Different Color Curly Highlights for Bright Impressive Look

50+ Curly Hair with Highlights

Make your life brighter with different color curly highlights. Check original ideas for everyday wear and special occasions. Choose the best hairstyle for your natural light/dark hair and look impressive during any season. Read the tips about how to create the most stylish look.


Hairstyles with Highlights

Dark Blue Hair with Blue Highlights for Girls

dark blue hair with blue highlights for girls

Curly hairstyles with highlights are very trendy nowadays. You can have a lot of options to choose from. Hair of any color can be highlighted. It depends on your taste and preference.

Brown Hair with Red Highlights for Curled Hair

brown hair with red highlights for curled hair

Some people just like straight hair look, other people prefer curly highlights because it makes their hair look longer and more natural.

Dark Brown Curled Hairstyle with Red Highlights

dark brown curled hairstyle with red highlights

People with curly hair can do straight hair highlights. This is true when you want to have a curly hairstyle with highlights. Wavy hairstyles with highlights are not very common. There are many options to choose from.

Bright Red Hair with Light Pink Highlights

bright red hair with light pink highlights

Some have beautiful hair, while others have awful looking hair. This is where the styling tools come to the rescue. The styles that are suitable for different hair types are available.

Dark Purple Highlights for Evening Hairstyle

dark purple highlights for evening hairstyle

There are two types of hairstyles with highlights. One is with straight hair, and the other one is with a curly hairstyle. The first type is always good because it gives the appearance of longer and thick hair.

Shiny Brown Hair with Red Curly Highlights

shiny brown hair with red curly highlights

The other type is called a flip. Flip hairstyle with highlights is very popular. It is very easy to do. It requires very little time, and it can easily be achieved with the help of styling tools.

Natural Curly Hair with Highlights

Light Brown Highlights for Girls with Natural Dark Hair

light brown highlights for girls with natural dark hair

Natural curls are not only beautiful to look at, but they have got gorgeous natural hair with highlights. Hair with highlights is effortless to manage and maintain. They are completely undetectable unless your attention is focused on them.

Natural Light Brown Hair with Highlights

natural light brown hair with highlights

You can use curling irons with highlights and use mousse on your hair to make it shiny and look completely different from your natural hair. This allows you to dress up your hairstyle with a lovely natural hair with highlights hairstyle.

Natural Dark Hair with Purple Highlights for Spring Season

natural dark hair with purple highlights for spring season

Choosing a hairstyle can be challenging, especially when you are using highlights to highlight your hair. You should try out several different styles to see which works best for you. If you have naturally curly hair, it will be challenging to use highlights, because these can create very intense curls.

Natural Dark Wavy Hair with Bright Red Highlights

natural dark wavy hair with bright red highlights

If you want to keep your hair looking natural, you should opt for a cut with no highlights or a slightly different haircut. If you have a long mane, then you should go for a short cut with adorable highlights. It is best to experiment a few times with the different cuts and styles before making a final decision about the style you prefer.

Red Curly Highlights for Natural Dark Brown Hair

red curly highlights for natural dark brown hair

In choosing a hairstyle with highlights, it is essential to know that you can get natural curly hair with highlights that you want. Although natural curly hair with highlights is lovely, it is vital to match the highlights with the rest of your outfit, particularly your hair color.

Natural Light Brown Hair with Wavy Blonde Highlights

natural light brown hair with wavy blonde highlights

There are many different colors available that can complement the look of naturally curly hair with highlights. Choose an excellent style with lots of layers and add volume to your hair.

Natural Brown Hair with Light Brown Wavy Highlights

natural brown hair with light brown wavy highlights

This is an easy way to make your hair look thicker. You can try out different styles until you find one the one that matches your needs.

How to Get White Highlights with Curly Hairstyles

Long Wavy Hair with White Highlights

long wavy hair with white highlights

What are the benefits of a curly hairstyle? Do we have to worry about the length of our hair after we have had some training on how to apply the correct white highlights and gel? Well, there are a few benefits that you may not be aware of, but these can significantly benefit you in the future.

Black Hair with White Curly Highlights for Any Occasion

black hair with white curly highlights for any occasion

Even if you don’t care about your hair too much, you can still benefit from having a good haircut now and then. I’ll explain a few things to you. You should be aware of as far as your curly hair is concerned.

White Blonde Highlights for Long Curly Hair

white blonde highlights for long curly hair

Firstly, white highlights are great for your hair. The product used to create those sparkly and shiny white highlights are called GEL. It’s also known as hair gel or waxing gel. This gel is specially made to add shine to the hair and can make it look beautiful and lustrous. You can also use this gel with your curly hairstyle. If you are using a longer or even a crew cut, then using white highlights will give your hair a lovely and shimmery appearance that cannot be matched by using highlights that are applied on short hair.

Short Curled Hairstyle with White Highlights

short curled hairstyle with white highlights

Secondly, a great advantage of using white highlights with curly hairstyles is that you can have a more natural appearance. This will make your overall appearance look more real. Instead of having to wear makeup and a fake hairstyle, you can use natural-looking hair. This will add to the attractiveness of your facial features as well as the look of your face.

Brown Hair with Curly White Highlights

brown hair with curly white highlights

You can use white highlights on your head for a specific purpose. This could be for certain occasions such as prom night or a night out with friends, so if you are going to wear a white streak or simply make your hair look pretty, you should be aware of the advantages.

Curly Blonde Hair with Highlights

Lovely Blonde Hair with Pink Highlights

lovely blonde hair with pink highlights

Hair with highlights is undoubtedly one of the most favored options among women today. They give you that little extra that makes you stand out from the crowd. You can use highlights to lighten your wavy or curly hair and add a dramatic element to it.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Wavy Highlights

dirty blonde hair with wavy highlights

You should make sure that you take good care of your hair and condition it well, or else, you can always turn to chemical highlights to lighten the color. Whatever your choice is, you will be in good hands when it comes to these types of highlights.

Stunning Golden Blonde Hair with Curly Highlights

stunning golden blonde hair with curly highlights

Most women would like to have a sexy, trendy look with highlights for curly blonde hair. They can make their hair look even more attractive than it is now. You can get this type of highlights with gel, powder, or even cream highlights. The cream and powder highlights are not suitable for all women’s wavy hair. It should, however, be used on your wavy hair regularly, especially if you do not like your hair to look shiny. To get the best result, you will need to have your hair conditioned at least once a week.

Amazing Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

amazing blonde highlights and lowlights

Dyeing your curly hair is also one way of having curly blonde hair with highlights. However, if you want to make your hair lighter, you should choose the highlights that are also lighter and also not too dark. Many companies offer this type of treatment to highlight your curly hair. When you are choosing, make sure that you get one that is made for your hair type and texture.

Lovely Curly Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

lovely curly hairstyle with blonde highlights

Using highlights for blonde hair can be quite fun and exciting. For women who prefer getting the highlights in the evening, using gel highlights can bring out the beauty of their hair in the summer heat.

Hairstyles for Women with Caramel Highlights

Caramel Highlights for Curled Dark Hair

caramel highlights for curled dark hair

When you look at the best haircuts for women with caramel highlights, it is crucial to consider your hair type and shape. Hair should be straightened and curled, but there are different forms of curls and straight lines that women can choose from.

Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

brown hair with caramel highlights

Some are very sleek, while others may have a little more luster to them. Curly hair tends to look more attractive when it is highlighted, whereas straight hair will make it look awkward and unkempt.

Light Brown Hairstyle with Caramel Highlights for Summer Season

light brown hairstyle with caramel highlights for summer season

When choosing haircut with caramel highlights, try to find one that makes you look better, while not adding too much bulk on your head. You don’t want to end up with a bad haircut with excessive length and not enough of a curl, so make sure you have a basic look in mind.

Caramel Brown Highlights for Fashionable Women

caramel brown highlights for fashionable women

Your hair should be silky and smooth so that the caramel highlights can come out evenly. Make sure that the products you use for straightening and curling are the same because you don’t want your hair to be too fine or too hard.

Brown Hair with Curly Caramel Highlights

brown hair with curly caramel highlights

With your curly hair, make sure you don’t curl too long or too short because it will make your caramel highlights look flatter and uneven.

Dark Brown Hairstyle with Caramel Highlights

dark brown hairstyle with caramel highlights

Once you choose the style that you like the most, you should find something that goes with your hair. A haircut for curly hair is going to look most spectacular if you pair it with high-quality hair colors like chocolate brown, which will help draw attention to your highlights.

Caramel Highlights for Brunettes

caramel highlights for brunettes

These hair colors go well with caramel highlights, which give you an even look and make your hair look fuller. You can also look for a haircut with uneven curls, which will provide you with an edgy, trendy look and add a little bit of excitement to your look.

Natural Light Brown Hair with Curled Caramel Highlights

natural light brown hair with curled caramel highlights

The styles you choose should be the basics that you can look into and add details later.

Black Curly Hair with Highlights

Natural Black Hair with Bright Red Highlights

natural black hair with bright red highlights

Black curly hair with highlights is a popular choice for many women. It can give the impression of increased volume and fullness. People with straight or naturally straight hair can use highlights to add volume to their hair and give it a straight appearance.

Black Hair with Light Blonde Highlights

black hair with light blonde highlights

Many women have to deal with receding hairlines and other unsightly conditions caused by aging and continuous damage. Those who want a more natural look can use curling or straightening irons on their hair to help restore the volume and smoothness.

Natural Black Hair with Curly Purple Highlights

natural black hair with curly purple highlights

You can also use highlights to add volume to your black hair, especially if you are working in an environment where you have to show off a full head of hair.

Black Hair with Green Highlights for Night Out

black hair with green highlights for night out

Curly or wavy hair is challenging to handle because it lacks structure. Those with wavy or curly hair find that curling or straightening irons are best for this type of hair. However, it can be quite frustrating to keep your hair looking its best when it is curly.

Curly Black Hair with Blonde Highlights

curly black hair with blonde highlights

Black hair with blonde highlights is perfect for curly hair because they give the curls an instant lift. These hair highlights are good for thinning hair as well. They add volume to the scalp. Curly highlights work great for long black hair as well because they add thickness to the hair and hold the hair in place.

Natural Wavy Black Hair with Red Highlights

natural wavy black hair with red highlights

To use highlights, simply apply a thick layer of the product to your black hair. Then use a brush to apply the highlights to the hair. Highlights are easy to apply and work great for all types of hair.

Tips for Short Curly Hair with Highlights

Short Curly Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

short curly hairstyle with blonde highlights

If you’ve been thinking about changing your style but not sure how to go about it, here are some tips for short curly hair with highlights. You can get the same look as your favorite celebrity has by having your haircut and styled exactly like theirs.

Blue and Purple Highlights for Short Wavy Hair

blue and purple highlights for short wavy hair

If you want your hair to have more volume, you should choose a hairstyle that has volume. Laying flat is much more flattering than wearing your hair up and combing through your curly bangs. It’s much easier to style short hair than long hair.

Short Wavy Hair with Blue Highlights

short wavy hair with blue highlights

For the last several years, shorter hair has become trendy. The best hairstyles for short curly hair with highlights are still to be found in celebrity magazines. Women who choose to have short hair with highlights should not choose an A-line or side swept-back hairstyle. A low cut hairstyle will work much better with the shape of your face.

Great Pink Highlights for Short Curled Hair

great pink highlights for short curled hair

For a lighter shade, a shiner color, or one that features a subtle shimmer will give you a look you need. Even though short curly hair with highlights is a more modern look, you can use that look to bring out your hair colors or to add volume to your hair. If you’re trying to hide unwanted body lines, you should go with colors that feature a silvery glow.

Short Wavy Hairstyle with Bright Orange Highlights

short wavy hairstyle with bright orange highlights

The style of your hair should match the length of your hair. For example, a few inches less could be the perfect length for a high ponytail style. The length of your hair needs to complement the length of your face. Hairstyles for short hair with highlights may include waves, curls, and straight waves.

Purple Highlights for Short Curly Hair

purple highlights for short curly hair

If you’re wearing bangs, you should consider whether you want them to stand out or go unnoticed by everyone else in the room. Choosing a hairstyle that complements your face is very important when it comes to giving yourself the best appearance possible.

Medium Curly Hair with Highlights

Medium-Length Blonde Hair with White Curly Highlights

medium-length blonde hair with white curly highlights

Medium curly hair with highlights is a hot hairstyle these days. This style is now one of the hottest trends for women of all ages. With a lot of attention from the media, celebrities, and the media itself, this style has become a must-have. Why?

Shoulder-Length Dark Brown Hair with Curly Caramel Highlights

When you have these features, it just looks super hot! It is not only that the hair is in all shades but the design of it with the best features of curls. The hair highlights are now done in different shapes, so the styles can be the one that suits your features the most.

Orange Highlights for Medium Curly Hair

Orange Highlights for Medium Curly Hair

You should always start with the medium curly hair with highlights. Make it stylish by selecting the right hairstyle that fits the individual features of your face. If you have medium straight hair, you can surely get a good haircut from all the modern hairstyles available these days.

Blonde Wavy Highlights for Medium Blonde Hair

blonde wavy highlights for medium blonde hair

If you are a brunette, you can also try a short hairstyle that suits your features. This can be a very chic way to highlight your hair without looking like a featureless person. After doing that, you can also try a very classy hairstyle that will make you look super hot.

Shoulder-Length Wavy Hair with Highlights

shoulder-length wavy hair with highlights

A very sophisticated and trendsetting hairstyle for medium curly hair with highlights is the long layered style. This type of hairstyle is best for medium hair because it highlights all the essential parts of your face. If you want to add more volume to your style, then you can add some waves or curls. Adding lots of different highlights to your hair can help to achieve a beautiful sleek look, but do remember to first remove the unwanted hair from the sides and top.

Long Curly Hair with Highlights

Lovely Blonde Highlights for Long Curly Hair

lovely blonde highlights for long curly hair

Long curly hair is a hot fashion right now, but not everyone has the patience to handle long hair all day and night. It is possible to add some highlights to your long curly hair to make it look more beautiful and add that extra style value to your haircut.

Long Wavy Hair with Bright Highlights

long wavy hair with bright highlights

Highlights are quite easy to do, and you can easily apply them to your hairstyle. There are two types of highlights: natural highlights and artificial highlights.

Blonde Highlights for Women with Long Wavy Hair

blonde highlights for women with long wavy hair

To get a natural highlighting done on your curly hair, you just have to massage your hair with your fingertips. Make sure that you do this right after you wash your hair. Massaging your hair will help your scalp to absorb the highlights.

Long Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

long brown hair with blonde highlights

You should not wash your long hair before massaging it. The last step is to paint your highlights onto your hair. Apply highlights to your hair before your trip to make it easier to blend in with your new haircut.

Golden Blonde Highlights for Long Curly Hair

Golden blonde highlights for long curly Hair

To get more natural-looking highlights for long hair, you can use certain gels and mousse. There are many things you can apply to your hair to give highlights to it. There are also brushes and combs, which you can use to apply highlights to your hair.

Long Dark Hair with Light Brown Wavy Highlights

long dark hair with light brown wavy highlights

These are very easy to use, and you can use them for almost every style of your choice. From straight hair to curly or kinky hair, the only thing that you need to remember is to choose the right tools for the job.


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