Fade haircut for handsome men

Fade Haircut for Men

Classic, low, or mid-faded haircut? Choose the right one that will fit your face type and whole image. Here is the collection of the most trendy styles and ideas for men of different ages. Fade haircuts suit both young and mature men.

The Most Interesting Fade Hairstyles for Men

Fade haircuts have recently become rather popular among men of all ages. Nowadays there is a great variety of fades. Haircuts differ from low fade haircut to high fade haircut including taper fade haircut and many others. Generally, the fade haircut features the hair tapered on the sides and back gradually until there is no more hair left. Another interesting fact about men’s fade haircuts is that they don’t require any specific length on the top of the head and that is a reason for a huge diversity of fade styles. Also, the fade can be implemented into numerous haircuts as a complement to them.

Slicked Back Pompadour with Bald Fade; pomp; scissor haircut; razor fade
Slicked Back Pompadour with Bald Fade

If you are fed up with your old boring haircut, if you want to express flexibility, versatility, and creativity in your haircut, fade haircuts are surely for you. Celebrities, famous soccer players, world-known athletes are bringing this hairstyle back into life.

fade haircut

Benefits of sporting men’s fade haircut

  • It perfectly fits in both at work and at play;
  • It is excellent for those men who live in four-season or just warm climate as due to the skin exposure sweat can easily evaporate;
  • With a fade you can create a more conservative look by asking your barber to blend the top at the crown and use a guard on the sides to avoid shaved-faded appearance;
  • Also with a fade, you can achieve a bolder look by leaving the top some inches long and wearing it gelled, spiked, messy or slicked;
  • The haircut is ideal for wavy and curly hair, it will always lay down as you desired;
  • It will bring more confidence for those men who have beautiful eyes and a strong jaw.

Be careful

  • Fade haircut will not suit those male representatives whose ears are not quite nice. If your ears protrude a bit, try to explore some longer styles with more volume.
  • And there is another sad point about fade haircuts. If you have a round face or you are a bit heavy, don’t perform such haircut on your head as it will make your cheeks look rather tubby.

fade haircut for men

Notably, the fade haircut must be performed by a professional barber as it is one of the hardest haircuts to get properly right. To create this kind of haircut the hair on the sides and back first is clipped in layers and the second is smoothed that gives a gradual reduction in hair length. Thus, the hair’s length gets progressively shorter until it is not visible and the only thing to be seen is the skin.

Instead of a diversity of fade haircuts, there are four main types of it: regular, high, low, and the most interesting – drop fade.

Types of men’s fade haircuts

Classic fade haircut for men

Classic fade haircut

This type of fade haircut is characterized by the hair tapered to the skin at the perimeter hairline and by increasing to about half an inch in length at the parietal ridge. For extra firm hold and plasticity, the hair is likely to be styled damp with some wax-based product.

Low fade haircut for men

Low fade haircut

The haircut features halfway disappearing through the sides and back of the head and approximately an inch of length before the natural hairline of the back and sides of the head. Then the ball is in your court in choosing the actual line of fading.

Mid fade haircut for men

Mid fade haircut

Traditionally, it was a kind of a military-style, but these days it has become a part of popular mainstream culture. In this haircut, the sides and back are shaved quite close to the skin.

Mid-high fade haircutpsd for men

Mid-high fade haircut

If you are dubious about the kind of a fade haircut, don’t hesitate trying this one. It characterizes by features from mid fade haircut as well as from high fade haircut with so-called intermediacy between them. The main thing to distinguish this style is the length of the top hair and it is some sort between these both haircuts.

High fade haircut for men

High fade haircut

This haircut represents disappearing of the hair anywhere within two inches length of high area below the top of the hair. It requires featuring the scalp of natural color and tone as the face skin. That is a reason why this kind of fade haircut is more frequent among black men. Nevertheless, if a white man wants to wear this haircut, he must be ready to the fact that for the first two or three days his haircut will not be really good as the scalp needs some time to tan naturally and become the same color with the face.

High top fade haircut for men

High top fade haircut

That is rather extraordinary haircut where the hair on the top is trimmed vertically with no sharp edges around the contour of the head. During the 1980s this style was one of the most popular among black men, but it lost its popularity a decade later. The high top fade haircut perfectly suits men with curly hair and with the curl types four and five because such curls experience no problem in standing vertically at medium and long lengths.

Taper fade haircut for men

Taper fade haircut

The taper fade haircut represents one of the hottest shaved hairstyles for men who want to be handsome and sexy. In fact, it is a variation of the undercut that shifts the hair from short to skin instead of the ordinary disconnect haircut. This popular men’s haircut can be worn differently – from high to low, at the back of the neck or with a beard, and moreover, it looks perfect with hair designs and shaved parts.

Scissor fade haircut

Scissor fade haircut

 As it is clear from the name, this haircut is created only with scissors. The cut requires more professional skills than the clipper one and is great for those who desire a longer fade style.

Temple fade haircut for men

Temple fade haircut

This haircut features low hair disappearing with the shift between more abrupt hair lengths. It has the first inch of the scalp around the hairline of the back and sides being faded from skin to about half an inch in length. Then the hair must be rapidly tapered up in length to approximately one inch to two inches. Sometimes this type of fade includes the fade done on the hairline of the forehead.

To express this type of haircut different names are used, such as Afro blow out, blowout, temp fade, or Brooklyn fade and varies according to the region.

Fauxhawk fade haircut for men

Fauxhawk fade haircut

Surprisingly, but there is a fauxhawk haircut with fade, thus it is a combination of two haircuts in creating one style. The top must be long and only it will say that you have a fauxhawk. And as it is also a fade, of course, the sides must be short. To achieve this style you should apply no razors, just clippers to taper the sides and back of the neck.

Comb over fade haircut for men

Comb over fade haircut

Again there is a mix of two haircuts – a fade haircut and a comb-over haircut. In fact, it is quite difficult to accomplish two haircuts in one that is why you’d better ask a professional barber for doing it. The most essential thing is precision. Generally, fade undercuts are shaved at the back and sides. Sometimes fades and comb over fade haircuts are clipped rather than shaved. Then the locks of the undercut are flattened in graduation following from the uppercut to the hairline.

No matter whether it is clipped or shaved the undercut of the fade is graded into progressively thinner and brief layers towards the hairline. Such process extends until the hair is no longer visible to the skin. As it is combined with a comb-over haircut the main thing that creates it is the hair on the top that must be long enough to be styled.

Mohawk fade haircut for men

Mohawk fade haircut

This type of fade haircut features the hair increasing in length from the top to the bottom of the head. The hair at the top of the head is left longer than at the back of the head so that it can be lifted in a Mohawk style. Thus, it achieves a Mohawk look due to the lifting of the hair. To form a perfect style you may apply a bit of deluxe pomade on the hair and gently lift it.

Bald fade haircut for men

Bald fade haircut

This kind of haircut is ideal for those men who are facing troubles with baldness as they can get not only a stylish look but also their confidence will come back with it. The bald fade haircut is frequently compared to the military buzz cut because they are really rather similar. The difference lies in that this haircut fades from nothing in the sides to the largest fade on the top. Thus, it makes bald parts less visible.

Caesar fade haircut for men

Caesar fade haircut

That is the best variant for African Americans with their marvelous dark hair color and the same kind skin complexion. The Caesar fade haircut features short sides and a longer top. The hair on the top is cut in larger lengths and also it is swept to the front side. In addition, bangs can be combed to the side, as desired.

Curly taper fade haircut for men

Curly taper fade haircut

Curly hair has always been in trend. Surprisingly but that is the fact people with straight kind of hair tend to curve it and vice versa those who have splendid curls try to straighten them. Don’t waste your time and just be naturally handsome! There is a modern fade haircut for your cute curly hair. It will work perfectly well with various styles from pop to contemporary groovy. Due to this haircut, the curls in the hair look more prominent. Generally, the length of the hair is consistent from the back to the sides and top, however, some men prefer to wear longer curly hair at the top of the head.

Retro fading haircut for men

Retro fading haircut

This style was in fashion during the 1980s-1990s and these days it is slowly coming back as it attracts lots of fans among the young generation. In fact, retro fading haircut better suits African Americans because of their thick dark hair. However, it can be upgraded by getting light facial hair sculpting. If you desire to wear this haircut, you must have long thick hair and some regular maintenance with retouching is also advisable to keep the look fresh.

Lumberjack fade haircut for men

Lumberjack fade haircut

This kind of haircut is an excellent choice for extraordinary men with a good sense of comfort. One of the benefits of the Lumberjack fade haircut is that it works well with various types and colors of hair; however black hair does not look very nice with this fade. To look really gorgeous it is recommended to implement the haircut with a beard and to have the sides of the head buzzed. As for the hair on top, the ball is in your court to create whatever you like.

Brushed back handsome fade haircut

Brushed back handsome fade haircut

The variation of this haircut works well with any hair color and type thus and so it is popular among men of different ethnicities. The haircut can be easily achieved from medium length hair and carefully edged sides. One of the most distinguishing features of it is its all-round thickness and unique angle. It looks great on thick and coarse hair; however, anyone can wear this fade.

Long and straight sleekness fade haircut for men

Long and straight sleekness fade haircut

This is a unique and very attractive haircut especially for those who adore high tape fades. It involves keeping the hair long on the top of the head. To achieve this haircut you should have your hair cut close to the top of the head and then the remaining locks on the top must be let flow free. If you want to supplement your look, you may try to add a thick and coiffed beard. Although it is not necessary to wear with a beard, you will get a more interesting look if you add some color to your beard.

Creative and seasonal fade haircut for men

Creative and seasonal fade haircut

Looking for the right taper fade? In fact, the only restriction is your imagination, as you can get almost anything with a fade haircut. The creative and seasonal fade haircut combines these two things and gives you a chance to accomplish a unique look. With this type of fade, you just need to think of some fade that you may wish to go with the particular season. Notably, any design can be added to indicate a particular season or to give it more style.

Disconnected fade haircut for men

Disconnected fade haircut

The disconnected fade haircut is one of the most attractive types of fade that you will ever come across. It impresses by its controversy while many people are used to wear their hairstyle matching with a beard this haircut gives you a total disconnect. Here you won’t find any link between a beard and a head and moreover each of the two has a completely different fade.

Razor faded pompadour haircut for men

Razor faded pompadour haircut

This haircut has recently come into the scene so that lots of celebrities, businessmen and even ordinary students rock it. The razor faded pompadour haircut features the hair swept backward and upwards and with short sides. Actually there are two types of one and the same haircut. The first one is classic which resembles pompadour style and here it is worn with a combination of fade haircut. The modern one – that is the second type – is a kind of extremely short shaved hair in the sides and back. And, of course, the hair on the top must be long enough to style it in the pompadour.

Modern fade haircut

Modern fade haircut

If you have met a skilled barber, he can accomplish a perfect modern fade haircut as the right utilization of the scissors is an obligatory condition for creating this style. In this haircut, the hair on the top is styled with some high-quality pomade and then combed sideways. On the other side, a neat straight line must be left to separate the hair on the top from gradually receding sides.

Messy fade haircut for men

Messy fade haircut

The haircut represents a mixture of a fade with messy hair. The messy segment of it is created at the top of the head and it is ideal for bumpy and curly hair type.

Blended fade haircut for men

Blended fade haircut

The two main things that set this blended fade haircut apart from the rest are volume and contrast. The hair on the top stands out due to the volume whilst the contrast is brought out thanks to the small volume of the back and side hair.

Rough fade haircut for men

Rough fade haircut

This haircut is characterized by a rough and natural appearance that is created with the top hair. Surely it is suitable for any man that wants to pull a rebel or a bad boy look. The length of the hair on the top varies from one man to the other, however, longer hair can bring out the desirable rough look better.


The above just mentioned haircuts are some of the most widespread men’s fade haircuts, but there are several other types that can be unique and found only in one particular region. However, one of the most important things to be considered when getting the best fade haircut is your personal preferences and tastes. Don’t hesitate to ask a barber for a piece of advice on how to style and to maintain your perfect look with any fade haircut you choose.

Andrew barbershop RAZOR FADED HAIR CUT
Razor faded hair cut


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