Facial hair styles, Different types

Facial Hair Styles

Find out what types of facial hair styles exist and how to choose the one that will suit you best. Learn everything you should know about the texture of the facial hairstyle and make sure it’s exactly what you need for your new image.

Importance of a Right Facial Hair Style

Since the discovery of razors some hundreds of years ago, men now have the ability to express themselves through the diverse art of facial hair styles. Many people do not have beards or facial hair for numerous reasons. Perhaps, you can’t grow facial hair very well. It is also possible you have to be clean-shaven for work at all times. Maybe you can not find a style that suits you well. Nevertheless, you will still find men who love to show off their facial hair style.

Facial hair styles are something that describes men. Women can never take this away from men. We are the ones that are gifted with the ability to grow a good quantity of hair on our faces, and men are the ones who will look good with facial hair.

This true even though, some styles look t a little better than others. Let’s talk about the diverse types of facial hair, from the least amount of hair to the most amounts.

An adventure man with facial hair.

Facial hair can be described as a secondary sex characteristic of males. Men usually start developing facial hair in the later years of puberty or adolescence, between seventeen and twenty years of age, and many do not finish developing a complete adult beard until their early twenties or later. This will vary, as boys may first develop facial hair between fourteen and sixteen years of age, and boys as early as ten have already been known to develop facial hair at that age. Many times, the patches of hair may differ between bushy and bristly. Women can also develop facial hair, particularly after menopause, though characteristically, the amount is significantly less than men.

Male pogonotrophy, which is the growth of hair on your face, is frequently culturally related to wisdom and virility. Men usually style their facial hair into beards, goatees or sideburns and others totally shave the hair on their faces. The word “whiskers,” when referring to human facial hair, is hair on the chin and cheeks.

Women usually have very little hair on their faces, other than eyebrows and the vellus hair that covers nearly all of their bodies. However, sometimes, women have visible facial hair growth, typically after menopause. Too much hair (particularly facially) is known as hirsutism and is a sign of a distinctive hormonal variation. In the present Western culture, women shave, tweeze, or depilate facial hair that appears, as the considerable social stigma is linked with facial hair on women and freak shows and circuses have historically exhibited bearded women . Many Western women elect to remove the facial hair totally by using professional laser hair treatment.

What Facial Hair Says About Men
What Facial Hairstyles Say About Men

Factors to Consider When selecting a Hair Style

The correct hairstyle will make both a professional and a personal proclamation. Long hair is regularly subjected to diverse trends. However, the appropriate hairstyle is often a choice that everyone has to make. If you are considering getting the best look, there are many latest hairstyles to pick from. Going through magazines that display different hairstyles will likely help you pick the one that you like the most. When you check with your stylist, it will be easy to find a style that will not only look amazing on a model but one you prefer. The factors to consider when selecting a hairstyle include:

The Hair Thickness and Texture

When selecting a hairstyle, you must determine the texture and density of your hair. The texture relies on the thickness of the shaft even though the density refers to the thickness of the hair. The main hair textures include fine, medium and coarse. Hence, when your hair has a fine texture, you can look at styles that will give your hair the look and feel of volume and thickness. For those who have thick hair, they can choose a straight style that makes it shine and shimmer

big beard style

You Must Know the Wave Pattern

It is vital to know your wave pattern. This will influence how it reacts to curls. The three main kinds of hair are straight, wavy and curly. Many people who have straight hair often experience challenges with curls. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a chance to have long-lasting curls, you must first ponder on a physique wave or perm. In case you have a natural curly or wavy hair, you can choose a blow dry or hot iron.

Facial Structure

It is important to take into account your facial structure when selecting a hairstyle. The bulk of the human population is grouped into seven different classes, with each structure being best for a particular hairstyle and color. Your hairstylist is in a better position to guide you with the class you fall into.

A redhead fellow with goatee facial hairstyle

Hair Elasticity

Your stylist will study the elasticity of your hair before recommending a hairstyle. For long hairstyles, elasticity is essential because it determines how well it can resist breakage and absorbs substances. You must have hair that is non-porous, strong and doesn’t break easily. This type does not respond to dyes and perms quickly. Moreover, porous hair breaks easily, and you should not select styles that demand extensive, chemical processing to prevent your hair from developing split ends.

Different Types of Facial Hair

There are many different kinds of facial hair, and virtually all of them are dependent upon which part of the area of the face they’re found on. Facial hair can grow from the upper and lower lips, the chin, cheeks, jawlines and simply below your hairline and a few other areas.

A guy with a large snout facial hairstyle

With each one of these styles, extensive care and consideration must be taken when you are deciding on a style that will go flawlessly with your face. This hair can be styled for various looks, and there is a wide range of available, inexpensive, low maintenance tools that you can buy in any beauty store. With each one of these tools, the slightest change or tweak can lead to an important change.

Let us itemize and discuss the variety of facial hair

The tiny, small grouped hair that is found on the upper lip is what is termed a mustache. Amazingly, with this small area, it can come in a stunning variety of styles. It can be worn as main facial hair by itself or it can co-exist together with a beard. Some of the famous mustache styles include the “Walrus”, “Pencil”, as well as the “Handlebar”.

The hair that grows downwards from your hairline is what is called a sideburn, and it’s also the well-known type of facial hair that many men have.

Based on the width or length of the hair, there are numerous ways that you can wear sideburns. There are types that will only span to the ear level and is also long enough to reach the jaw. Others are usually long enough that they can be elevated to be a beard.

A man with a low forehead facial hairstyle

A beard may be the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about facial hair. Of course, a mustache too, but a beard is much more noticeable. Having a beard is probably the most common way of having facial hair that can be associated with being a fashionista.

This sort of hair grows from the jawline, chin, cheeks or neck area. So, having perfect features in these areas of the body makes you a perfect candidate to sport a beard. A mustache can be styled in a range of ways and this is applicable to a beard too.

Facial hairstyles

Clean-shaven facial hairstyle


This is for the men who either can’t grow facial hair, do not like the look, can’t stand the feel or simply just look like a goof sporting this style. It is simple to maintain but requires full daily shaves.

Mustache facial hairstyle


This is a strip of hair on the upper lip. This style is gradually going out of sight, and younger guys are sporting the mustache less and less as the trend is fading away. There are some awkward techniques in trying to grow a mustache, but once you have it going it seems pretty normal. You still have to shave every single day but there may be just slightly less to shave.

Goatee facial hairstyle


This is a mustache that goes around the mouth. Your cheeks continue to be clean-shaven. However, you leave the location around the mouth still grown out. This style looks good on some men but terrible on others. You need to have the ability to grow good quality upper-lip hair to get this off. Again, daily shaving is needed but even less surface to shave versus the mustache.

Nerd facial hair style


I think this is more fiction. It means neck-beard. You shave everything apart from your neck. This can only be done when men are trying to appear like a goof.

Chin strap facial style


This is defined as a strip that goes down your jawline and links with your chin. I have found it is hard to keep the strip even without taking a lot off.

The 5 oclock shadow man facial

The 5 o’clock shadow

This is the best style. Just do a clean shave on alternate days or every three days. I normally go for five days. This facial style also called a stubble beard style.

The Jesus Beard facial style man

The Jesus Beard

Just don’t shave it ever. If you like bum status, don’t cut your flowing hair or shower either. The only time I can see this style acceptable is if you are getting ready for a role in a movie or Halloween.

Mutton Chops style man

Mutton Chops

This is the hair that extends around the sides of the face but doesn’t form a whole beard. They’re sideburns on steroids that loosely resemble the shape of a cut of meat which is why they are named mutton chop.

Handlebar facial style male


If you believed the handlebar was made available only to Mario and Luigi, you better reconsider. This style’s popularity is on the rise thanks to hipsters. At this juncture, a mustache is grown bushy and good enough to achieve upward-pointing ends. In the meantime, the pointed ends are achieved using products, like styling wax. The appearance is high-maintenance. Depending on your personality, a handlebar is usually worn small or large, though today’s version leans toward the second, which is a modern-day take for the barbershop quartet look.

The thin face style

The thin face

Having curly or thick wavy hair with the sides will help widen a narrow face. If you like his facial style you should try to get a short beard style.

The round chubby face man

The round chubby face

Modest side parting inside hair will lose fat and appear to elongate a moon face.

The caricature chin (Strong or square)

The caricature chin (Strong or square)

Short, very curly hair or fullness at the crown is best in this case. Both styles will take attention away from a prominent chin.

The narrow chin facial style

The narrow chin

Long hair here may be full at the chin level will equally balance a narrow chin.

Large snout facial style

Large snout

A very big hairdo or upswept crown can make the noise less noticeable.

The triangular head man

The triangular head

Just a curly or wavy job will soften a sharply-defined cheekbone, nose or jawline.

The high forehead style male

The high forehead

A distinctive horizontal line of full bangs (fringes) to pay for the forehead will help you balance the face area.

The low forehead facial style man

The low forehead

Simple vertical lines beside a soft fullness about the crown area can extend the facial skin.

Horseshoe style man


Think Hulk Hogan: a mustache that outspreads vertically about the sides of the mouth to your jawline, forming an upside-down “U” or horseshoe shape. It’s also referred to as a biker ‘stache because it’s appreciated among the Harley-riding, leather-clad crowd.

The Balbo style man

The Balbo

The Balbo is essentially a goatee and soul patch that shares the same property as a lone mustache. It got its name from Italian Fascist leader Italo Balbo, who wore the initial style as early as the 1920s.

Circle Beard facial style

Circle Beard

This identical trio is frequently credited as being a singular goatee, but the truth is that it’s in a class of its own. Whatever you opt to call this one, the facial formation is pretty much the same. It’s a mustache that meets with a goatee as well as a soul patch such as the Balbo allowing the components to connect in holy hair harmony.

Whatever the type of hairstyle you choose, there is typically one hairstyle that will fit a person subject to the person’s hair type, hair texture, and facial features (You also should try a full beard style). You can go to the beauty parlor to see which hairstyle fits you best. :) Don’t miss awesome beard styles for black men.

1 Guy, 30 Facial Hair Styles! (Parody)
1 Guy, 30 Facial Hair Styles! (Parody)


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