and layered mustache without a beard but some still like to combine a neat short beard. Check the pic and make the Italian handlebar mustache if you feel like Italian.

Italian handlebar mustache for stylish males.

How the Mustache looks with all hair types

There are 3 hair types: thick, thin, and curled hair type. You can wear a handlebar mustache with any of the hair types.

Thick Handlebar Mustache

A thick handlebar mustache is one of the best variations. If you are a happy owner of the thick hair type, you are recommended to consider making a thick handlebar mustache.

Thick handlebar mustache for mature men.

Thin Handlebar Mustache

Those who have thin hair shouldn’t get upset as they can also make a thin handlebar mustache. Mustache looks elegant and stylish being thin. By the way, it is easier to take care of it than of the thick one.

Thin handlebar mustache for adult men.

Curly Handlebar Mustache

Do you have a curled hair type? Don’t worry. The curly handlebar mustache is one of the lovely variations of this style. Curled hair type makes it even easier to curl the mustache as it happens naturally on its own.

Nice curled handlebar mustache.

Black Man Handlebar Mustache: Main Features

Black man handlebar mustache differs from other types by the hair texture only. Thanks to the fine hair type, the mustache is created with a long-lasting effect and looks solid. Many Afro-American men have both a mustache and a beard. Black men wear a handlebar mustache styling it in various ways but giving preference to the one that is easy to maintain.

An African American man with a super stylish handlebar mustache.

How You Could Color Your Handlebar Mustache

Don’t you know which color to choose for your mustache? It is up to you to color your handlebar mustache so that the color highlights your personality.

Blonde Handlebar Mustache

A blonde handlebar mustache is the one you should choose if you want to look elegant and stylish. Those who have grey hair already can color it blonde and look younger.

Handlebar mustache for blonde men.

Black Handlebar Mustache

The black handlebar mustache stands out in the crowd as it has the most impressive look. Choose this color is you want everyone to notice your new style.

Black color handlebar mustache for men.

Gray Handlebar Mustache

A gray handlebar mustache will suit you perfectly if you have grey hair color. Before everyone tried to color it black or blonde but now many celebrities consider grey color to be trendy. So, choose it if you want to look elegant today as all-natural colors are fashionable now.

Stylish gray handlebar mustache for males.

Pink Handlebar Mustache

A pink handlebar mustache is a choice not for every man. It will suit only those who want to highlight their rebellious character and stand out from the crowd. Followers of punk style and rock music can make a pink handlebar mustache and be in the center of attention.

Impressive pink handlebar mustache for men.

How Did Handlebar Mustaches Differ with Time?

Handlebar mustache appeared many years ago. Of course, there were certain style changes. However, today, we see many types of handlebar mustache from that time.

19th Century Handlebar Mustache

Men of the 19th century wore handlebar mustache as a sign of their noble nature. Few men didn’t want to have the same style. Only those who had slow hair growth didn’t want to wear a handlebar mustache.

Handlebar mustache in the 19th century style.

1800 Handlebar Mustache

In 1800, many men wore a lengthy mustache. Most liked it when the mustache was with upward curls. Check the pic and you will make sure that this style is still popular now.

Handlebar mustache worn in 1800.

1920s Handlebar Mustache

In the 1920s, men did their best to grow a mustache and make one of the handlebar mustache styles. It’s become a trend of the time.

Handlebar mustache of the 1920s.

1930 Handlebar Mustaches

All the men in the Congress wore handlebar mustaches. More and more men started to give preference to this style because it looked just perfect. Young men who wanted to look more adult and serious grew a handlebar mustache as you can see on the pic.

Handlebar mustaches worn by men in 1930.

70s Handlebar Mustache

There weren’t as many handlebar mustache variations as you can see now. Most men grew it as long as possible depending on how fast their hair grew.

Handlebar mustache of 70s.

80s Handlebar Mustache

Men wanted to make a handlebar mustache in the 80s to look sexy as women also liked this style for its main advantage. It added seriousness and male features to every man who wore a mustache styled like this.

Handlebar mustache that were popular in 80s.

Is a Handlebar Mustache Easy to Maintain?

It is not as easy as ABC to maintain a handlebar mustache as this style requires a regular shaving, trimming, and everyday styling with special products like hair wax. However, everything depends on your hair type. A curled handlebar mustache isn’t that problematic to maintain. Be ready to devote some time to mustache styling but believe it, the style is worth it.

Best Handlebar Mustache Wax

There are many types of waxes. You should choose products that are made on natural ingredients and hold the effect for a long. Strong waxes that have a natural basis are Wild Willie’s Stache Wax, Mountaineer Brand, and others. Learn more about these products to choose the one that will help you to create the necessary style and maintain the effect as long as possible.


When was the Handlebar Mustache popular?

The handlebar mustache has been popular for years. Men started to wear it in the past century (19th) and still wear it now in 2021.

How to grow a Handlebar Mustache?

You need to forget about shaving for some time. The exact period depends only on your individual hair growth. 2-3 weeks can be enough for a short handlebar mustache.

How to trim a Handlebar Mustache?

You should entrust a handlebar mustache trimming to a professional barber to achieve the desired effect.

How to get a Handlebar Mustache?

You should grow it as long as you want and then go to the barber and choose the style that will fit your hair texture and personal wants best.

How to curl a Handlebar Mustache?

You should use a special wax to curl a mustache the way you like. Those who have naturally curled hair types won’t need to do anything.

How to grow a Handlebar Mustache with a beard?

It will take you several months to grow a bushy handlebar mustache with a beard. Just let facial hair grow until you see that it’s enough for the style you want to create.

Are Handlebar Mustaches cool?

Handlebar mustaches look cool and will always look like this. The main evidence is that they have been popular among men of different nationalities over a century.

How to crochet a Handlebar Mustache?

There are many tutorials on how to crochet a handlebar mustache. If you aren’t ready to wear a real one, you’re recommended to check how this one will look on your face.

How long does it take to grow a Handlebar Mustache?

It may take from several weeks to several months. Everything depends on whether you want to grow a mini handlebar mustache or wear a lengthy mustache. The speed of hair growth plays an important role here.

What does a Handlebar Mustache say about you?

It says that you are a real man who wants to look self-confident and wear a natural accessory that granddads wore.


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